Royal Rangers

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The Guild of Royal Rangers is created to help adventurers in eliminating rogue creatures more efficiently by providing them a place of communication. Also, all rangers get quite a bit of gold per month to help them support themselves so they can focus on their work.

They can also contact nobles to sell any unique items they find or provide repair/upgrade services.

Although it originated in Luria, its guild houses can be found across the continent except for the most remote places.

Any adventurer who wishes to join must pay one time fee of 5 gold. However, upon joining, you will be compensated immediately since the guild allows you to borrow money from the guild right away.

Any noble who wishes to join must also pay the joining fee of 5 gold. Nobles will be expected to pay few gold monthly to support the guild. If you want to find an adventurer you can trust, the Royal Rangers is the place to go to.