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East Continent
North Plains
Farming, Logging

Commonyr is a lightly wooded rural district in the central plains of the East Island. The only notable feature of Commonyr is that it is located directly between Oligarch, the former capital of the late Oligarch, and Krimml, the former capital of Fontan. Oligarch and Fontan were once embroiled in a very bitter war that eventually led to the end of Oligarch.

Region Description

A large and well populated land, Commonyr shares a border with two major cities thus making it pivotal in maintaining control and access to both. There is in fact no quicker way to travel between Krimml and Oligarch then through Commonyr. This proximity to bastions of culture and learning makes the average citizen slightly more sophisticated then one might expect from a rural area. Though the region is lightly wooded many of the older families still make their living from the soil, either through farming the fields or through mining the copious amounts of metal buried beneath them. It is these resources that make trade with Commonyr so important to its neighboring cities.

The largest source of commerce in Commonyr however, is its bustling trade with the numerous travelers using the well kept roads and staying in Commonyr's many famous inns. Commonyr's inns are notoriously known for never having a vacancy as they receive more then their fair share of visitors moving between Krimml and Oligarch. As a whole most folks in Commonyr are very friendly and more then willing to buy a traveler a mug of Commonyr Red Ale in exchange for news of the world at large.

Along with bread, Commonyr Red Ale is a staple in the majority of its citizen's diets. A sweet, full bodied and fruity tasting brew, it gets its reddish coloring from the region's specially roasted barley. Though numerous breweries do exist, it is widely believed that the Count's is by far the largest and its ale the most flavorful. Those lucky enough to try a pint usually agree that it has a pronounced malty, caramel flavor which many savor.

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