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Welcome to the BattleMaster Community Portal. This portal is your starting point for finding resources to help you enjoy BattleMaster, and to contribute to the BattleMaster community. Within these pages you will find information about the game of BattleMaster itself, links to collections of pages that were created by other players, and a lot more. The purpose of the community portal is to allow convenient access to the various sections of the BattleMaster wikipedia to assist them in creating new pages, editing older pages, and finding the necessary information.

Wiki Editing

If you want help editing the wiki, there is a bit to be found. Besides the necessary syntax information that allows you to do all the fun stuff to make a page look good, we have a Style Guide that we encourage everyone to read and follow as they edit. Should you have any questions, leave a message on one of our editors talk pages and they will get back to you.

Community Resources

Many BattleMaster players have invested a lot of time, effort, and creativity into both the game and the wiki. Finding these resources, though, can sometimes be a big challenge. Where do you look? What's an example of a good wiki character page? What different religions have people created for BattleMaster? What's a BattleMaster newspaper?

  • Gems of Wisdom - Index of game information from players, for players.
  • Realm Pages - Propaganda, mis-information or plain descriptions of various realms all around the game.
  • Guild Pages - Where the guilds can present themselves.
  • Religions - Where faith rules all
  • Useful Templates - Templates that you may need to access frequently, provided here for convenience.
  • Family Pages - Collection of family pages, where you can add a page about your own family.
  • Background Information - Historical data and details about the european medieval times
  • Quotes - Memorable in-game (or discussion list) quotes
  • Miscellaneous - Anything that doesn't fit into the categories above.
  • Temporary Pages - This is just a starting and collection point for all kinds of random pages. Use this to start your own article if you don't yet know where to put it, or to temporarily store work-in-progress.

BattleMaster on the Internet


  • The TattleMaster - Of particular interest to players is The TattleMaster. This is an OOC newspaper about BattleMaster itself. The TattleMaster lists major bugfixes, new features, and articles about major changes to the game. At this point, its been abandoned, but stay tuned for developments...

One very popular aspect of BattleMaster are the various newspapers, usually written in-character. Here is the master index of all these publications:

East Island News - Atamara News - Beluaterra News
Colonies News - Far East News - South-East News - South-West News
Dwilight News - International News - OOC News
How to start your own newspaper

Feature Requests

This section is for serious feature requests. By "serious" we mean that the originator bothers enough about it to describe in detail what exactly he wants and why.

Before submitting a feature request, it must be discussed on the forum beforehand.

When submitting a feature request to the community forums, title it Feature Request: Name. Summarize the proposal in approximately 3 lines. Explain the proposal in approximately 15 lines. Be sure to explain what advantage (gameplay, atmosphere, or game balance etc.) it will bring and the effects (pro and con). After discussion has been hashed out, a development team member will approve/reject it. If its approved, a feature request will be added to the bugtracker. Any bugtracker feature requests not submitted in this manner, will be closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often, the community will have the same questions, these can generally be found at FAQ and are answered by, originally by Tom, and added to by the Community Manager as needed.