Archirium Family

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The Archirium Family was founded by 3 brothers.

Aeneas Archirium

  • The oldest of the 3 and the most aggressive one of them all. He ended up on Atamara in a nation called Abington
    • Current situation/position: Dead

Ascanius Archirium

  • The most political of the 3. He ended up on the Far East in a nation called Sartania

Sycheus Archirium

  • Not a direct brother but maried to the sister of Aeneas and Ascanius. He ended up on Atamara along with Aeneas. He got stranded in Redspan but soon found his way to Abington to join his brother. He was more a balanced man.

Agrippina Archirium

  • She is the daughter of Aeneas Archirium and was raised partly on the South-East Island in Taselak but was send "home" to Atamara for her training. Began her "true" carreer in Sultanate of Asena on the East Continent to follow her father.
    • Current situation/position: Duchess of Kazakh in Sultanate of Asena on East Continent