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For his transgressions Duke Dancer was found guilty and was punished in accordance with the severity of his transgression. Dancers horses were taken for a period of one and replaced with ponies. Queen Anyte also requested a painting be commissioned of the event.
For his transgressions Duke Dancer was found guilty and was punished in accordance with the severity of his transgression. Dancers horses were taken for a period of one and replaced with ponies. Queen Anyte also requested a painting be commissioned of the event.
=== Judgement of Count Carson ===
==Sol's Command==
==Sol's Command==

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Judge Sol Tempest

Sol's Biography

Sol, the Eldest child of the Tempest family hails from the province of Yipinalke. Born with the gift of fire magic Sol was raised with loving care and trained to harness the power of her namesake with complimented knight training. Upon coming of age to be a lady she was quite skilled with a single blade and possess' modest magic skills. On her 17th birthday Sol could be described as a slender women standing around 5ft7 with skin as pale as snow and blonde hair to match. Her eyes normally are a faint golden color however glimmer like topaz while spell casting. This is off putting to some common folk who often refer to her as the tempest witch.

Sol's current estate is The Shimmering Caves within the region of Jedinchel.

Sol's Characterizations

Sol's Portraits
Sol Tempest.jpg Sol, 17 years old practicing her "gift" of elemental fire near her families ancestral estate in the fields of Yipinalke. This would lead her name among the commoners, the Tempest Witch.
Sol Tempest 20yr.jpg Sol, 19 years old scales to the top of mountains within Ippetimbal one last time before renouncing her lordship, her lands and her realm. She ascended a noble of Vordul Sanguinis but descended the mountain as a noble of Nothoi.
Judge Sol.jpg Sol, 21 years old as the newly elected Judge of Thalmarkin seeks to deliver true justice on a continent filled with conflict, hate and malice. Her very first week as Judge would prove its own trial of fire for the young Lady.

Sol's Diary

Lost Little Brother

Could Sol open her heart to yet another Storme

Age 17

Shortly after her 17th birthday while out dealing with some monsters nearby the family estate a group of villagers attacked the family home, killing her parents and burning the manor while chanting "kill the witch." Upon returning home she saw the carnage and learned what transpired. Sol with her longtime friend and mentor Captain Andred set to the nearby village and in a blaze of anger and fury burned it all to the ground. Sol had always had a good sense of justice until this point, but the actions of the ignorant villagers shifted her morals and view of the world in an instant.

With nothing remaining of her home she left Yipinalke with Andred and went forward to make a new path through life. By some chance or fate she met up with her former childhood friend Svari Storme, who she hadn't seen for years. Svari now a Warlord of the Sanguine Order under Lord Xlair Silverblade brought her into the fold, and Sol took his blood oath, swearing her magic and blade as his.

Upon the succession of Vordul Sanguinis from Thalmarkin her new Emperor Xlair Silverblade saw fit to grant her The Agony Heights district of Wudenkin as reward for her service. Sol would work diligently to restore Agony Heights while lending her expertise to the rest of Wudenkin. Lady Tempest would take a short reprieve from her work to attend the Tourney at Reeds. Arriving just in time to take part Sol had a poor showing. Only making it to round two of the sword and round one of the joust. It wasn't all for naught however as she did manage to break a lance on her opponent and gained valuable experience. Returning to Wudenkin Lady Tempest would be called to help subjugate Ippetimbal into the Empire. After the successful takeover of the region Xlair would do some restructuring which saw Seneschal Azizah Daris rise to the rank of Duchess of Vordul Sanguinis and Margravine of Wudenkin. Azizah saw fit to reward Sol for her loyalty and service and raised Lady Tempest to landed nobility granting her the region of Ippetimbal.

Age 18

Sol, now Baroness Tempest would take residence within Ippetimbal's lone ruined castle despite her young age. She would set out to better hone her survey skills by mapping out her newly acquired land before taking a reprieve to attend the tourney at Unger. Still very much a novice her showing was similar to the tourney at Reed, making it to the second round of the joust instead of the sword this time. However the trip provided a significant opportunity, Sol was able to personally meet Queen Bae Blue of Thalmarkin and bond with the royal over their shared mother country.

Upon returning to the Empire of Vordul Sanguinis Baroness Sol would further her cartographer craft, mapping Xerus for Warlord Svari and its current lord. She would also hold her first court to become acquainted with her subjects in Ippetimbal including her new Knight Ser Godfrey Greybrook. It wouldnt be long before the Warlord and Emperor would require even more of the young Baroness, as they saw fit to proclaim her Vice-Marshal of the Crimson Legion.

Age 19

Baroness Sol Tempest now a commanding officer in the Crimson Legion overhauls the chain of command and the legion to better serve her Emperor and protect the Empire. Her knight Ser Godfrey would also become Bloodsworn and draw attention from from the Emperor Xlair Silverblade who tasked Ser Godfrey with subjugating Iknopata and founding a faith to worship the Emperor. Baroness Sol would assist her loyal knight in his quest and see him rise to the rank of Baron.

Shortly after Sol would make a trip for the Tourney at Iato. While in the city training up a most flow plot to overthrow the Emperor was discovered and with the slew of threats unleashed Lady Tempest departed Iato before the tournament took place to prepare for an onslaught.... that never came as the traitors threats proved empty.

While serving the Empire Sol would be dealt a few blows that would change her fate within Vordul Sanguinis. Unbeknownst over why she started to lose favor with the council. Even worse her childhood friend, and Warlord Svari Storme went missing. With her life turned upside down Sol would renounce her Lordship of Ippetimbal and part ways with the Empire to find refuge in Nothoi.

Age 20

Not having been a noble of Nothoi for yet a day Sol found herself marching off to a new war against Thalmarkin. Lady Tempest had some reservations about fighting her former realm and home but wanted to show her support for her new home in earnest. She marched with the Fang of the White Wolf to remove Ossmat from Thalmarkin.

Despite serving her new realm loyally Sol would never feel at place in Nothoi and never be accepted as one of them. Saying her farewells to the only friend she made in Nothoi Senator Rufus Exterus she made her way home to Thalmarkin despite still being at war with the realm. The Duke of Jedinchel Dancer Rea took Sol in despite the circumstances.

Sol would find herself fitting in well within Thalmarkin. Most of her Kin welcomed her back openly which was very refreshing compared to last 3 years of her life. Lady Tempest would be throw off however when one day she quite literally charged into Rob Storme, Svari's little brother.

Having taken Rob as her new squire to mentor the young lost knight Sol found the position for Judge of Thalmarkin up for election due to a heinous attack on the former Judge Athena Leather by Adolphus Schwarzherzig. Wishing to serve her home is even greater capacity Lady Tempest ran and won the prestigious title of Judge as Thalmarkin. The first week would prove a trail by fire in her new role as both her liege was taken prisoner by Irondale and the criminal Adolphus was taken prisoner by Thalmarkin.

Right before her first real battle serving Thalmarkin Judge Sol would execute Adolphus for his many crimes against the realm, some of which he boastfully admitted to himself making it all to easy to prove his guilt of attempted murder. Judge Tempest would go on to bring various regions back to proper levels on control all the while serving the war effort to protect the realm.

Age 21

Sol would continue to discharge within a Thalmarkin embroiled by war. Seeing the election of yet another monarch, Queen Anyte, Lady Tempest would swear her allegiances to the crown once again. It wouldn't be long before Sol and judge of Thalmarkin would come head to head with her very own liege, Duke Dancer for breaking the law.

With Duke Dancers Judgement passed down Judge Tempest would reform Thalmarkins Right's and Law to match with the current times and her own sense of justice.

Sol's Judgments while Justice of Thalmarkin

Trial By Fire

Newly Elected Judge Sol's hectic first week full diary.

Lady's Tempest very first week as the newly elected Judge of Thalmarkin would prove very hectic. Her own Lord was caught and sent to an Irondale prison, the heinous criminal Adolphus Schwarzherzig was caught and sent to her prison her very first day. Ultimately Judge Sol would execute Adolphus herself for his many crimes against Thalmarkin and Humanity at large.

Duke Dancer's Misconduct

Lady Tempest would face complaints over Duke's Dancers way of talking to others, which often had a disrespectful aura. Despite not bering fond of having to investigate and judge such petty issues Sol rendered a judgment nonetheless as Dancer did in fact break the law.

For his transgressions Duke Dancer was found guilty and was punished in accordance with the severity of his transgression. Dancers horses were taken for a period of one and replaced with ponies. Queen Anyte also requested a painting be commissioned of the event.

Judgement of Count Carson

Sol's Command

Tempest Mounties

The Tempest Mounties are a savage unit of 50 moose mounted cavalry. Captain Gotfried is the current unit commander under Dame Sol. Lady Tempest has taken to a moose steed as well, joining her men is brutal and savage charges that sweep all enemies aside.

Inferno Rangers

The Inferno Rangers are a skilled unit of 80 to 100 archers. Captain Eustasius is the current unit commander under Baroness Sol. It is rumored that their Lady uses her gifts to ignite volleys at will. The unit deserted Sol's when they were not paid due to lack of funds and oversight on the armies part for starting a campaign just days before tax collection.

Sol Knights

The Sol Knights were a unit of about 30 stout infantry men. Captain Andred is the unit commander under Lady Sol. It is said that Ricard and Rolland are the best fighters among the Sol Knights. The Knight served Sol well on the battlefield until they were left to garrison her region of Ippetimbal as militia.

Tournament Ledger

Tourney at Unger

Sol 18, showed up fashionably late, practiced her lance and partook in the festivities but probably had a bit to much to drink.

Tourney at Reed

Sol 18, showed up just in time to participate and proved herself a total novice when compared to the competition.

Battle Journal

Sol's First Campaign but for Thalmarkin

The continent encompassing war between Nothoi, Irondale and Obia'Syela against Thalmarkin

Sol's First Campaign

The continent encompassing war between Nothoi, Irondale, Obia'Syela, Shattered Vales and Vordul Sanguinis against Thalmarkin

  • Notable Battle:
    • The Siege and Razing of Ossmat

Sol's War with Rogue

One is never finished fighting Monsters and Undead within Beluaterra.