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Sceptre, when you sign you have to write just ~~~~... the "nowiki" thing is there so that the page doesn't recognise the ~~~~ symbol... That symbol does that:

Shoenaemaeh 5 February 2006 18:37 (CET)

It's an automatic signature...

And don't erase the whole page and paste it again, because you also erased the underlinings of each record...

As for the record swordfighting skills, if I'm not mistaken Dead_Angel showed off at 65% during the tourney in Varyamo Nalvo. Can anyone confirm this? Marouane 8 February 2006 20:57 (CET)

There are certainly higher skills out there, I'm fairly sure I've seen a 70% but my thinking is that a tourney is the only way to verify these scores, and they should be updated only after a "show off" mcsporran 8 February 2006 21:07 (CET)

I think Vulcan in Atamara has around 80% but i can't confirm this (he always wins the tournaments in swordfighting)

My character Alpha got 75% show off at a tournament once. on FEI

I have to remember those names next time there is a tourney and i have some gold to bet :D Marouane 8 February 2006 22:10 (CET)

I saw Dead Angel WG showing off a swordfighting skill of 80% (at the tournament in Ser'quea, I think). And I'm almost sure Vulcan has a lower skill, Vulcan usually wins the jousting, not the swordfighting. Nylen 3 March 2006 21:57 (CET)

Are stats about medals really worth it? For a start, they're given to players and not characters, so there should technically be a new section. Anyway, all of those medal records already there are beaten by Kathleen Stalnaker...--Roy 9 February 2006 14:40 (CET)

medals records moved to new section, record added appropriately :p Marouane 9 February 2006 14:49 (CET)

Should we have medal records at all ? The first rule of medals is : You do not talk about medals mcsporran 9 February 2006 17:51 (CET)

Regarding the striking through of the swordfighting and jousting skills - I removed the strikethroughs. It doesn't matter if you don't believe they're not the highest - until you can find proof of a better record, they should stand as they are. I mean, there are several records that I know aren't actually the highest in whatever category, but until I prove it, I'm not going to muck them up. This page should be constantly evolving as new records are found and broken, we can't have people striking through ones they disagree with. Rant over :) --Roy 10 February 2006 02:34 (CET)

Least characters in one realm: 10 - Vice, Beluaterra (Feb 10 2006) This record is senseless as every realm had once only 1 TL... it's founder) I actually think it's quite interesting, if you're prepared to look at it in the broader context. Of course realms start out with only one noble, but what I'm trying to show is the least number of TLs that a realm can efficiently function and survive with. But hey, if you think it's senseless, who am I to argue... --Roy 10 February 2006 11:53 (CET)

Actually it's a good point to deal, but there is too much subjective in "efficiently funcion"... For example, Avalon did work quite well in infrastructure with only 7 TLs... but the continues Undead Hordes in Beluaterra obligated us to ask for help to Enweil, which made it a non-independent realm (nowadays it is actually)... I erased the record because i thought it is too subjective and therefore not comparable between other records. Shoenaemaeh 10 February 2006 15:02 (CET)

player records

I have removed the player records.

One, fame and gold are already listed in-game and that is much better because it's always current.

Two, I do not want any contests around medals. All you're doing is tickling the idiots to find any dirty trick imaginable to get more medals, and that runs contrary to their purpose.

--Tom 10 February 2006 12:15 (CET)

Here, Here! - Revan

Longest Character Name

Could someone put the family name (and its http-direction) of the character "alittlehopeforhopelesstimes" so it can be proved? thanx Shoenaemaeh 12 February 2006 17:45 (CET)

Done. ~ Marc J. February 13, 2006 23:46 (CET)
Actually, a question: do spaces in character names count? Because if they do, (and I assume they would) the character "JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO" of this account would beat the one currently up. ~ Marc J. March 5, 2006 18:35 (CET)

Most Poisoned

What exactly is the "Most Poisoned" record supposed to be? - LilWolf 18 February 2006 14:00 (CET)

"Sir Blah Blah was captured and taken into custody after being seen hanging around the camp of Sir Joe Bloggs with a poison dagger under his cloak"
Well, it's something to that effect anyway. So just a strange way of saying, most Assassinated troopleader I guess?
- Revan February 19, 2006 20:24 (CET)

I got a question... I once had a 80 men strong Special forces unit with my Char Andro of Fontan in 2004 Can i change it? ---Grim-Reaper

Would prefer you change it when you do have a 80 man SP force, otherwise anybody can clain anything. mcsporran 19 February 2006 23:28 (CET)


Biggest Infantry/Archer Unit

It says that these units were on the walls in Outer Tilog - does that mean they were militia units? It'd be interesting to know what the largest Infantry/Archer units were that were actually commanded by players

Biggest Battle

What are the odds of the two largest battles in known history have the exact same total CS? I found that pretty amusing :D Marouane

  • Yeah it was, especailly since i had two of my Chars in the battle and both of them on the winning side. Thats gives a nice record for my family :D ScottSabin 7 March 2006 13:47 (CET)

Newest battle in Meldeen Atamara March22 2006. Total combat strengths: 41948 vs. 48402. Don't know how to do datestamp, so would someone else fix it? Gitami

Consecutive Victories

Is this having a victory every turn, or victory streak? I know my current Talerium unit hasn't been in a losing battle, well, ever, which may be like 20 battles.

But if it's winning turn after turn after turn, then I guess it's different. Malitia 8 March 2006 10:20 (CET)

Hmm, I made that catagory with the though of Turn after turn, as that is currently what I am doing, but I think it might be better changed to over a long term, in which case you should update it... Centauri 8 March 2006 11:43 (CET)

Frogs?? "Biggest Monster unit seen: About 5000 Frogs (About 6000 CS) seen in Enweil, Beluaterra. 2004. --Eldar Family 24 April 2006"

Yes, a group of 5000 frogs was around Lopa, they fought some militia and their experience went up, skyrocketing their CS to about 8000. They made their way west and we engaged them in Clejorg and defeated them by killing the Frog King. --Neoro

Most populated

Ok, so the realm thing is ok since it's something that can actually change because of player actions. Most populated region however is something only Tom can affect so what's the point in it? - LilWolf April 25, 2006 10:22 (CEST)

Well, players may not be able to increase the size much, but you can sure lower it one heck of a lot. Ibladesh has been starved for so many months, and sacked so many times, that the population has dropped by around 40,000 in the past three months. --Indirik 25 April 2006 14:20 (CEST)


There is a problem with guilds, saying that there is 10 guilds on EC? I KNOW thats wrong because I am in at least two which are not listed on the wiki, and know of 1 more that definitely exists, albeit only in one realm so far. This should be fixed, or removed. --The1exile 25 April 2006 16:13 (CEST)

My vote is for removed actually, unless someone can find a concrete way of finding out the actual numbers - the wiki page for guilds is in no way an accurate reflection of the actual number (I can name at least 6 FEI guilds that don't appear there for instance)--Roy 25 April 2006 17:38 (CEST)
Well, you're right, that some of the guilds even like to stay as unknown, so we would never know about them, because it wouldn't be publicly shown. Since i am the one who created this Records, i decide to erase the records of "Most Guilds in a Continent/Realm". The other two may stay, since it's not a problem if those unknown don't want to be recognized.... Does the same happen to Religions? Well i wouldn't think so as the main goal of religions is to get famous and known so to spread their faith, so i don't think they want to keep everything secret... - Shoenaemaeh 25 April 2006 23:52 (CEST)


Okay, what is a "shrine"? I was under the impression that that was just another word for a small temple. Is it something else?


Doc's only older than gregor by a few days. I'm pretty sure that they're the two oldest, and double checking the next closest to those two is Gollum (alexander) who is as of writing 49 (three years younger). Next player ID is Eric, James B., and TK all top out at 40 (12 years younger). Might want to throw gregor in too? Loren 26 April 2006 04:20 (CEST)

Are those characters also the literally (in terms of creation) oldest too? With each character's individual actions affecting how he physically ages, it is possible that the oldest character in the game could actually have been created after someone who's been around the longest? --Roy 26 April 2006 13:36 (CEST)