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I like the idea...reminds me of how Crusader Kings worked , it is basically the same. - Laurens Schreuders

I like it too, because it would seem to breathe life into a function right now that doesn't have too much purpose. And I always thought feudal ranks should mean something more in this game. Olik
I can't wait for this thing to be implemented. Under the current system the only real differences between a landed Lord and a Noble seem to be tax gold. With this new system we'll finally see a proper hierarchy take shape and it'll provide more opportunities to rp and things. You'll finally have a proper incentive to actually engage with the knights and vassals of your region. I love it! - Revan

Well, in part the idea is actually a good one, but in my opinion this would benefit much the same people and it would be difficult to change position (this system actually goes fully against the democracy and republic system...) - Shoenaemaeh

If youre talking about Lords turnover, well most of the time the same people are reappointed under the current Hierarchy system anyway. So I don't see how it could get worse. Personally I think this new Hierarchy system will actually help open up the hierarchy more. If a Lord is seriously wounded, goes inactive etc. they will now be able to name their own successor. As opposed to say the King picking his favourite to become the new lord, or reappointing the same person. This will easily lead to a greater number of new lords and such because being a Lord youre going to be impressed by different people, experience different situations with other nobles than the King will. - Revan

I'd also just like to say that this sounds like one of the best additions I've seen in a while. I'm a huge fan of the hierarchical system, and can't wait to see how this pans out. --Roy 11:07, 9 May 2006 (CEST)