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== 27th June ==
=== Summer Day - [[Evora]] ===
==== Dustiria Noire ====
"of course your majesty," Dustiria calls over to Alberic guard the pinters door why I go upstairs and get my armor. She then pops back inside "Ambassador if you are staying in The Bloody Stump please allow me to escort you to you room. If not give me a moment to get into my armor. I shall be with you the rest of your stay." Her years of being sworn sword to the Imperatrix allow her to go from pleasant company to warrior shadow in mere seconds.
=== Summer Evening - [[Evora]] ===
==== Kiera Cavendish ====
Kiera laughed without humour.
"This is what comes from a judge too young to know the ways of the world," she muttered. "The first rule of the Shadows - attack just before dawn or dusk, then leave the area."
The dark-cloaked figure she had witnessed leave Duke Ivo's apartments had at least known to do that.
Fortunately, they weren't good enough to remember to cover the markings on their steed.
She had unfinished business.
== 28th June ==
=== Summer Evening - [[Evora]] ===
==== Dana Blackstone ====
Dana paced from side to side through her tent reading the letter her father had sent her from Oporto.
- ¡Damn Kiera! How dare that traitorous rat!
Dana leaves the letter on the table, thoughtful, her family had been caught by surprise the change of regent, exposed to the whims of the new, although temporary ruler. Dana looked at one of her messengers.
-Be ready, I'm going to send a letter.

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1st June

Summer Day - Evora

Zenta Carson

Celebration in Negev

Negev, in a celebratory uproar for its new wall, announces games drink food for all who come.

Up on a stage constructed by engineers Zenta comes out and addresses the good people of the region.

"WELCOME ONE IN ALL!!!! To the celebration of a life time. To commemorate the new Motte and Bailey. Our engineers have done a magnificent job on improving our wall and thus securing our southern borders from invasion. Feel free to drink and eat as much as you like. The games will begin soon."

Zenta bows to his people and exits the stage.

5th June

Summer Evening - Perdan

Ryndhal Nabarl

The ancient priest walked slowly through the streets of the city. It had been a long, long time since he’d last been here, so long ago that he couldn’t even recall which banners flew from the towers...

The people here seemed livelier that those at “home”, though, as those that knew him were aware, “home” for Ryndhal would always be on the southern coast. A general air of celebration filled the streets, and the old man smiled as he continued his explorations...

6th June

Summer Day - Perdan

Lindow Moonsun

Road to Montijo

It was a sunny morning in the lands of Al Amarah. Inside the region, between Al Amarah Well and Al Amarah Meadows estates, there was a large column of soldiers crossing the land towards Montijo. On that column of soldiers could be seen the Shadowdale banner and the banners of the Moonsun, Arindal and Blackstone houses.

Lindow was riding his horse in front of his Grey Guard and next to him was Captain Rudgar. To their right they saw a small unit of men carrying a banner with a yellow and black background with a red horse.

- Captain Rudgar, is that unit over there of the des Vau house? - Lindow said.

- That's right, your Highness -

- But that path does not lead to Montijo, where does it lead? -

- Your Highness, I think they are marching to Negev -

- Negev? send a soldier to inform Sir Lazare to change his way to Montijo and meet with the army at Krimml -

- Yes, your Majesty! -

Captain Rudgar left. Lindow continued to ride while he stared at the Al Amarah landscape. Along the roads traders, trobadores and pilgrims could be seen moving to Karbala. Several towns near the roads could also be seen and children shyly approaching to see the soldiers they admired.

At that moment, a column of cavalry passed by Lindow's right flank, Flavia was in front.

- It is a good day to march to our New Tomorrow, don't you think Lady Flavia? - Lindow said.

Flavia Arindal

Flavia waved and moved her horse nearer to the King, allowing her mounted troops to pass.

"Indeed it is," she called out agreement. "And I hear of some new noble families emerging as well."

Summer Evening - Perdan

Dustiria Noire

"Allright that looks like the last of it" Bruce smiles at his and the men with him handy work. "The basement was stuffed full of Ales, meads, wines and more. "We are ready for the coronation celebration."

He heads up stairs and checks with sally. all the linens were washed and ready for whomever needed rooms. the amount of flowers in his majesties quarters was a bit much much but he understood her want to show how happy they all were. The Pirate King! Yes this was good change. Soon The Bloody Stump will be full to the brim. The Lady Dustiria was arriving shortly. She is going to be so happy. Now to get the coronation merchandise from the potter. Everyone is going to want a commemorative mug right?

Flavia Arindal

"My estate is in Montijo, as you know," Flavia continued. "My troops and I will be spending the night there, and of course your majesty is welcome to such hospitality as I can offer."

Smiddich Fontaine

"If it pleases your worship", says the serving girl to the Shadowdhavian Ambassador, sliding the coin back again, "His 'ighness is shouting drinks today, on the house, and a suite on the second floor has been made available for your exclusive use for as long as you deign to stay!"

7th June

Summer Evening - Perdan

Nemean JeVondair Renodin

Fellow Huntswomen and Huntsmen,

Many have joined us from the furthermost northern realms all the way to those at the southern edge that touch the great blue to where few ships are able to sail. This letter I will use to welcome a select few. Sadly not all for my hand would die and my service in war would be useless. Before you indulge in the mandatory jibes and assure me that couldn't be further degraded, hear me. I am not saying you aren't right either by the way. I am a poor substitute for some of the people gathered here. There are fewer things that bring more joy to me. Scarce are the days where I can look across the boundaries of the realm in which I live and see smiling faces. Coming over to where I live. For no other reason than to enjoy time together. That is a treasure you all bring.

Not just to me, even though I partake of the drink on offer but that chalice is passed around to all of you. It refills each time you hand it to the next person, and the next. Cheers, joy, kindness and laughter. We are gathering, more are yet en route, to be together. To set aside the rigors of our lives. Call to a halt the grinding of time. To see the sun dip and assuredly whisper in its proverbial ear: It's alright sun, you can go to sleep. and we will enjoy the night in its absence!

For when the gathering is over and all that have wished to join us have, we will set out for a day of spectacle. Hunting, ranging, sharing drinks and basking in the late day sun as our caught game will roast over open fires. Soon to be enjoyed and our merrymaking will privately continue in the generous confines of coppice of trees and the shelter of the forest en masse. Friends, if you'll permit me to say that, welcome.

Lord Andreas,
Many words we have shared. Letters amounting perhaps to a veritable book at this point. It will be my singular joy to clasp hands and to finally share a moment absent ink and parchment with your person. Sadly though, I must admit that among the company you find yourself in now, the other members of the Great Hunt, I am but a pale shadow of the camaraderie and quality of conversation present here. Still, knowing you to be a merciful man, you shall indulge me for a moment or two were we will be able to speak.
Lady Maleena,
You rode hard and arrived far before many in our lands. That you were so prompt had me feel more than a little sheepish. I'd have wished for everyone to be so expedient but alas we must wait. The weather and the roads are not kind to everyone. It is my pleasure to introduce you to a great many military minds. Not in the least a great many from Perdan itself. Perhaps, if you would wish it, I could make more personal introduction in the quiet hours after the hunt itself. With people seated, their prizes and drinks in hand, well nurtured and saturated.
Royal Ivo,
You who has perhaps traveled furthest to be with us. Not longest, that is a word I would not use in this instance. From what I gather you blinked into Perdan faster than anything I thought possible. Within moments of sending my invitation to you, or so the rumors go, there were reports of yourself appearing in Dimwood. Out of thin air! You must speak on the matter, tell us how you managed such a feat and if it is indeed true!
Lord Kiderix,
It is a distinct pleasure to have you among us. Where we have not yet forged a true bond, it is my sincere hope that once the horse gallop and the game starts before us, you and I may share a moment. One where the trappings of the world fade and the verdant world around us shows us for who we are. That we may find truth there and the beginnings of friendship. Perhaps you would have the time to share a word of two about yourself? I'd much like to learn about you.
Royal Nabarl,
'Special thanks sings out to you, Ancient one. I say that with equal measures of respect as I do teasing. You will suffer the jest of a younger may I hope while I so unwittingly shall incur your much better angled and surely phrase retort. I recall our time together well. Eponllyn has changed much since those days I hope. Though I will not make that a question and force an unpleasant answer. Instead, I shall mark you out to all of the people here part of the Great Hunt. If you wished to every know anything of the East Continent, this man most likely knows it. Not only that, he's probably lived through it.
Lady Brigdha,
You are most welcome. Naturally you are. So few are aware of the familial ties that are so closely entwined between us. You who have been a guardian for many and I will ever be thankful, by means of familial gratitude of course. As to you being a mere spectator. We'll see about that. If I can rouse you to participate in just one round of celebrations or simply raise a glass in shared cheer, I will have already booked success. Your reputation being so that such a task I've just set myself is quite the monumental one already, I do realize. Yet that makes your gracious relenting all the more noble.
Lord Kenneth,
While your suggestion enlivens the jovial attitude I too have foreseen for the Great Hunt I must sadly also take a contrary stance in so much that it conflicts with the peer to peer governance we've envisioned. Multiple names will demand of the officials of this guild to also recognize each name as with more power than the one below. Something not desired at all where it concerns the running of the Great Hunt Guild. One rank will be more than enough for the elders. All equal.

That brings to me an organizational note. The name of Elder is indeed a rudimentary one. It does deserve changing. A proper name I have not yet divined but as Lord Kenneth states, we are many here and idea's are of course welcome. The governance of this Guild will be through direct peerage. All elders will be of the same rank. Together, in conclave they will oversee the running of this establishment. That is the fairest and most balanced way.


Not too long ago I had received word from Duke Germanico and also Prince Giselin of Isadril that both of them were making their way to Perdan. To join us. I believe we might need to expand our halls further to accommodate more members. When you arrive in your respective regions, please consider adding a Guild House for this purpose. The more that are able to participate, the greater the glory of our events. I will also write letters to see if there are yet uncommitted people that want to attend. That way I can gauge when we can begin formally. Until that time, I encourage you to prepare you hunting gear, to make sure you have the right dress and garb. The hunt will require high boots I so imagine but if you rather wear shoes, I am certain the forest floor cares not.

Wings unfurled,

Sir Nemean JeVondair Renodin Knight of Bisciye Elder of Great Hunt

10th June

Summer Evening - Perdan

Luna Tempest

The Grey Exarch, Luna Tempest was making her way to the Talon's Nest estate within Krimml at the request of his Majesty the Shadow King Lindow Moonsun to discuss future plans for the realm.

The young woman had come a long way from ragged looking teenager that Luna was when she first arrived in Shadowdale more than 5 years prior. As she grew into an adult Lady Tempest had truly become one of Shadowdalian culture. Before where she often dressed in simple un-fine clothes now Luna was standing proud wearing what could be considered the colour or lack of colour of the realm. She wore a black fitted tunic and black fitted pants adorned with silver trim all over with her sword at her hip as always. Finishing the ensemble was a hooded cloak decorated with large raven's feathers blacks as Luna's own hair which she had recently cut to be above her neckline. The only thing remaining of the Grey Exarch's look from her teenage years was the crystal blue gaze of her eyes glaring from behind the ebony hood.

Upon reaching the gate to the estate Lady Tempest found it heavily guarded no doubt because his Highness was present within the grounds however Luna did not expect the exchange that happened next.

"I'm sorry my Lady I cannot let you in until you have summoned." The guard at the gate would exclaim.

"Excuse me..... you are well aware of who I am are you not?" Luna would reply already irate with the insubordination.

The guard continued softly, "O..of course Grey Exarch but I am... my orders are not to let anyone in without permission."

"Are you one of the Shadow King's own men, one of the Grey Guard?" Lady Tempest would interrogate the squirming guard.

"No my Lady"

"THEN YOUR ORDERS ARE WHAT I SAY THEY ARE. Now step aside or lose your head." The Grey Exarch would shout at the poor unfortunate man.

Both Luna's Captain and Lieutenant made movement to place their hands on the hilts of their swords while Lady Tempest herself made no movement whatsoever while staring down the foolish guard. The situation would be diffused however as the other man guarding the gate quickly pushed his foolish partner out of the way and on to the ground.

"That's better." Luna would finish before making her way to the mansion within the Talon's Nest.

Finally at the mansion the Grey Exarch would order some staff to inform the Shadow King of her arrival and wait within the library. Surly such a grand estate would have something decent to read while waiting.

Lindow Moonsun

Lindow arrived at the mansion. He had gone hunting in the forests of Krimml that morning. There were rumors of a great white boar in the Krimml woods and Lindow wanted to hunt it down. However, the search was unsuccessful.

Lindow gave his crossbow to one of his guards, dismounted from the horse, and approached the entrance. There was his butler Sebas and a servant with a bowl of water and a towel.

- Your Highness, the Grey Exarch has already arrived, she is in the library - - Thanks Sebas, bring Lady Luna to the porch and prepare dinner in case she wants to stay - Lindow said while he washed his face in the bowl - This will be done, Your Majesty -

Lindow went to the porch and waited for her there. The mansion was an old yellow stone building, with two stories high and a back garden. The porch connected the mansion to the garden and was a place for private gatherings.

On the other hand, Sebas arrived at the library and found Luna there

- M´lady, the Shadow King is waiting for you on the porch, please come with me -

Pan Honos Nerio

Looking out upon Krimml Pan saw waves of men armed and ready for war, though was beginning to doubt himself capable of sending men to war. At his right hand, Captain Rudel spoke up.

-I haven't known you worry so much, what do you have on your mind?

-These men, when I look out I see families and children. Before I took control of the Nerio Guards, I always overheard my father talking about how "My boys will take up the mantle and lead Shadowdale to an era of peace" Pan responded somberly.

-My lord, you need not worry. The men you see before, your men, are here to support you with the your goals of the future. They believe in the era of peace you can bring so that one day, all of them, will go back to their family and proudly say "I served in the Nerio Gaurds" Rudel reassured.

-Tell the men to pack up and get ready to move to Greatbridge. I don't see this conflict ending peacefully. Pan ordered

-It will be done my lord.

As Rudel went to inform the guards, Pan began to think. I wonder how my brother is doing. Maybe when this is all over I'll invite him for a family feast, it has been too long since we've had one. Minutes later pan heard from a distance.

-Men! Pack your gear we are going to Greatbridge. Captain Rudel commanded.

-Hoo Raa! The Nerio Guards chanted as they quickly began packing.

Zenta Carson

As the Army moves out to Greatbridge Zenta and his men ride hard ahead of the column to secure the right flank.

"Heyaw!!!!!" Zenta says to his horse.

They then start to slow down a bit to not get too far of the main army.

"General Luna!!!" He yells out. "The Flank is secure!!"

Maccio Aurelle

- "Food?"

- "Check"

- "Water?"

- "Check"

- "Ale?"

- "Check"

- "A big ol' wagon fer new acquisitions?"

- "Check"

- "Not a single spot or dent in my men's equipment?"

- "Almost check. More than good enough to march towards battle, my lord."

- "A'ight, fine enough. We be movin' today towards Greatbridge. Tomorrow, the fun begins! Ah, I wonder how true northern women look like. And volcano women! I heard they're strong, rough n' untame."

- "My lord, shouldn't you be focusing on making plans for the upcoming campaign instead?"

- "What do ye think I'm doin'?"

- "Not that kind of plans."

- "Worry naught, those greedy mutts couldn't move even if they wanted. Pretty sure they be so fat from not doin' sh*te they can't even fit through the doorways, n' even if they could their pockets would weight them down. Hah! This campaign is going to be easy."

- "Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer."

Maccio looked at his steward directly into the eyes with a furious gaze. He, on the other hand, could barely contain a chuckle.

- "Alright, my lord. If you excuse me, I will get some bottles of absynthe to pack for what will surely a short trip. If you excuse me..."

- "Aye, ye better get out of my sight before I choke ye with ye own guts."

Incareal Neiro Honos

As Incareal released his men from training for the day, he walked over to Captain Cody.

-Cody how do you think the men looked today?

-Fine sir. You know you are't required to train with us my lord.

-Cody how many times have I told you? A man who wont fight among or train with his men has forfeited his man-hood. Also you can drop the formalities.

-Of course sir. My apologies.

-Anyway Cody, any news of my brother Pan? How is he?

-Last I heard Sir he was already on his way to Greatbridge.

-And our equipment? Has it finally been repaired? Im getting tired of these delays.

-Yes sir, the smithy have completed all our repairs so that we can move out whenever you are ready.

-Finally. Father would kill me if he knew I let Pan go to battle without me there. Afford the men some rest, food and drink. No need fighting on an empty stomach. How delayed will we be Cody?

-We should only be delayed by an hour Sir. Though I fear we may still be late getting there.

-*sighs* Very well. Nothing we can do about it. Once the men are ready we march.

As Cody walked off to take care of the men Incareal went back to training for a bit more. Thinking of his brother and hopping he was alright. After this conflict, I should invite him over for some joint exercises with the men. Our units have always worked well together. Maybe even a feast too. Well first things first, gotta get rid of some of these idiots who interrupt my kings peace.

In the distance the men cheered and dawned there armor and freshly repaired equipment. Ready for the battle to come.

Luna Tempest

Talon's Nest

Luna was busy reading a book on ancient history of East Continent when a butler arrived to summon her.

- M´lady, the Shadow King is waiting for you on the porch, please come with me -

The Grey Exarch wasted so time slamming the book closed in a small cloud of dust, an ancient tome indeed, Luna thought to herself as she stood up from the table and approached Sebas.

"Lead the way most esteemed butler." Lady Tempest motioned towards the door. Sebas wouldn't object and gladly set off down the hall to complete his task.

Both would arrive at the porch, which was quite the sight to behold. Luna had missed its splendor as the Lady had made her way to the library as she usually in any new estate rather than take in the grounds. Once a scholar always scholar at heart it would seem.

"Your Majesty, I present Luna Tempest, Grey Exarch of Shadowdale as requested." Sebas softly announced Luna and then quickly retreated to the shadows within the grand room.

Lady Tempest would open with a bow before speaking, "You Highness, it is excellent to see you again. It has been some time since we have had the pleasure of speaking before each other. If I recall correctly it was prior to my trip to Evora for that fateful meeting. I regret missing the Tournament of the New in Karbala but I trust it was a spectacle to behold."

Luna would move closer to Lindow and offer her arm, "Please your majesty show me the gardens while we converse. We have much to discuss. Shadowdale might find itself at war within the coming day, talk of a new grand principality and I find it very surprising that the new King of Perdan has contacted you personally. Well perhaps not that surprising as Fontaine has less than regal origins so he seems quite partial to handling things with his own hands. I can respect such ethic regardless of ones origins assuming it is productive to our cause. So, my King of the Shadows, tell me how I might better serve the realm."

Luna Tempest

The Road to Greatbridge

The Grey Exarch had not made it very far on the road from Krimml towards Greatbridge. Luna was still on her steed but off the to side of the road as it seemed every few minutes some Captain or Lieutenant had no clue what they were supposed to be doing and requested orders.

With a loud sigh Luna would turn to address her own Lieutenant who was mounted along side her, "Lissa, take this seal of the Shadow Legion. I am promoting you to Captain of the Legion. Deal with all these common folk who need to be whipped up into shape."

Lissa would only reply with a quick "At once Grey Exarch," and ride on ahead.

"Thank the Shadows our nobles are still above these foolish men. They might be green but I would take the noble any day." Luna muttered to herself surveying her surroundings. Far ahead along the road Lady Tempest could see the banners of Pan Honos Nerio, looking back it seemed his brother Incareal Neiro Honos was only just leaving Krimml. Still it was excellent to see the fresh nobility mobilizing enthusiastically.

Looking far off the side of the road and more in the field a group of cavalry was charging through the tall grass while The Grey Exarch heard a shout from their direction.

"General Luna!!! The Flank is secure!!"

The Grey Exarch watched as Lord Carson charged on clearly excited for the coming combat before Luna continued to mutter to herself, "Oh Zenta, always ready to battle. The flank need not be secured yet but I admire the enthusiasm."

Returning her gaze to the road ahead seeing it congested with carts and men Luna thought to herself, maybe Lord Carson was on to something by riding up the flank.

Lady Tempest would opt to ride up the opposing flank so she could return to the front of the column where she ought to be.

Jaques Talos

Captain Arne look over from the crest of the hill and saw the scouts returning, crawling down the Hill he waited.

The scouts came up and handed him the reports, 'here are the newest reports sir.'

Captain Arne nodded 'Good work men, go rest up.'

He turned and headed into the Cave where the Earl was sitting on a makeshift table, and an old barrel for a chair.

'Lord Jaques, I have the reports'

Lord Jaques took them and looked, finishing them he put them down and sat in silence, after some time past he looked at Arne, 'Send these reports to the Marshal at once'

Captain Arnes nodded and left, Jacques smiled to himself. 'very intersting'

Lindow Moonsun

Talon's Nest

Lindow had Luna in front of him, arm outstretched. Lindow approached her, took her hand, and put it on his arm.

- Let's take a walk then, Lady Luna - Lindow said while they started down the stairs to the garden.

- The war seems inevitable ... the second day is ending and they have not said anything. Not even Sirion, Eponllyn and Caligus have said something. Everyone is silent - Lindow said seriously.

Their steps began to lead them through an area of ​​bushes and jasmine. Then Lindow smiled

- There is too much difference between the smell of peacetime and wartime - Lindow said while he brushed his hand over the jasmine, then looked at Luna and said - If we win the claimed territories, we among other plans have the plan to create an archducational vassal of Shadowdale, I am tired of depending on allies that do not respect us ... Shadowdale had to accept them when we were weak, but that time is gone and now we have the possibility of choosing our own allies -

In that moment, Lindow saw a messenger approaching

- Your Majesty, a letter from ... - the messenger looked at Luna - ....a letter from the Grey Exarch, your Highness - he said seriously and left. Lindow opened and read the letter

- humm it seems that your orders have come to me later than your visit - Lindow said smiling

- Sebas! inform Captain Rudgar to prepare the troops, we move to Greatbridge! -

- Yes, your Highness! - Sebas said.

- Well, Lady Luna, tell me, how was the meeting with your friend from Perdan and the pirate duke who is now the king of Perdan? - Lindow said.

Zenta Carson

"Ah to taste battle once again, it is unfortunate I am not General. Those days were absolutely glorious!!!! Though not saying yours were not, General Luna......." saying with a stupid smile on his face.

Luna Tempest

Talon's Nest

Luna listened intently to Lindow as he led the duo around the gardens discussing the politics of the revitalized East Continent or at least one would have hoped it was revitalized. A messenger interrupted the conversation to deliver the Grey Exarch's own earlier orders to the Shadow King who promptly summoned his butler from the shadows to see them followed.

With the slight intrusion over Lady Tempest would turn to face the Lindow directly, "Well at least Shadowdale can rely on you, your Majesty. Our allies have long been disappointing and I cannot agree more that it is time to find or forge some new allies. As for this archducational vassal of Shadowdale I hope you have some fiercely loyal and intelligent man or woman in mind to see your vision come to fruition."

The Grey Exarch would start the duo towards the grand fountain before answering Lindow's question, "The meeting was fantastic, Lady Aila was as beautiful as ever. The Duke looked well for a man of the ship and Baroness Brigdha was as wise as she was mysterious. It seems aside from the gathering it also served our political ends well so I am glad. I do have one regret however... On second thought its not important."

The King and his General arrived at the garden fountain, its crystal clear water's glistening as if diamonds lay below the surface. Luna would motion towards the bench, "Shall we sit for a spell and take in one last breath of peace before the tempest of war my King?"

11th June

Summer Day - Perdan

Jaques Talos

Jaques looked at Captain Arnes 'have we hired the additional scouts?'

'Yes my Lord'

Jacques smiled 'good, we can cover more ground, Captain, prepare the army to move back out to Bruck'

The Captain bowed and turned to leave, Jacques sat down and wrote two letters, after finishing them he gave them to the man standing buy his desk.

'Give this letter to the manor keeper, and this one, copy and send to all the nobles'

'Yes my lord'

Jacques got up and gathered his belongings, heading back to bruck.

Kiera Cavendish

Kiera smiled as she slid her many knives into their sheathes.

"Let the games begin," she said. "And let all men watch their backs."

Dawson Lawson

Dawson was sitting on his horse watching the troops move out to the enemy region. War has been declared and Dawson was eager for it. His armor was black with a silver wolf on the middle of the chest piece. It was expensive to make but its the only thing he bought with his winnings before sending the rest if the money home.

While watching the troops his hand rests on the wolf head pommel of his sword and he thinks back when his aging father gave all his sons weapons of their choosing with wolf heads on them. His fathers words on the day he left was to help restore the family to greatness.

"Captain this might be the time for us to rebuild my fathers family name since we left our home. And make my family proud"

"My lord you have fought bravely in the south a few times and even earned the title of champion of this realm due to beating all combatant in the tourney. With that you sent home gold to help the family. Im pretty sure your dad would already be proud of what you have already accomplished.

Dawson smiled and nodded then slapped his shield that was hanging off his saddle.

"Well Captain lets go earn more respect and glory then"Roleplay from Dawson Lawson Player experience level: experienced Player play preference: rp-combat Message sent to all nobles of Shadowdale (30 recipients) - 2 days, 5 hours, 25 minutes ago

Nemean JeVondair Renodin

Fellow Huntswomen and Huntsmen, Sir Fredrick of House Stormreaver of Yssrgard,

Welcome to our grand gathering. You come one of several of your realm that are yet en route. Please, make yourself comfortable and be most welcome. I noticed you signed up in Dimwood, doubly welcome in that case as you've had a long journey to reach the interior of Perdan.

Surely the woods already beckon and the game squeal as the tremble your feet produce. Hold your hand a little longer and soon we shall be able to ride and run out, together. Until that great day comes I bid you enter and make friends anew. Among the other members, of the Great Hunt.

Wings unfurled,

Sir Nemean JeVondair Renodin

Ambassador of Perdan

Knight of Bisciye

Elder of Great Hunt

Lindow Moonsun

Talon's Nest

Lindow looked at Luna, they were both in front of a bench near the garden fountain.

- Shall we sit for a spell and take in one last breath of peace before the tempest of war my King? - Luna said

- I think we have a little break to feel the calm and peace before the war begins - Lindow said as he sat down.

They were both silent for a minute, looking and listening to what would be their last memory of peace before the war. Lindow broke in silence to say

- The archducational vassal will be a son or daughter of Shadowdale, I will see among all the nobles who has the qualities that I am looking for -

Lindow was silent, the voices of the soldiers could be heard outside the mansion. Lindow suddenly remembered something that had missed him.

- I'm glad the meeting was satisfactory, however ... that you regret it? -

Summer Evening - Perdan

Elric Altenahr

Thinks "ha ha ha ha ha ... Rotting indeed ... The fish rots from the head down"

Lindow Moonsun

A Lunch in Bruck

The first rays of light entered from the east. In Bruck the Shadow Legion had built a huge camp on the Raven Holme estate. At the entrance it could see a large column of Shadowdale soldiers carrying the banners of the Dustin, Keltor, Neiro-Honos, Longsteel, Blackstone and Rea houses.

Lindow was having breakfast in his tent when Captain Rudgar entered

- Your Highness, more knights have arrived at the camp -

- Who are they? - Lindow said while drinking a cup of coffee looking at some maps.

- Sir Humphrey, Sir Fitch, brothers Sir Incareal and Sir Pan, Sir Martin, Lady Dana and Sir Maximilian have arrived -

- Nice, I like to see new knights on the battlefront - Lindow said looking at the captain - inform all the nobles in the camp that I would like to have lunch with them today -

- Yes, your Majesty -

12th June

Summer Evening - Perdan

Luna Tempest

Talon's Nest

The Grey Exarch was sitting with her king on the bench by the side of the crescent the fountain enjoying the scenery to the fullest.

Lindow would break the silence first, Luna's earlier omission did not escape the wise man. Reaching to gently caress the Shadow Kings fine blonde hair Lady Tempest would try to answer the question, "I don't regret the meeting as it was quite enjoyable its just that... how should I word it. Dame Aila is much more pure of heart than I had anticipated or prepared for. It was a surprise considering her fiery nature and as result well some events I would have enjoyed never came to pass. At least Lady Storme did grace me with a beautiful gift, a rather simple trinket from her childhood. Such gifts are worth more than any bought with riches wouldn't you agree?"

Luna could also hear the hustle and bustle of the busy city all around them and would stand before asking of her king, "Your Majesty it seems we better prepare ourselves for the morning as well. Would you be so kind as to escort this lady back to the mansion before we part ways?"

Salem Belmont

Filler Roleplay. Brought to you by The Bloody Stump

[Some time, some day in Bescanon]

“Alright Reno, I’m off to the Capitol.” Captain Nat says as he prepares to leave the Bescanon Bridge estate with all the provisions necessary to make his 72 mile journey.

“For what?” She asks before he leaves.

“Bruce at the Bloody Stump asked me to be a taste tester for the food he plans to serve there. And so, I thought “Huh, free food.” and accepted his offer.”

“Is he paying you?”

“Well, no-”

“And will you be getting free lodging?”

“I mean, I...Have my tent, I guess.”

“And you mean to tell me that you’re willing to walk upwards to one hundred miles from here to Perdan city for “free food” from the bloody stump?”

“I don’t think you appreciate my perseverance for free food.” he says as he tries to hide how much this exchange has been killing his optimism.

Reno takes a swig from her bottle of midnight stout and says, “Good luck, I guess.” She gets up and goes to close the door behind Nat, but before she does..

“Wait...Luck? What?” He inquires.

Slam goes the door.

Salem Belmont

(This Roleplay is a collaboration between Dustiria and Salem. Please enjoy.)

A Filling Roleplay Brought to you by The Bloody Stump

Bruce makes his way to Nat’s table and sets down a commemorative mug of mead. This mug bears the Duke’s likeness and engraves letters that spell out “Long Live the King”. The burly bartender leans down so that only Nat can hear him say, “You know how I was working that gala? I snatched this pastry. Something, something beef bellington. Not sure about the name. Anyway, I figured that with the coronation and all, I can make a special dish to go with the mugs to help them sell better. So here’s what my cook in the back and I came up with. You’re going to love this.”

Bruce sets down a plate with something that is CLEARLY not beef wellington. Instead, the dish before Nat resembles that of what can only be described as a “meat volcano”. It has random beef chunks, diced potatoes, some carrots and gravy, all leaking out of the tall pastry that is slightly not fully cooked.

Captain Nat looks at the dish with a forced smile. Salem has made beef wellington for himself and Reno before. Whatever this was, was not it at all. There weren’t any mushrooms, nor was this even the correct pastry. And if Nat knew anything about the Stump’s budget, it’s that they weren’t willing to spend too much on good quality beef cuts. “Bruce...What would you call this dish?”

“Uhm..I’d say that’s er...Uh...Shepherd’s Beef Bellington!”

“Okay, and what all is in this?”

Bruce looks a bit flummoxed. “Well, I know there’s carrots. Uh..I’m not too sure about the meat, but I can ask. But I’m certain that there are onions. Look, I’m not a cook. Just give this a try and tell me what you think. It’s vitels, eat it.”

“I would assume that this Shepherd’s Beef Bellington has...You know...Beef in it. Right?”

“Probably somewhere. Just dig around a bit.” Nat takes an incredibly careful bite of the dish. Running through his mind was a single thought; There’s only one thing better than free food. Free food that was actually good. But this was not helping his thoughts. Nat had to say something that would keep this horrible food away from the people who visited the stump. “It’s a bit too salty for me to try to finish. But I think it’s excellent. Serve it with a smile.”

Nat’s an assh*le.

“Huh! I didn’t even know we had salt to use! Well thanks mate! Here! Have a King Smiddich mug for uh...What his name...The guy on the mead bottles!” Bruce then shouts out to Sally, “Looks like Beef Bellington is on the menu! Oh! Call it the coronation special!”

Nat hides a smile. Hopefully this works out. There are only two ways for this to go; Success, or hilarity. He’s pushing for the latter.

13th June

Summer Evening - Perdan

Brigdha Dubhaine

Ambassador Nemean,

Your sister was well when last we spoke but I'm sorry to say that that was many months ago. I am rarely in one place for long and even more rarely at home.

I must admit that I am surprised to find a Prince of Eponllyn so prominent in the councils of Perdan but the surprise is a pleasant one and I hope we will have the freedom to speak honestly in private as our respective sovereigns would desire. That after all is the privilege of our rank.

There is no point disguising the discontent which has grown in Shadowdale as our allies have taken our support for granted and offered little even in the way of kind words for the peril we've endured on their behalf. I was there when Prime Minister Ecthelion laid the seeds of war with First Oligarch, and indeed as Lord Speaker of Sirion at that time I argued against using force to resolve a dispute which could have been settled peacefully. The very reason I serve the Shadow Throne is because I would not see the Southern Duchies held in tyranny.

I missed much of that conflict for reasons I cannot easily explain. However when it reached its final conclusion and the Lords of Sirion unleashed dreadful and inhumane sorceries against Garas and his commanders it was Shadowdale which ensured the survivors were able to flee the wreckage, and indeed I personally escorted Lord Garas's daughter Glory to safety, being one of the few who knows the hidden ways of that city.

As the focus of the war moved south and the rising powers of Vix Tiramora and Highmarch ripped through Caligus it was yet again Shadowdale who intervened to prevent catastrophe. It is in no way an exaggeration to say that Caligus only still exists because we committed blood and treasure to their cause without reservation, including a considerable portion of my own personal fortune I might add which I gifted to King Rowan, though that paled compared to the sums sent straight from His Majesty's treasury. Shadowdale gave them the gold to fortify Fontan, garrison it with militia, and pay their knights and soldiers until the crisis had passed.

But that is not all we did for Caligus. At His Majesty's direction our agents fought a secretive and deadly war in the lost provinces, reversing a military defeat which appeared absolute and even causing Highmarch to switch sides in hopes of saving their own skin.

Turning westward to Eponllyn there yet again it was Shadowdale's timely action which prevented the fall of the provinces south of the river becoming a complete rout. If I told you how much gold we poured into the garrisoning of Bescanon and the complete lack of support we received from our allies you would surely weep, for we are far from the wealthiest realm of the North.

We have not looked for glory from these achievements, nor for profit, but it is not unreasonable to expect that when we too have need of assistance that the allies on whose behalf we never wavered should not leave us barren. Instead the Lords of the North have primped and preened and patted themselves on the back for their great prowess whilst offering not even a single crumb to Shadowdale.

The dispute which has now arisen had its origins in a very simple request, and one which none in Shadowdale thought would be contentious. His Majesty asked Nivemus if they might be willing to give us the pasturelands of Bruck so that he could alleviate shortages in our cities and towns. Now these shortages were never a problem in the past but of late we have been saddled with the defence of Akesh Temple, a stronghold which Caligus is unable (and in my opinion unwilling) to defend and which in good conscience His Majesty agreed to look after until their circumstances were improved. And as with all armed camps, the Temple is a huge drain on our resources - especially our grain supply.

Kronogos Brock is an old friend of mine and I find it difficult to stand in contention with him given the many kindnesses he has shown my family over the decades of our acquaintance. However he does not seem the man he once was, and where of old he would have recognised Shadowdale's genuine concerns and discussed them with His Majesty he instead chose to ignore them. Repeatedly. For several months on end.

There was already widespread disillusionment with Nivemus due to their unjustified withdrawal from the Southern War which this lack of empathy has greatly exacerbated. When was the last time children in Nivemus went to bed hungry? Or hid in cellars as southern raiders pillaged their homes? And how long should Shadowdale pour her all into the ambitions of the North whilst receiving nought in recompense for her efforts?

I apologise if my tone seems intemperate, I usually have greater mastery of my emotions. The disrespect for His Majesty and my peers is just so frustrating.

Brigdha Dubhaine
Ambassador of Shadowdale
Baroness of Evora
Priestess of The Shadows

14th June

Summer Day - Perdan

Brigdha Dubhaine

Fellow Patricians,

I have worked as hard as any here - save perhaps Supreme Commander Lionel - to deliver the objectives of the Circle. However it has been clear for some time that the clarity of purpose we once shared is no longer certain. It was not so long ago that we held the whip hand over Perdan. The justice many of us have sought for decades was there for the taking. And what did we do?


We watched a new generation nestling in our enemy's bosom and we dithered. And you know what, perhaps we were right to dither. Perhaps justice against dead men means little when their living heirs - who had no part in their crimes - must bear the full burden of punishment.

But what then for the North if not to fight the South? Nivemus broke ranks when the rest of us were too myopic to do so and I cannot blame Kronogos Brock for doing so. Indeed I envy him his freedom of action for Nivemus is far from the front lines with rich pastures and little vexatious to demand a response.

Eponllyn and Caligus I despair of. Have you both forgotten what the Shadow King has done for your peoples? The wealth poured into the defence of Bescanon only to have mismanagement lose those precious walls? Or the personal dangers some of us courted daily and without rest to prevent Fontan falling and see Domus restored?

And what can I say of Sirion, who once sat as Lord Speaker in her Senate and have seen first hand her dreamlike slumbers? The Empire for whom the lands south of Avamar are an afterthought, to be parcelled out as seems convenient.

I raise these matters not as allegations but as recognition that ours are a family of nations, and family members do not always feel respect or respected. However they are still family. When conflict inevitably erupts it does not mean there is malice and a rejection of those family bonds. It means there are issues that need resolving. And that may be painful.

It's still a mystery to me why Shadowdale has been blessed with so many young and energetic knights in recent years, but we have. And with so many mouths to feed and house and cloth as befits their station our sleepy little coastal enclave is no longer sufficient for our needs. Mark that. Not our wants, our needs.

We initially asked but one thing of Nivemus, the pastures of Bruck to raise grain and cattle for our over-burdened cities. To that request we received no clear reply. And the more time passed without a clear reply - whether yay or nay - the more that indifference has irked. So now we ask for much more and give justifiable reason for why things must change.

Like it or not, the Perdanese are establishing a colony in the Obsidian Isles. A colony which will have little choice but to press into the Kazakh peninsula if it wishes to prosper. Trust me, I've visited those glassy shores as have my agents and only a fool would think to make a home of them without some fine rich pastures to sustain it. Nivemus will be the soft belly through which a southern poignard slips and so much for all the good this Circle has achieved.

And you know, I did develope a cordial relationship with Ambassador Smiddich prior to his coronation. A relationship I intend to cultivate further now that he is King. Just as once I treated on friendly terms with Ambassador Greybrook and took tea with Garas and his family. My role as a diplomat has always been that of quiet reason, not the blustering bombast of war, and I have spoken with many whom this conclave would rage at.

My methods are not your methods, but I dare any here to say that my methods fail to get results.

Brigdha Dubhaine
Ambassador of Shadowdale
Baroness of Evora
Priestess of The Shadows
Patrician of Circle of Fate

16th June

Summer Day - Krimml

Smiddich Fontaine

By appointment of the King of Perdan, the Pintner room is reserved tonight, hosting special guests for an evening of food, drink and entertainment!

The Bloody Stump, Perdan City

From the outside, the tavern looks prestigious, homey and well maintained. Burnished timbers and huge stone beams make up most of the building's outer structure. It curls with ivy all the way to the top of its three storeys. Music and voices from within can be heard from outside. It is as engaging inside as it is on the outside. Hardwood beams support the upper floor with hanging lanterns. The walls are littered with all sorts of memorabilia, though whether they're collected or donated is uncertain.

The tavern itself is generously busy. Travelers and locals mingle happily here with little apparent care for rank. Most appear to be commoners at first glance. Several long tables are occupied by happy, excited groups of people, eating, drinking or wagering games. Other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who are indulging in homestyle food and mead which wets your throat nicely with sweet viscosity.

The Pinter Room

This, a more private and secluded meeting area serves large parties. The walls hang with memorabilia of the occasions celebrated within. A large hearth blazes with a coal fire; two cooks in black shirts and trousers are busy basting a whole goat on a spit with oil and spices. The meat has been slowly cooking all day to a wonderful, dark char.

A personal attendant greets each dignitary by name, bowing and taking their cloaks, coats or capes. The dining setting is fancy with flowers and fine china, warmed plates and baskets of warm bread with oil and vinegar. The couples sit facing one another as they are served their choice or warmed or chilled mead, wine or ale.

The Menu

Bread, cheese and antipasto, sweet aperitif
Seafood bisque with crusty bread and seasoned butter
"All-day" spit-roasted goat with garlic and herbs, served with red wine reduction
Seasonal roasted root vegetables
Shaved lemon ice with mint
Rustic fruit pies, warmed by the hearth and served with custard or cream
Mountainberry cakes, digestif of brandy, port or tokay liqueur.

The Players

His Majesty, Smiddich Fontaine, the Pirate King of Perdan
Lady Aila Storme, head of House Storme
Her Worship, Lady Elinor Hensely, Judge-Magister of Perdan
His Excellency, Sir Ivo Mersault, Ambassador of Sirion
His Excellency, Sir Kenneth MacArbin, Ambassador of Perdan
Lady Dustiria Noire, Caretaker of the Bloody Stump

Summer Evening - Krimml

Tyrann Thrane

As the day began to fade into shadow Tyrann sends his scouts ahead to ensure the route to Karbala is secure and motioned for his Captain.

“We will forgo drills this evening, ready the men and give the order to begin hunting. Passage must be secured for the legion.”

“As you command.” Captain Casimir saluted and hurried off, mustering the Al Amarah Guardsmen as he went.

Tyrann took a moment to gaze upon the horizon, the distant banners of the Shadow Legion stirred within him a sense of purpose and pride.

17th June

Summer Day - Krimml

Kiera Cavendish

Captain Eadinda jumped as Kiera dropped the bloody bag on the table. "The Gods! I wish you would stop sneaking up on me!"

"Mmmm," Kiera laughed, kissing her neck. "And lose all my fun?"

Eadinda sighed, looked in the bag. "17 ears?" she exclaimed. "A good haul. Won't have to face them at the walls tonight."

"Exactly. Time for my reward before you rally the troops?"

Aila Storme

The Pinter room is new to Aila, the Bloody Stump was one of the rare places she had not wandered to snoop in every room and this one was a very interesting one. On the walls hung evidence of past occasions spent in the room, all larger then what was planned for the night. Lady Storme had taken the rare occasion to wear something other then riding clothes or armor gladly, wearing a simple but high quality lace-front dress dyed the very typical color of blue that Aila was so proud of, Azure.

Entering close by the King his knights hand rested on the crook of his arm, they were the first to arrive so far which to Aila was a bit of a relief. She removed her cloak with one hand and handed it dismissively to an attendant, before rounding the table inspecting the setting closely, then the cooks, then the goat.

"As always you never fail to impress me with your finery your Majesty" Her tone was dry, she really hadn't made her mind up yet and the truth of it wasn't far behind in the form of a jab. Carefully she reached down scooting one spoon a hairs breadth out of place back straight as she quipped "Yet I find I incredible how many of these places you regular that are all decorated so very badly."

A flash of a smile broke her critical act "It's a look that appeals to men, to be sure. . ." She returned to his side, having approved the room herself. "I'm trusting you know what you're doing here" she said referencing her last, unanswered letter to him cryptically

Tournament Announced

Gaheris Camlann, King of Perleone, Royal of Perleone, Duke of Igno has announced a Tournament of Joust and Swordfight to be held in Castle Ubent 9 days from now.
The winner will be rewarded with 1400 gold in addition to the honour and prestige that his victory will earn him. There will also be a reward of 400 gold for the runner-up.
All nobles of the continent are welcome on the tournament grounds on the day of this event. Make sure you announce your participation in time.

Summer Evening - Krimml

Dustiria Noire

The Pinter's Room

Dustiria looks in the mirror at Kenneth Behind her, “You know it wouldn’t do to be late, Smidditch knows we are in our suite just across the hall. The servant standing at her side finished pinning her hair in place. She looks uncertain at herself. Her long red hair was down something only Kenneth had ever seen. It would fall in waves past her butt if she stood. To thin braids had been made from each side of her head then coiled sound her head to form a hair circlet. The perfect nest for the ruby jewelry that sat waiting. Her clothing was also new. The warrior she always showed the world was absent. Instead she had on a long sleeve high collar, white, linen, blouse with a peek-a-boo hole that showed the hint of the swell of her breasts. The shirt perfectly hid the large scar that sit just below her left shoulder and ended at her breast. Over that she wore a leather corset that had been dyed a rich brown. Her only concession to the warrior within. Her device was sewn to the leather itself a thick leather dyed black and purple with her heraldry. The combined thickness could in fact turn a knife. Her lower half was encased with a long purple velvet skirt finishing the new look.

Kenneth finished adjusting the hang of his ambassadorial chain with his jacket, and his grin widened.

"I am sure the King of all people would understand us being fashionably late..."

His eyes roamed her in the mirror as he took in the entirety of her outfit approvingly.

"And we are quite the fashionable pair this evening, are we not?"

He gestured expansively, taking in both their bronze and ruby circlets in particular amidst the rest of the finery.

She placed the ruby circlet on her braids and stood to face him, "You don't think its a bit...pretentious? "

He chuckled a little.

"We are dining with a King, a Judge, and a Duke who was once the Ruler of the most ancient, and richest, realm in the history of the known world. I think a little ornamentation befitting our ranks will be drab by comparison."

she nods and gives him a quick kiss, "Then you may escort me to dinner." she smiles and places her hand on his wrist.

The couple leave their suite and descend the stairs. Bruce stands aside and gives them a sweeping bow. Dustiria lightly smacks the burly tattooed bartender as they pass by and into the pinters room.

She looks around pleased they were not the last to arrive. She smiles which may be more of a shock than her long, loose waves of red hair and carefully drops into a curtsy, one hand holding her skirt out, as Kenneth bows with her. She was so glad he helped her practice that. Bowing was so much easier “Good evening your majesty.”

18th June

Summer Day - Commonyr

Elinor Hensley

Elinor had only one garment suitable for a diplomatic dinner: the lilac-grey silk she had worn to the party on the Gambit. To wear it again before she had cleansed the bitterness from it, to a party with His Majesty and…the others…sent a quick lance of pain through her. Still, the shimmering satin and sparkling gilt fasteners were not at fault, nor was the velvet trim or silver-wire embroidery; and, it all still looked so rich that she could not believe it was hers.

If the dress was the same, the hair, at least would be different. Unbound from either work-a-day fat, spiked plait or even the magical coils and twists of the party, her dark shining hair fell in rippling waves past her hips. Tamsyn carefully curled some tendrils about her face and pinned a circlet woven of tiny purple and white flowers upon her head.

“There now, you look just like a Queen, milady.”

“I hope I look like a Judge, Tamsyn. Oh bless, should I have worn something more somber? More…serious?”

“No, no, milady, this dress is perfect; you’re just perfect.”

“Not quite!” Meraud sailed gaily into the room, “You need something a bit more sparkle now that you're a high judge, I’m thinking.” With that she dangled something shiny in front of Elinor’s nose before reaching down to clasp it around her neck.

“What is this? Oh, Mo! You shouldn’t have; you can’t afford this!” Elinor smiled in delight as the shining thing resolved itself into a tiny silver acorn on a dainty silver chain.

“You’re right, I can’t; that’s why I charged it to your account at the jewellers uptown.”

“I don’t have an account at the jewellers.” Elinor mock frowned at her friend.

“You do now,” Mo grinned at her, “Ready for your escort to the Stump? You look like a dream!”

Elinor had never been in the Pinter room and was intrigued by the varied items hung about the walls. She didn’t have time to take it all in before an attendant came to take her cloak and offer her a beverage. She accepted a warm mead with a smile and noted happily that it was Belmont, of course.

She was afraid that she might be the last to arrive seeing Lord Kenneth and Lady Dustiria, Dame Aila, and

“Your Majesty,” Elinor curtsied deeply, “Thank you for inviting me to your soirée. I am honoured.”

Ivo Mersault

Ivo was the last to arrive among the guests, which might have been by design. His majesty, King Smiddich, had put him in opulant quarters in this very establishment, but truth be told, he had not been around much since his bags were installed in those very rooms. If anyone were to check in, they might have been surprised to find the bed untouched and his items still packed.

The Bloody Stump was extremely well decorated and, despite its name, not at all bloody (nor a stump). Ivo might have been tempted to admire some of the art on display at another time or place but he seemed unusually distracted this evening...

Smiddich Fontaine

Date night at The Bloody Stump

“Good evening, your Majesty.” - Lady Dustiria Noire “Thank you for inviting me." - Lady Elinor Hensely "I'm trusting you know what you're doing!" - Lady Aila Storme

Considering his suites were only two flights of stairs from the dining hall, his Majesty, King Smiddich took his sweet time getting ready.

Achieving the highest seat in the realm had not changed his already rich wardrobe substantially. Oh, the cloth was finer, and where once was bronze and pewter trappings were now gold and silver, but the style was his. An expensive black shirt, open at the collar, tight slacks and an ostentatious belt. Supple boots honed to a shine, his fingers trapped in rings and a silver falcon pinned to his breast. Leaving the beard a little fuller gives him a more patriarchal bearing, though he notes with interest that all traces of grey have gone.

The crown - heavy and ornate - remained in the Palace, under guard by a score of his men. Tonight was not about his rank; it was about acknowledging the achievements of his close friends, and meeting with an ancient enemy over dinner - an opportunity.

Smiddich accepts Aila's preening over the table, half expecting her to run a white glove over every surface, but his instructions to the staff were explicit and everything was in readiness.

He greets Sir Kenneth with a hearty handshake, and the ladies with chaste kisses and admiring of their outfits. He notes their ensembles are... familiar... and makes a mental note to send them a tailor and seamstress to take their measurements, for wardrobes worthy of his court. And yet, they are all young, excited and proud.

The man of the hour, his Excellency, Sir Ivo appears, somewhat distracted and perhaps fearing this is an elaborate trap. King Smiddich greets Ivo with a clasping of hands and an invitation to his seat, making introductions of his young court.

The dining table is set for six, with Smiddich at the head and Aila opposite, with alternating boy/girl couples down the line so they could sit opposite and admire their partners. Chairs are pulled out for each as the serving crew attend, shuttling plates of bread and bowls of oil, spices and seasonings and shortly a creamy seafood bisque as the first course is served.

"So - Sir Ivo - how has Sirion weathered the Great Neutrality? I should wonder if any of my young charges have ever had the pleasure of Sirion City - truly a jewel of the North!"

Summer Evening

Aila Storme

Standing by as the others flocked to their kings side Aila got her chance to inspect everyone in the shrewd manner she always did, instantly noticing the outfits and found herself admiring the confidence in it; something she lacked and so to her they looked very fine. In comparison Lady Storme looked unassuming, apart from the silver falcon that always hung at her throat on it's thing chain and a tiny iron ring on her pinky she was without ornament. Like the other ladies her hair was grown long, in her case styled simply with a ribbon to pull the top layer of her hair back while the rest dripped over her shoulders like smooth yellow honey.

Kenneth and Dustiria thanks to some letter correspondence and the twist of fate that landed her more time in Nascot then not, Aila offered them an easy smile with her greeting- visibly relieved to see that they had come. She had seen them before more then once now, so their handsomeness as a couple no longer came as a shock to her- though Dustiria's appearance in particular gave her that familiar -sonnet- feeling she so often gushed about when it came to them...She had never seen hair quite like hers and it was a beauty she never quite recovered from seeing no matter how many times they ran into eachother.

Elinor was a different story; she had heard lots about Lady Hensley but couldn't recall ever meeting her. At once Aila was stuck on her appearance, small like her and so very radiant, she looked long at the beautiful circlet on the ladies brow admiring it. She could only smile shyly at this lady while introducing herself, unsure of the humor of this lady but trusting her blindly simply because she knew how highly Smiddich regarded her.

When finally all had arrived Aila took her place opposite her King, inspecting everything placed in range of her as an attempt of striking a conversation is made by the host. Since their trip to Evora he looked better and better to her, to the point of wondering if it simply was her admiration for him growing instead of his looks changing yet the wisps of grey that had been noted before, were missed now. Lost in her thoughts for the moment his comment declaring Sirion a jewel of the North sparks a cheeky smile on her face hidden swiftly by turning to an attendant trying to slip away out the door.

"My Lady?" the attendant bent slightly at her side, listening as she handed him the bowl of 'bisque' back. "Is there something the matter...?"

"It's too salty" she told him, along with a dismissive wave as soon as he took the bowl from her.

Looking slightly stressed now he asked very quietly "Should I get you something else..?"

Aila replied with very thinly veiled annoyance "Can you lessen the salt of this?"

He seemed to consider his words very carefully "...No?"

"Then best get something else?!" this time when she waved him off he left instantly, looking rather flustered.

The instant he left she directed a mischievous smile at Dustiria who she knew from their letters appreciated some badness. "It should be fine...I didn't try it; I don't like the crab this time of year" she revealed before sipping from the wine she had been poured, finding it to be acceptable.

Dustiria Noire

Dustiria takes her seat across from Kenneth. She looks at the servers and can see their nervousness. This was not the table decor, food, or service the Bloody Stump was known for by any means. She gave a slight reassuring nod to Sally who filled her mead glass as another server brought out the soup. Her eyes narrowed as Aila handed back the bisque and said it was too salty. The poor boy looked ready to flee. She was proud as he asked what else he could do then horrified as Aila was rude to him. When She turned to Dustiria and said

"It should be fine...I didn't try it: I don't like crab this time of year."

She out right glared until she received a firm kick under the table. As quick as the glare came her usual expressionless face was back. Dustiria coolly replied, "I find crab good anytime of year and appreciate the work that goes into making it." The letters she had received spoke of a fun and nice person. The reality...how dare she scare one of the servers in her Stump. How dare she. The work they put into this to do something beyond the normal...they worked so hard to prove they could wanting to please her and the King and this...this. " Get it together Dustiria we are here to make the Sirion feel welcome and show the good of Perdan. Hopefully that wo...nope just sip your mead and be polite." she thought to herself.

Elinor Hensley

Dinner at the Bloody Stump

Smiddich looked so well; he had always looked hale for his age, but being King really seemed to agree with him. When he took her hand and gave her the kiss of greeting, Elinor felt her heart turn over. As he moved on to welcome the other guests she drank deeply of her mead wishing she’d asked for a cold one to ease the unwelcome warmth she could feel in her face even if her honey skin didn’t show it.

They took their seats and she smiled a greeting to her dining companion, “Welcome to Perdan, Sir Ivo. I hope that your stay with us is pleasant and peaceful,” smile, breathe, ask, “It is true what His Majesty says: I have never had the pleasure of seeing Sirion City. I would love to hear of its delights.” As she spoke, the servers were bringing around a creamy seafood bisque. She had barely tasted her first dip of the spoon when she noticed Aila waving hers away in disgust and shocking rudeness.

Elinor was aware that some, particularly thin-blooded City nobles, were in the habit of treating servants and hirelings with disdain, but such behaviour had never been permitted in her mother’s house. Noble is as noble does. Chivalry is a state of being, not a suit put on to impress other nobles. When one is superior, one does not need to prove it. Rudeness is a weak woman’s imitation of strength.

She had been prepared to try and like Aila in spite of everything. In spite of her lovely blonde locks and dainty beauty, in spite of... Smiddich... But...

Elinor could overcome her childish jealousy—she hoped—she would get past the other with time—so Meraud swore—but such rudeness would be an obstacle she hadn’t anticipated.

She glanced at Smiddich at the end of the table, eating and talking happily. Men really were stupid about a pretty face and a pair of... drink your mead and relax, girl. Diplomacy first.

19th June

Summer Day - Evora

Smiddich Fontaine

Date Night at the Stump

Smiddich takes his seat at the head of the table, serving goblets of wine, mugs of beer and glasses of mead to his friends. The first course is supped, and although he frowns slightly at Aila's poor treatment of the commoner, assumed the young sot must have done something to upset his lady. Although glances are passed between the other couples at the table - and all of them gulp their drinks simultaneously - the remainder of the soup course is consumed with light conversation and little fuss. The King, respectful of the hard work and skills craftsmanship of his people, makes a note to personally thank the chef and his team with his sincere thanks... and perhaps an opportunity for catering in the future.

The soup tureen and bread plates removed, the diners are offered warmed cloths to wipe their fingers and mouths while the head chef for the night comes in to extol the virtues of the roasted meat, which is dripping with oil and seasoning. Using a remarkably sharp knife - though it scarcely needs to be - the chef carves the goat into generous slices of dark meat with a delicious salty char.

Metal trays of root vegetables and sprigs of herbs are tossed in hot oil to achieve a crispy surface, and the whole arrangement tumbled out onto a large serving platter. Black-shirted serving staff cater to the dining nobles, serving plates of the meat and vegetables with a savory jus, fine silverware and red wine.

"Ah", says the King as the waiting staff withdraw to courteous distances, "Please, everyone, do not wait on me. Eat, while the meat is hot. Everything looks perfect; Ivo, we aught not stand on ceremony, nor special circumstance in order to dine thusly, as friends, I daresay! Why, I have written just today to your Prime Minister, Zadek, about how Perdan and Sirion might come together in peace! "Friendship is something that must be forged!", that's what they said", says the King, stuffing a burgundy cloth napkin into his collar. "Go on, everyone - please, enjoy!"

The King sets to his dinner with the gusto of a teenager, with the serving team providing seconds to all who enjoyed the heavy meat and potato meal. "Do save room for dessert", laughs the King.

Summer Evening - Evora

Aila Storme

Perhaps if she were blind, she would've missed the reaction to her quite typical way of having fun with serving staff. Disappointed, Aila sat back in her chair drinking small sips of wine offering the server only a small nod of acknowledgement when he brought her a different dish which she barely touched. She cared little for soups, knew nearly nothing of Sirion anyway, and unlike the others had lots to learn with little to add.

The next course Lady Storme was more merciful, saving her criticisms aside from a tense moment where she blocked a server from filling her glass insisting "White" and as an afterthought added "...please" but otherwise opting instead just to keep quiet and admire the ease with which the King spoke to guests. Unlike her, he had a good chance at making anyone a friend- the type of personality who you could drop off alone deep in the woods and would somehow emerge with a friend on either side of him.

His declaration that 'friendship must be forged' before digging into his meal with enthusiasm only confirmed her ruminations. She might not have as much chance making friends as he did that night, but Aila took solace in at least getting to be there with him. Unbidden a smile crept onto her face, and realizing that one of his cooks had lingered by the door on the way out looking in horror at her untouched plate she did him the favor of a bite that ended in no complaints.

Salem Belmont

Rumor in the Stump

Nat Howe sat at the bar of the Perdan Stump, talking on and on with Bruce about booze, women, and business. He would buy drinks for girls far too uninterested in him, and would not be fazed by being turned away. Nat was celebrating. What that was seemed to be a mystery known only by Nat Howe, but nothing could ruin this night for him. That was, until;

“FOR THE LEGION!!!” -Shady guy

Sobering up as quickly as he could, Nat took his bar stool and attempted to smash it over the assailant’s back, all while shouting, “OI! HAVE A SEAT, MATE!”

The Bartender for the Bescanon Stump

Lord Salem had plenty of work to do now that he was elevated within the Perdanese ranks, but his duties to the Bloody Stump still required his touch. His job was to make sure the establishments that were created throughout the Realm met the standards set by King Smiddich, and that the new establishments had a proper bartender. Bescanon was incredibly easy for him. Not only did he have a direct line from his Meadery in Bescanon to deliver to the Stump, but he was also able to set up a network from that location to serve as a distribution center. Salem, at this time, was a few steps closer to being able to lock in sea transportation for his products, that they may be chartered along the river, as well as the western coast of the realm. Finding a bartender for the stump was also simple for the Lord of Dimwood; Reno Belmont. She was perfect for the job. Ruthless, sadistic, and very good at pouring alcohol. Plus, this was a nice opportunity for Salem to see his sister again. She had recently moved into a modest home of her own made possible by her earnings as someone whose name is printed on the thousands of bottles and barrels that leave the Belmont Meadery. She didn’t even need the position in the new Bloody Stump. But it was a position that she simply couldn’t pass up for one reason: Bar fights. After a few drinks and some salmon fillets, Salem hugs his sister and makes his way to Perdan City.

Dustiria Noire

Rumor in the stump

Bruce heavily tattooed muscles bulge as he grabs the long piece of heavy wood he keeps under the counter for just moments like this. He follows close behind Nat ready to bash a head in.

The two men he employees to move heavy kegs and other less delicate things move to flank.

Alberic, Dustiria's captain, watches the growing chaos and finishes his large mug of mead before calling out, "hey Nat need help?"

20th June

Summer Evening - Evora

Kenneth MacArbin

Date Night at the Stump

Kenneth kept a bright smile on his face as the meal continued. The kick toward Dustiria had evidently had its effect, and while he noted Aila's actions (and the reactions they caused), he was here on a purpose tonight and was more focused on Ivo. The man had revealed nothing terribly much yet, and matters with Sirion were...Delicate, to say the least. Aila seemed to have also noticed and toned things down, which helped.

There were quite a few excellent dishes, but he particularly enjoyed the goat, though he enjoyed less the challenge of eating it without splattering himself with the drippings. He could not quite bring himself to follow his liege's choice with his napkin, alas.

He did keep an eye on the level of drink being consumed, to gauge how likely it would be that he would need to intervene further. He had many questions for the visiting Royal, but the King's comments took precedence, and he sipped cautiously while he waited.

21st June

Summer Day - Evora

Ivo Mersault


Ivo was distracted. That much was obvious, even to his more-than-gracious hosts. He hardly noticed the chatter around the table, nor tasted the food. Truth be told, he was weary after a hard day's work and too little sleep.

He made polite chit-chat, answering softly when questions were directed his way, careful not to raise his voice in case they noticed how hoarse he was sounding. How was Sirion City? Oh it was wondrous, the elven-wrought structures still standing tall in the capital. And how were its people? Happy with the bountiful harvests and glad for the aid from sons and husbands back from the war.

The Sirion ambassador gave little away, his tactful replies honed by years in diplomatic service. He was practically running on autopilot at this time, his mind a million miles away even as he reacted to those around him.

22nd June

Summer Day - Evora

Brigdha Dubhaine

"More wine m'lord?" a half-full jug hovered over the Ambassador's cup, held by a buxom young serving girl with ruddy freckled cheeks and blonde braids. Pretty in that blousy, southern way Erik Eyolf had shown such a fondness for in his old age.

The Ambassador looked up, seemingly half-lost in whatever reverie was concealed behind that impeccably polite and cultured exterior. If his companions had seen the other side of the man, the bloody-handed warrior of yesteryear, it was doubted they'd sit so comfortably. These Southern Lordlings were so young. Too young to have seen an Elven host arrayed in full panoply of battle, the thundering drumming of hoofbeats mixed with the skirling rhythms of elfland, burnished armour blazing as the sun raced in their wake...

The serving girl smiled, catching his eye, and that brief moment seemed to stretch to eternity and back as a flood of images and emotions crashed in no particular order into his consciousness. Ivo swallowed imperceptibly. Was this a dream? Sorcery? Faces cascaded before his eyes, elf and man and orc, some well known to him, others memories of tales told to him in his youth, and a babel of tongues filled his ears. And at the heart of it all a blade forged when the world was young, and two malevolent lidless eyes, serpentine brimstone chasms. The vision was gone in the instant but it left an imprint permanently etched in Ivo's memory and in subtle ways the world seemed new to those ancient eyes.

"Whilst the dragon slumbers so do I, a curse from Elven youth, but when the dragon rises in ecstasy, I’ll be that serpent’s proof!" their lips moved in unison as the doggerel once spoken by Meristenzio now passed to Ivo​.

"More wine m'lord?" the jug continued to hover.

Letter to the lord and knights of Evora

I apologise for the poor tax receipts this week. I tarried a little too long abroad on business and it seems our reeves used the opportunity to experiment with radical quarantine measures for the Karbala plague. No matter that we'd not had a singe outbreak here in Evora.

Stern lectures have been given and order restored. Now the tedious business of getting the economy back on track is underway.

24th June

Summer Day - Evora

Smiddich Fontaine

Date Night - Third Course

The three noble couples turned to the business of the main course, drinks and dark meat. For a time there was only the sound of metal on china as they ate the savory meal and were waited on by the uniformed staff.

After a time, they fell back in their chairs, sated, the remains of the repast to be taken away and perhaps torn down into meals for the common room or the staff themselves; this much meat was a luxury at any table.

The nobles were allowed to bath their greasy fingers in bowls of scented water and pat dry on warm towels as the main setting was taken away and replaced with dessert. This, clearly the Kings favorite (as was demonstrated aboard the 'Gambit during the Gala while he was merely Duke), included warm fruit pies with custard and cream, pastries and other delicate cakes. Bowls and plates of that same china were arrayed and the nobles allowed to serve themselves as generously as they liked from tiered platers on the table. Conspicuosly, a plate of mountainberry cakes - still warm and serves with pats of cream or butter - were placed within arms reach of Lady Aila.

"I would like to thank you all", said the King, standing steadily despite prodigious eating and drinking this evening, "For joining me here for this modest soiree!". He nodded his head, and smiled with eyes closed; perhaps he had overdone it on the heavy meat and red wine after all. "Ladies, and gentlemen", said King Smiddich, acknowledging both sides of the table, "And Ambassador", he said, spying Sir Ivo, "Let us not be so long between engagements."

The King charged a glass of sweet dessert liquor before him, "To Perdan and to peace on the East Continent!"

"Now; would anyone care to join me outside for a smoke?"

Dustiria Noire

Date night- third course

Dustiria happily consumed pie, cake really a bit too much dessert. She raised her glass and echoed the toast "To Perdan and to peace on the East Continent!" Adding "and to King Smidditch for this wonderful night!" As she listened to him ask about a smoke she shook her head ,"thanks for the offer your majesty I think I need to walk off these pastries. Have to be able to ride to the tournament in the morning."

Aila Storme

Date Night - Third Course

Desert, Aila's favorite part of any engagement and it showed as the now quiet Lady's hand shot forward to grab a mountain berry cake. "How!" she exclaimed after one less then dainty bite, and tried her hand at being friends again by motioning to the platter before explaining "Luna served these at Evora, they're so nice!"

That was about all she had in her to sell the others on them before enjoying hers blissfully- pausing only to wearily watch the tipsy King stand expecting some wobbling but no, he stood steady as ever...

"To Perdan and to peace on the East Continent!"- Smiddich Fontaine

"To peace" she would agree with a raised glass of wine and a smile for him alone.

Brigdha Dubhaine

As the servants cleared the tables with practiced efficiency, the Ambassador found his thoughts drawn inexorably to memories of Meristenzio. Just what had the Prime Minister been involved in?

Kenneth MacArbin

Date Night - Third Course

"To Perdan, the Ancient East-"

Kenneth lifted his glass toward Ivo.

"And new friends!"

His ears perked up at the King's offer, but as Dustiria declined he turned his smile into a regretful refusal.

"Shall I escort you, my lady?"

Dustiria Noire

Date Night - Third Course

"Of course my love. " she stands up and offers her arm.

25th June

Summer Day - Evora

Elinor Hensley

Third Course

There had been crusty bread with good butter and cheese, crudités, creamy soup, a veritable mountain of goat and roasted vegetables, and Elinor had enjoyed every mouthful. But, she had not over filled herself because she knew what was coming.

The Dessert.

Fruit pies with custard…pastries with cream…berry cakes with butter…


And the sweet liquor the King served was like liquid sunshine in her mouth.

All told, it had been a delightful meal. The company was good, or mostly so. Her dining partner had been courteous if somewhat quiet, but there had been some lively chatter around the table. Lord Kenneth and Lady Dustiria kept up a friendly banter between them, gathering in the rest of the table as they did. Elinor gave a mental nod to the training that Kenneth had mentioned. Still, he applied it so well. She didn’t think that she could ever learn to be so easy with people.

At last she sighed regretfully; as much as she wished, Elinor could not possibly swallow another speck. There were still so many heavenly looking treats on the table, but she hadn’t a pouch to hide them in…not, of course, that she was in the habit of making off with cakes these days. She grinned to herself, more’s the pity.

26th June

Summer Day - Evora

Tournament Report

The tournament in Castle Ubent is over. 51 nobles from 7 realms fought and drank. There was a swordfighting and a jousting contest.
Shorloc Soul, Countess of An Najaf won the swordfighting tournament (Ulric Hawk, Viscount of Az Zarqua, Marshal of the Perdan's Golden Lions came second place).
The jousting contest was won by Niall De La Fere, Knight of Mines of Isadril (Second place: Theodius Goldhammer, Count of Dolmbar).

Smiddich Fontaine

Date Night - Farewell

As the tired nobles say their farewells, leaving the remains of their feast to be cleared by hard-working staff, King Smiddich rises slowly with a smile. This was a fine evening with his fast friends, though not accomplishing perhaps quite as much goodwill towards Sirion as he had hoped. Still, it was a good opportunity to relax, enjoy the vast and splendid guild house that was his sometimes home, and celebrate the new positions accomplished by many there.

The King shakes the hands of the lads, slapping Kenneth on the back, and kisses the ladies goodnight with some affection. He saves his last for Aila, with whom he snags around her slim waist. Taking a sigh and stepping to the door, he throws open the parlour to reveal quite a scene.

Several Perdan retainers, weapons out, and one brandishing a stool! An arrangement of cavaliers, surrounding the forlorn form of a masked assailant, and Bruce holding him fast. All the noises in the bar seem to stop as uncertain eyes meet those of the King; nearby a crackle and pop of the fire and the clinking of dishes in the Pintner room.

The King surveills the scene with tired eyes before asking, "What the bloody hell is going on here?"


27th June

Summer Day - Evora

Dustiria Noire

"of course your majesty," Dustiria calls over to Alberic guard the pinters door why I go upstairs and get my armor. She then pops back inside "Ambassador if you are staying in The Bloody Stump please allow me to escort you to you room. If not give me a moment to get into my armor. I shall be with you the rest of your stay." Her years of being sworn sword to the Imperatrix allow her to go from pleasant company to warrior shadow in mere seconds.

Summer Evening - Evora

Kiera Cavendish

Kiera laughed without humour.

"This is what comes from a judge too young to know the ways of the world," she muttered. "The first rule of the Shadows - attack just before dawn or dusk, then leave the area."

The dark-cloaked figure she had witnessed leave Duke Ivo's apartments had at least known to do that.

Fortunately, they weren't good enough to remember to cover the markings on their steed.

She had unfinished business.

28th June

Summer Evening - Evora

Dana Blackstone

Dana paced from side to side through her tent reading the letter her father had sent her from Oporto.

- ¡Damn Kiera! How dare that traitorous rat!

Dana leaves the letter on the table, thoughtful, her family had been caught by surprise the change of regent, exposed to the whims of the new, although temporary ruler. Dana looked at one of her messengers.

-Be ready, I'm going to send a letter.