Ap Gaenvan Family

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Ap Gaenvan - meaning "of Gaenvan", or "child of Gaenvan"

An unusual name, but a family custom for your children to bear your first name as their last.

Initially from Tellwood, there have been four children:

Azerax ap Gaenvan - the eldest child, was a Knight of Sale who loved good mead and a good fight. Unfortunately for Azerax, he really wasn't that bright and got bored easily. He was deported to the Colonies for setting fire to a warehouse in Coira soon after the great war started.

Azreal ap Gaenvan - Originally a Knight of Fiddleford, Azreal found himself traded to Eston along with Fiddleford. Fiddleford fell into chaos and Azreal became a Knight of Belegrond. Azreal's love for travelling and trade gave him the opportunity to serve his new realm and he was promoted to the position of Banker (later renamed Royal Treasurer) by King Jean.

Gaenm ap Gaenvan - Struck with wanderlust, Gaenm struck out on his own in Fontan as an adventurer. After more than a year wandering through the lands he came across a Priest of the Church of Humanity who's passionate teachings on The Divine convinced him to become a priest.

Azerx ap Gaenvan - He vanished at an early age.