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It has been several years since the heyday of the original Lemon Fame, and since then many new fame points have come into being, ready to be discovered by a new set of eager players! In light of this, Tom has decided to launch a contest to help aid the discovery of the new fame points - with a prize of two weeks of free goodies for the winner! Here's Tom's declaration in full:

"We had an intriguing thing there with LemonFame. Too bad it's not been updated in years.

So... I'd like to write out a little contest.

First one to find out 5 or more fame points not yet on the wiki as of today (22/03/2006) will get two weeks of free goodies.

That'd bring the known total to 40, and still leave 8 mystery points." - Tom

Known Fame Points

Currently 35 Fame points have been discovered out of a maximum of 48. The high score for fame is currently 34 points. Here is what we already know about fame points at the launch of this campaign:




  • Individual Prestige: 3 points possible
    • 10: 1 point
    • 20: 1 point
    • 50: 1 point
  • Family Prestige: 3 points possible
    • 20: 1 point
    • 50: 1 point
    • 100: 1 point

There are also 2 or 3 fame points relating to Heroes who are 'legendary'. The exact requirements are unknown, but it likely has something to do with Prestige.

Confirmed not to give Fame

  • Involvement in a Large Battle
  • Moving the Family Mansion
I believe it was a known fact previously that moving your family mansion to the capital of your character's realm gave 1 fame? --Kristian 24 March 2006 00:47 (CET)

Further information about Fame can be found here.

Possible Avenues of Investigation

Lately, Tom has been making the Battlemaster experience even more dynamic and pleasurable than it ever was at the time of the original LemonFame. Thus many new possibilities exist as to what could give fame. Here are a few possibilities. Feel free to add more so more may be investigated by the community!

  • Five Bans or more on one Continent?
  • Leader of a Religion whose influence has spread across the entire continent?
  • Leader of a Guild whose influence has spread across the entire continent?
  • ....

Okay, here's some of my guesses based upon my own account, which currently has 5 fame points which are still unknown.

  • 10 local lord appointments (Positions can be shared over different characters. Dukeships don't count towards this)
  • Council position held by same character in more than one realm. (ie Judge in Realm X, then Banker in Realm Y)
  • Character in a realm for over 365 days.
  • Region commandership on at least 3 different islands.
  • Having two characters in warring realms.
  • Character still alive after 18 months
  • Having had a character in a now deceased realm
  • Having a character being a senior member in more than one guild. Maybe at senior level at least three guilds actually - that would make it more exclusive, and my character would still qualify for it.
  • Having played at least 5 characters. (this one's purely a guess, but you never know, Tom might appreciate character rotation, and the more members of your family there have been in the world, the more famous it would be...)

--Roy 23 March 2006 19:23 (CET)