Bauglir Family

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A Short Description

The Bauglir family was once a small Noble family of Northern Siron. Posessing neither fame nor fortune they boarded a ship to the newly discovered SEI where they hoped to rise in power. They were granted lands in the small region of Aboal and there they grew and prospered. At the time when most others began to arrive in the SEI the family was headed by the half-elven William Bauglir and his half-elven wife. Thier three sons would soon depart as wanderust took them. The oldest, Melkor would seek out the lands of his families origin in Sirion. Thier youngest, Batman, followed him but settled in West Siron. Thier last son, Morgoth, soon grew in power in his native Ikalak and quickly became a commanding Noble in the army of that realm. Later the family would be moved to the capital of Plergoth after thier home region was looted rogue by Sandalakian invaders.