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I have decided to create my own system for recording time in the battlemaster universe. Strictly speaking I have no authority on this subject, but as the frist to even try and come up with a standerized calander for the battlemaster world, I will thereby concluded that this is the most sucsesfully system yet developed.

Meeps Time

Recently battlemaster has had it's 5-year-anniversary (01/01/2006). Meaning that the world of battlemaster came into existance on 01/01/2001 (or at least close to that date). That date represents the begining of year zero in the BM world. This can be easily agreed upon.

This is pretty mush as far as I have gone, for now I am going to assume every four months is one year in BM. That makes it around the year 22 (08/03/2006).

Continued Discussion

IM pretty sure that the time that battlemaster started, people just popped up and cities sprang out of nowhere. Perhaps a sorta BC time period when histories are made up from.. Have it be called BB before battlemaster lol. Dan raymond March 9, 2006 04:59 (CET)

Making it year 22 works, until you consider that some people have characters "growing up" from birth to adulthood in about a year or to RL time, I believe. For someone to turn 16(the young age setting starts around 16, right?), would take 4 years playing time. I believe people have simulated notably faster, I know I have. Vellos 9 March 2006 05:17 (CET)

That is quite true, if we were to assume one year BM time useing "meep time" is equally to one one year in real time. That is to say that we can define one year in real life to being four in BM's, but the four years in battlemasters can be equivilant to 10 years in 'the games reality. By this I mean that a year in battlemaster time is truly undefined and fexible, one ages differently in battlemaster years then real life years. (If this doesn't make sence, re-read it!) --One 9 March 2006 05:25 (CET)

Also, I've noticed that wounds, possibly bans, and maybe realm changes age you. One of my characters was 17, then december and the new year came. He was banned, wounded, and that quarter of the year would have passed by. Thus, 3 years aging in one month. Vellos 9 March 2006 05:52 (CET)

The passage of time can't be strictly laid down in BM, simply because of the fact that it is so fluid. Firstly, as someone has already pointed out, characters age differently depending on what activities they do. My second character, who I started after my first character, is now two years older than my first character, even though they both started at the same age. Secondly, there's the incongruity between long- and short-term time. If you take four months to equal one year, does that follow that one day in real-time is equal to three days (or whatever it works out as) in BM time? That simply won't work - far too many use real-life short-term time as a direct correlation to BM short-term time. If I say in BM that I'll arrive at a certain place in a day or two, I mean precisely that - I'll arrive in a day or two; real-life time. However, when I roleplay about events that took place over a few months ago in real-time, I will say that they took place years ago in BM time. Where will the line be drawn between this short and long-term issue? Basically, I just don't think it's going to be possible to do. --Roy 9 March 2006 12:32 (CET)