Aurion Family

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The Aurion Family

Welcome to the Aurion family wiki page! It's not very complete yet, but I'll fill it up soon enough.


Kratos is the smartest one of the Aurion family. He has been using his talents working as a bureaucrat in Caligus, although he had the fealing something was missing. Now he is working for the Caligan Courier with Talless the Tactical Twinblade, hoping to find new purposes in his life. Kratos grew up in Semall, with his younger brother Zelos. Somehow the two are completly diffrent, and they often fought. Physically, Zelos was and still is much stronger, but Kratos had twice his brainpower. He is a bit shy tough, so he doesn't speak that often. Kratos chose the special cloak as a gift. He isn't using it right now, but he plans to exploit it's uses fully someday..


The younger brother of Kratos. he's very strong, and popular with the ladies too. In Caligus he is getting more and more experienced every day. He knows how to get on his brothers nerves. He's not very smart, but he has a pure hart and knows what he is fighting for. He has chosen the gift of wings from his parents. It really helps him in combat. Zelos is having a hard time right now, as his best friend, Daniel (OOC: not a real TL) is dieing.