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Theocracy of Astrum

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From the Bloodstars We Are Astrum,
To the Holy Lands of Them We Advance.

Island Dwilight
Capital Freke
Largest City Mimer
Government Theocracy
State Religion Sanguis Astroism
Duchies 4
Regions 8
Population 148,436
Gold 11439
Food 2810
Nobles 20
Vasilif Xaphen Poe
Sword of the Maddening Jorn Aginharu
Hammer of the Austere Orris Luffrost
Hand of the Auspicious Gambit Aurelius
AegirMigash Sarracenia
Aegir's DeepZphyr crewins
FrekeLinden Arindal
Freke's DeepTerra Pryde
MimerPhillip Moore
MimiravairBlaze Mcloud
ShilorakSyaoran Solicix
Well of MimerGambit Aurelius


Based on the true events held at the battle of ‘Till the last man!’

Moisture could be seen from each breath on this cold morning just before the sunrise. Alexandria looked out the from the battered and poorly maintained palisade of Libidizedd, the first and only region claimed for the new colony of Astrum. The unrelenting blood thirsty creatures gave them no quarter as the onslaught continued. Starvation had already claimed the lives of many soldiers, commoners and minor nobility. Those who managed to find food must fight for their lives and those that are successful are exhausted and mentally broken. The Vasila and the very few nobles that followed her were not free from these perils.

“Everyone stand your ground. We fight again.”

She heard Strategos Justin Greystone croak the orders. After 3 sleepless days of defending the city, his voice was now unable to speak any more than a whisper even if he wanted to. The last of his 7 spearmen took position in front of everyone knowing full well that their time of sacrifice has come. Extreme loyalty and the threat of homelessness is what kept them from fleeing. Duke Brance Indirk and his one swordsman stood next to the Strategos, ready to fight at his side.

“I just wanted to say, it’s been an honor.” Duke Brance spoke, not speaking to anyone specific but with all the hardships they all endured together, it was implied he spoke to everyone.

Tired and hungry, the Vasila gripped the hilt of her sword with what little energy remained. Her personal guard already claimed by death, she relied so much on the few nobles also without any soldiers to command for her own protection. To her left was Haruspex Maximus Aram Stien and Fiduciary Marrick Montrez. To her right was Sergio Mozzoni, faithful to both Astrum and the Bloodstars.

“The star of the Maddening looks bright even so close to sunrise.” Aram pointed to the sky. Anyone who cared to look could plainly see it while all other stars had already disappeared.

Marrick gave a deep sigh of disappointment. He wouldn’t believe anyone if they said this was only the beginning.

Just as they were about to be overrun, Sergio redirected his gaze from the sky to the beasts charging through the frail ramparts. He spoke the few words that gave everyone the will to fight one last time. “The star of the Maddening lends us strength. It’s our duty to prevail. We hold till the last man!”

And with that, the bloody and deadly battle commenced. Brance was immediately struck down by a beast just as the sunlight burst above the horizon revealing the reinforcements so desperately needed. It was Boreal Arakiss, sword drawn high above his head and cape billowing in the wind, leading the Shadowbane Arrows from the docks in the city. He returned from his long voyage not a moment too soon. The couple volleys of skillfully shot arrows allowed the Vasila and her band of broken but not defeated nobles to retreat safely behind the archers. The Shadowbane Archers continued the fight in close quarters combat and sustained heavy casualties only to emerge victorious so that Astrum could live another day.

 -Written by an unknown scribe. Retold countless times to all children of Astrum.

The Theocracy of Astrum

Welcome to Astrum! If you are a new player, please visit the welcome page to read up more about how to play the game.


A theocracy that firmly believes in the Bloodstars.

Archon is the ruler similar to a king or queen but extremely devout in the state religion.

Sword of the Maddening is the commander and administrator for all things related to the military. Elected once every 3 months.

Hand of the Auspicious creates, interprets and enforces the laws. Appointed by the Archon.

Austere Banker keeps records of our food production, redistributes food to different regions if necessary and oversees any trade of food to and from the realm. Elected once every 3 months.

The Hand of the Auspicious and Archon are permanently in position as they should hold the strongest religious beliefs and it is their mission to promote the expansion of Sanguis Astroism.


Nobles from Morek embarked on an uncertain mission to colonize the island in which Libidizedd stood.

A point of view perspective experiencing the series of events in the very beginning: Memoirs by Captain Gunther

The seven founding nobles of Astrum:

Astrum cities.jpg

Astrum was formed under the three Bloodstars, Maddening being the most potent and powerful lends its power to the city of Libidizedd, while the Auspicious and Austere stars lend theirs to Mimer and Eidulb respectfully. Astrum eventually expanded to encompass the city of Chrysantalys. Soon after that, the city of Mimer was seceded by Duke Mathurin Hossenfeffer, Prophet of Sanguis Astroism, to form the realm of Corsanctum.

After the great monster invasion, Astrum absolved Corsanctum back to survive. After years of struggle, Astrum managed to reaffirm themselves as one of Dwilight's most influential realms.

Astrum at its greatest extent:

Astrum at its peak.png


The official Religion of Astrum is Sanguis Astroism (The worship of the Bloodstars.) The Bloodstars are three red stars: the Maddening Star, the Auspicious Star and the Austere Star, that only appear a few times a year for a week or more. The constellation curiously hangs permanently over western Dwilight. Check the current phases of the Bloodstars here.

It is believed that the constellation causes madness among the natives of Dwilight and is a good omen to those of the eastern continents. It was the rise of Sanguis Astroism that led to Morek's rise over the natives.

The Guardians of the Temple were established in Astrum between autumn and winter of the Year 5. The Guardians are bound by an oath to protect the Temples and Priests of Sanguis Astroism.


Games and Sport

  • Spectrum - Spectrum is a strategy game that has been played by the locals in Libidizedd for countless generations. It has recently been co-opted by the nobility of Astrum, who renamed the game and adapted it to fit their religious way of life.


  • Astrum Luminaria
  • Boreal's Day
  • Fasting of Austere


  • The Festival of Auspicious Ascending


The military structure of Astrum for a long time consisted of only one army: The Order of Astrum. Sponsored by Astrum's first Strategos Justin Greystone, the army represented a milestone in the military affairs and expansion of the realm, but due to a very bad sponsoring system, it is now departed. The Order will always be remembered with joy, especially among the older nobles of Astrum.

Before losing most of their western territories, the military organization of Astrum was based on Ducal Armies and area coverages. All Ducal Armies were led by their Marshals and are at the disposal of the Strategos of Astrum.

After forcefully being relocated to the former lands of Corsanctum, Astrum was attacked by their traditional enemies who were untouched by the great monster invasion. Astrum had to restructure their armies by focusing on two main armies. One for defending their homeland and one for offensive campaigns.

Nowadays, Astrum's military is well-known throughout the lands. While their neighbours suffered greatly against monsters that swim across the inner sea, Astrum has hardly lost any region due to their well-established defenses.

Military Structure

  • Astrum Holystar Defenders - Purpose of this army is to defend our home regions and keep our regions free from pests. Founded by Duke Migash Sarrecenia.
  • Bloodstar Invincibles - Current main army of Astrum. Founded by Duke Renais Wittsven.
  • Defenders of the Blood Stars - For homeland defense. Now disbanded.
  • Judgement of Austere - Created for Astrum's elite nobles who excelled on the field. Destroyed during the monster invasion.
  • Red Wardens - The Red Wardens in an elite order of noble warriors. Only the most active members of the nobility may join the ranks. Now inactive. Founded by General Aylwin.
  • The Austere Order - The oldest standing army of Astrum now inactive.



Warring Nations

Public Treaties



(Some realms aren't listed as a signatory because they didn't exist at the time of the posting on this wiki and the game auto removed them from the treaties they had signed.)


  • Kihalin Lapallanch-The winner of the tournament in Valkyrja. The first noble to win a tournament in Astrum. A three time tournament champion.
  • Linden Arindal-The winnier of the jousting tournament in Mimer.
  • Cerber DeRouen-The winnier of the jousting tournament in Golden Ferrow.

Hall of Fallen Heroes