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Zeminemesis Kabrinski, Noble of Lux Nova
Zeminemesis Kabrinski, Noble of Lux Nova
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Description of the Faith

The Light of Obeah, an offshoot of the Heralds of Obeah faith, is a new religion created by the Sage Oracle, Reawit Reodling. Thus far their practices are fluid, largely based on core Obean teachings but with some key differences.

The order is bound by a Charter:

Here follows the Charter of the Light of Obeah

It is our belief that the true faith should know no borders, and should not be tied to worldly or secular matters.

While believing that the Oracle’s revelation of Obeah to be true and glorious, we are resolved to make our own path .

While recognising Obeah to be the greatest and most important of deities, we hold that others too are worthy of worship.

While holding to the spirit of the Obean faith, we believe that all should be free to follow whichever non-daimonic faith they so choose.

Thus we, the founders, henceforth form the Light of Obeah, to spread truth and learning throughout Beluatera.


Readwit Reodling, Sage Oracle

Gigax Pilesar, Duke of Eous Custodio

Janus Lumme, Knight of Jidington

Karl Deschain, Knight of Brovyl

Zeminemesis Kabrinski, Noble of Lux Nova