Sandalak (SI)

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You may be looking for an older incarnation of Sandalak, from a previous War Island.

The Musical, Poetic Warriors of Sandalak

Island South Island
Capital Sandalak
Largest City Unknown
Government Democracy

Duchies 2
Regions 8
Population 59,910
Gold 2490
Food 1362
Nobles 6
Chancellor Valjean Fate
High Marshal Valjean Fate
Supreme Advocate Valjean Fate
Master of Economy Valjean Fate
AdrelhiaTorban deLacy
GwohaddaAmelia Smallwood
MewunJaan Finch
South-West Island/Cave of Guilt
South-West Island/Cirannor
South-West Island/Figobar

Mastersword.jpg The Bloodied Empire of Sandalak Hall of Glory Mastersword.jpg

A hall dedicated to the Sandalak who have proven their worth and loyalty.