Bunda Family

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The Bunda Family

The Bunda Family history is a strange one, perhaps the strangest version of the family history is that of Norris Bunda. Norris was a man who lived in Wynford, where the family originates from, with his wife Carlota and his son Norris the 2nd, who only took on this name after his farthers death in the battle of Umkinnu where he was knocked from his horse during the 3rd hour and as he laid on the floor winded, he was trampled on by a horse of one of his fellow Ikalakians. But more on his death later on.

Norris and Carlota lived a normal life until one day, she was struck down with explosive amnesia. Unfortunately, one of the local cults, one of those that in private everyone knows of but in public its existence is denied, believed that amnesia was a curse from their god placed on witches to make them forget there spells, and they believed that anyone with amnesia was a witch and so must be burnt. And so, they kidnapped Carlota and burnt her. My farther was angry, Norris the 2nd was angry and so was Zambazo, Norris' brother. They took the best horses from the stables of Wynford, they found the best spears and lances and swords. Norris the 2nd used a lance, Norris used a spear, and Zambazo used a sword. And together they waited, they waited for the cult to exit the building, and when they did, they decimated them, all 25 of them. In one quick charge half where dead and the other where to confused they did not see the weapons come down on them. Norris the 2nd, as using a lance had to drop it and use a sword because they are not very good in melee. But as a one use weapon, very effective. Two where stuck on the end, and 3 where trampled on by his horse. Norris fought like a demon, lifting men of the ground with his spear and spearing another on the end. Zambazo fought like he normally did, calmly. but with a hint of sinister. within a minuet they where all dead, and within a another 5 minuets, the building was a blaze, it was a sight to behold.

No one did anything about it, as most where glad, and very little people lost friends and family, as the cult was a very close knit community within a community. Zambazo was satisfied, but could not live in the town where he murdered about ten or so people. And so he left for Belutura, to live a life hunting monsters. Norris the 2nd was not fully satisfied, but he realized that violence did not solve anything. And so he stayed in Wynford, training in the arts of lance and horse. Norris himself was unsatisfied, and his blood lust insatiable. He heard about the SEI from traveling mercs and thought that SEI was the place. He would find glory and peace. Solitude and recognition. He knew there was two outcomes to help him deal with the past. Death and glory, or glory and celebratory drinks. He has ended with the first one, his least favorite choice, as he did like a good drink. When he arrived, he landed in the Capital city of Ikalak, and found that he liked what he saw, he heard of the army moving out, and thought that it was time he joined a realm. He chose Ikalak as it seemed like a good choice, and the one winning at the time. But he had a problem, no troops. As he wandered from tavern to tavern he eventually found a group of experienced archers. They wanted to join the army, but with no noble to represent them, they could not enter, and with all the other nobles with units already, no one to recruit them. Norris, who was of noble blood offered his services. And they gladly accepted.