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Welcome to the Records page of BattleMaster... It's already a long time ago since the game started and i though it would be nice to know the most strange, amazing or curious things happened these years... Please feel free to to post in here higher records you know about and the player who did this record.

If you know other kind of records, please post them inmediately and if necessary create another section.

NOTE: To make this as clean as possible and also to avoid people just inventing records, they have to be posted like this:

  • Biggest Monster unit seen: 1.435 monsters (17.586 CS) seen in Jiddington, Beluaterra. 21/07/2005. ~~~~

Don't forget the ~~~~ to sign, so we can ask the one about more information!

You are free to overwrite records if there is a higher one!


  • Highest CS: Sceptre - 3730cs done in W Sirion,East Continent (2003) Sceptre
  • Highest CS per soldier: 45CS each... Rangonio, Perdan
  • Biggest Infantry unit: 319 Infantry on the walls of Outer Tilog, Colonies (2006) - Revan
  • Biggest Archer unit: 195 Archers on the walls of Outer Tilog, Colonies (Since 2005) - Revan
  • Biggest Cavalry unit: Sceptre - 320 done in W Sirion, East Continent (2003) Sceptre
  • Biggest Mixed Infantry unit:
  • Biggest Special Forces unit: 50 SF fielded by Vlad of Minas Ithil, Atamara (2006) Marouane 9 February 2006 02:55 (CET)
  • Biggest Peasant unit: Sceptre - 959 and 958 done in W Sirion,East Continent (2004) Sceptre

  • Biggest Monster unit seen:
  • Biggest Undead unit seen: 1.435 monsters (17.600 CS) seen in Jiddington, Beluaterra. 2005. Shoenaemaeh 7 February 2006 21:18 (CET)
  • Highest militia in one region: 11k CS(I dont have the exact CS, unfortunately), Fiddleford(Norland militia to block out Eston), Atamara, Vellos 5 February 2006 20:13 (CET)


  • Highest honour: Mutdonter - 418 East Continent 05/02/2006 Sceptre
  • Highest prestige: Sceptre - 135 East Continent 05/02/2006 Sceptre

  • Most time in a realm: Doc Primus from Sirion: East Continent 1387 days in the realm 05/02/2006
  • Oldest character: Doc Primus (50 years old)

  • Highest skill in Swordfighting: 65% shown off by tobias layton at Fronen. mcsporran 8 February 2006 20:54 (CET)
  • Highest skill in Jousting: 60% shown off by Corpral Deadmeat at Fronen. mcsporran 8 February 2006 20:54 (CET)

  • Largest outstanding bounty: 1500 gp Shanka fonfa, Handkor
  • Largest collected bounty: 1550 gp, Achilles Arilius , Dictator of Tara, 3 November 2006, collected by Si Ju Jarugi of Drachenwald in Atamara.
  • Longest Name: alittlehopeforhopelesstimes
  • Highest tax income for one person (not valid the tax day just after an investment): 470 - Shamus, Redspan, Atamara Oshea 9 February 2006 12:02 (CST)


  • Highest number of regions: 28 - Enweil, Beluaterra (2005-2006) and Cagilan Empire, Atamara (2006)
  • Most characters in one realm: 141 - Abington, Atamara (Feb 2006) Carriantor 6 February 2006 04:22 (CET)
  • Most hated Realm (has most "at war"):
  • Most liked Realm (has most "alliances/Federation"):


  • Strongest army:
  • Largest battle: Total combat strengths: 51344 vs. 24620 Assault on Avamar
  • Most heroes killed in one battle:
  • Most lopsided battle::