Sandalak (SI)

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The Musical, Poetic Warriors of Sandalak

Island South Island
Capital Sandalak
Largest City Sandalak (Region)
Government Democracy

Duchies 2
Regions 12
Population 243,704
Gold 6990
Food 2894
Nobles 24
Chancellor Jervis d'Couteau
High Marshal Carac Hawk
Supreme Advocate Valjean Fate
Master of Economy Achton Goldhammer
AbykalTrogadon Kharkov
AdrelhiaTorban deLacy
DwamonMeriander Aurelle
GwohaddaAmelia Smallwood
Ikalak (Region)Achton Goldhammer
MewunJaan Finch
Sandalak (Region)Chronas Arylon
South-West Island/Cave of Guilt
South-West Island/Cirannor
South-West Island/Figobar
WellafAlessandra de Medici

Mastersword.jpg The Bloodied Empire of Sandalak Hall of Glory Mastersword.jpg

A hall dedicated to the Sandalak who have proven their worth and loyalty.