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The Familyy

The Zatirri family is relatively new to upper nobility. Previous a family of minor nobility that dealt in wood work and general lumbering. Their home region is Leibo of East Continent. The first family member to attain upper nobility, in the form of a knighthood was Zolan Zatirri, within the realm of Vix Tiramora. While working in the lumber industry as a family, it was tradition for the family members to fulfil all administrative roles and to not hire external people for any of them. As such, each child was tutored by a different person and their childhoods were very different, as are their goals, skills and morals. This caused a fracture among each child, that often didn't meet until they were old enough to start going to work. When the family hit upper nobility, the disagreement within their family caused them to split up and head to separate realms and completely different islands. Perhaps one day fated to fight on opposite sides.

Known Living Members:

Zolan Zatirri

Zatar Zatirri

Rolessa Zatirri