T'Veria Family

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Originally hailing from the region of Aigaling, in the heartland of Tara in Atamara, the T'Veria family has spread its roots out throughout that particular continent, and beyond. At the moment the various siblings and cousins can be found scattered across many different continents and places.


Excerpt 1 - The oldest of the brothers, Ari was never one for extensive travelling or warfare, much to his mothers delight. Preferring books over games as a child, he has continued this preference, and now enjoys his career in Tara as an established bureaucrat. A member of the prestigious 'PeaceKeeper' group in his realm, he takes a great pride in his work, and the continuing results. Much of his recent time is spent working in the region he controls. It was never that Ari disliked combat to a great extent, but rather that he found the more peaceful arts to be a much more enjoyable skill. Ari is also the editor of the long-deceased published Atamaran newspaper, The Tara'n Times.

Excerpt 2 - Ari continues to work extensively within the Peacekeeper Corp, capably lead by Beckham. Focussing his attention on the Western lands of Tara, his bureaucratic skills have advanced so much that they now outstrip most of his old mentors. With Tara constantly involved in skirmishes in the east, Ari finds himself pushed to the limit to maintain constant decorum amongst the local civil services.

Excerpt 3 - These days see a very different Tara from the one Ari integrated himself into well over a year ago. Besieged on all fronts by multiple enemies, Tara struggles in the fight to maintain her existence. The Peacekeeper Corp has been temporarily disbanded whilst Tara fights herself out of her darkest hours. Ari is both Count of his home region, an honour he enjoys immensely, and Judge of his realm. Having been the victim of an assasination attempt when he was younger, Ari has an intense dislike of infiltrators and their ilk, and uses every technique he can in his role as judge to ensure they never bother honourable nobles again.

Excerpt 4 - Much, much has changed for Ari since the last excerpt. For reasons set out in this document, ((The Divisions of Atamara)), he was declared a traitor by his realm, something which to his dying breath he will strongly deny. Having decided to leave the realm, and the entire continent, he is currently seeking temporary refuge in the realm of ASI before continuing his journey. He has still not decided where he will end up.


Excerpt 1 - The youngest of the three brothers, Caleb was determined to make a name for himself independantly of his older siblings. As such, he set off at an early age for the East Continent, and established himself in the realm of Coimbra. Since he first arrived in Coimbra, Caleb has known nothing but war and struggle against larger opponents, namely Oligarch. Many arguments and insults for this hatred have been proferred between both sides, but Caleb finds himself uninterested in the past. His philosophy is more concerned with living in the moment, and he spends most of his moments trying his utmost to prevent his realm from being swallowed up by larger and combined enemies. With Coimbra possibly in her darkest hour, Caleb has vowed to see the struggle through to its final resolution, whatever that may be.

Excerpt 2 - With the fall of Coimbra to multiple enemies many times her size, Caleb's will to fight in the East Continent soon evaporated. Boarding a ship to Beluaterra, he arrived in the realm of Old Grehk, where he hopes to establish both a name and a new home for himself.

Excerpt 3 - Having spent some time in Old Grehk, Caleb was honoured with the position of Count for his service to the realm. Having discovered a realm with which he can identify, Caleb is happy to have found his new home. When he is not fighting the Undead scourge that plague the lands, Caleb spends his time in his region of Junohep, listening to and attempting to reconcile the fears of the local peasantry.

Excerpt 4 - Old Grehk has seen some of the worst Undead attacks since the end of the invasions. With hordes of them at every border, Junohep eventually fell, and only the coordination of the entire realm prevented more from doing the same. Having to seek Family Assistance more than once to see off the invaders, Caleb now commands a respectable unit of soldiers, and goes about his work of destroying the undead witha grim determination.


Excerpt 1 - Having run away from home, the young Evelyn found herself aboard a ship headed for the Far East. A girl with a sense of adventure, she has started her career as a Trader in the realm of Ethiala. A soon-to-be member of the guild ((Mercator Conlegium)), she has high hopes both for herself and her realm.

Excerpt 2 - Evelyn has found herself enjoying her new career and realm more than she ever expected. She is currently travelling the continent attempting to make a profit for herself. And her realm obviously too. Ahem. She has met many of the world-famous personalities that she always heard about as a child, and is glad to have settled down in Ethiala.


Excerpt 1 - After the death of his cousin Daskrieth, Eldarion decided it was time to set out on his own career to try and make something of himself. He has travelled to the South-West continent, where he hopes to find adventures in Taselak worthy of telling in all the lands.



Excerpt 1 - The complete antithesis of Ari, Daskrieth throws himself into combat with wild abandon, for which his career is reflected. After he left home, Daskrieth quickly found a home for himself in Eston, a realm for which he gives his undying support. With an increasingly reknowned competancy with the Joust, he is planning on making a name for himself in tournaments all over the continent. After making it to the semi-finals in his last two tourneys, he has his heart set on first place in the next one. In recent days most of Daskrieth's time is spent working to keep his commanding region under control. Whilst he would rather be fighting and training at the Academy, his youthful temperment has been somewhat cooled, and he recognises the need for the greater good of the realm.

Excerpt 2 - Daskrieth indeed did win his coveted Jousting victory in a tournament, establishing himself firmly amongst his peers for his skill with the horse. Now back in active duty, Daskrieth is an active member of the Vanguard, a group of nobles committed to securing the sanctity of the duchy of Barad Riel. This is no easy task in these troubled days, as Eston has been plunged into live warfare with her treacherous enemies for the first time in many months.

Excerpt 3 - Eston remains at war with more than one enemy. With his region, Elost, once again being captured by opposing forces, Daskrieth has much more free time on his hands to help eradicating Eston's enemies. The Vanguard has been updated into a more streamlined form, of which Daskrieth is a part, known as the Sabre. This group of exceptionally active nobles are reknowned for their ferocity and dedication.

Excerpt 4 - Tragedy has struck. In a large ceremony, your family commemorates the dead Daskrieth, a legend known all over the world. For days, the family graveyard swarms with his friends and admirers. Artists compose songs and poems about him, and young maidens cry in their chambers. In a straight-forward battle in Fiddleford, Daskrieth was struck down by a random arrow and died a few hours later. The family mourns his loss.