Arkturus Family

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Davion, Darkon & Dorian Arkturus, the three sons of Janus Arkturus. The Arkturus Family are new arrivals to Atamara, and have decided to make a home here on this continent full of possibilities.

Davion - The Eldest of the three and the most mature. He is a capable fighter, but his interests seem to lean more towards diplomacy and management that the heat of battle. A cool head and quick decisions see him faring better than expected in battle, but he still finds that his heart does not lie in the bloody chaos of the battlefield. With a caring soul and a longing for peace Davion seems out of place in a world full of so much death.

Davion & his brother Darkon are never seen far apart both preferring to stay close to their birthplace and defend it.

Darkon - If Davion is the Peacemaker of the Family, Darkon in the Warmonger. He relishes in the chaos and bloodshed of battle, always willing to charge head first into the enemy army. Though not a tactical Genius by far, the ferocity with which he fights more than makes up for it. A short fuse and quick fist help get him into, and out of many bad situations. With the heart of a killer, and a passion for it, who knows what he can accomplish in this Wartorn land.

Darkon always stays near his elder brother Davion, both to protect him, and to take solace in his calm soul. He also usually follows his brother's lead and lets him do most of the talking, as he lacks the talent his brother has in this area. Davion is also often the only thing stopping Darkon from getting himself killed, or doing the killing.

Dorian - Youngest of the three, he left his birth land of Abington to seek fame in distant lands. Often found biting off more than he can chew, and not a stranger to taking chances. He loves danger and likes to get into the thick of things and never one to back down from a fight, as such the path of the Hero seemed a natural choice for him. Loyal and Brave, but a bit of a hot head and often indulges in the services of the nearby Taverns a little too vigorously. Dorian is always looking towards the next great war, looking to make a name for himself and his Family.

Kalor - born of unusual & unknown circumstances, he if part of the Arkturus Family, but holds no right to title and is barely acknowledged. As soon as be was able he set off to Beluaterra to try and earn the rights his 'brothers' were so easily given. Slow to talk, but quick to act. Slow to anger, but even slower to Forget. He was recently dragged off the streets by the Guards for no reason at Brashnak's command, who then summarily proceeded to beat him while the Guards held him down. Kalor has pledged blood vengence against Brashnak and his family. But unlike Brashnak, Kalor will allow him the honor of a fair fight, after which he will kill him.