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Many places has Willy traveled,this is his story of places and his thoughts on things.(More to be added)


I started off my carrerin Caligus,it did not take many battles for me to wake up,one to be exact,I was in one of the battles in Supra and then I noticed the things war brings,I never picked up a sword after that.I then seeked to help this world by bringing food to those in need,I was not that good but I tired,I also tried to get people to see what war does and try and stop some of the killing.After so long of the Monarchy I grew tired and wanted some freedome to try and get some of my ideas up,so I went to Fontan.Every single thing I say'd that had anything good about Oligarch there was used against me in some way because of my sister(Eos)being in Oligarch.Most of them did not do this but there was people that did.Most of the time only getting little bit of food sold there I grew tired of being ridiculed for my sister being in Oligarch.Light of Fountain was created so I decided to go there and seek some peace.Mostly just a sit in the capital for me as there were no trades I could find.My sister and her husband left Oligarch and joined the Fountain.After a while of talking to Ares(sisters husband)I learned a lot of things and thought of Light of Fountain being a Fontan just based on a religion,other words just part of Fontan.I left there to find a new place and a new area to help the needy.It was not there as they did not need traders only warriors.While in a Sirion Prision I thought of where I should go.The place I thought of was Old Rancagua.So I left Perdan and joined Old Rancagua.


A descreption of many places Willy has traveled through(to be added)


Opinions of things of the world.


War is an ugly thing,something I am against 99 percent of the time.The point of killing other people and spreading misery for your idea,fun,greed,or whatever you may think of is just wrong.Many people live for war,in my view they do not live for the war they live to kill those innocent people,to inflict damage to the familys.

Ibladesh,Itorunt v.s. Perdan

I once heard from a person of the Queen/King of Ibladesh say'd they only went to war with Perdan because they wanted to stop Perdan helping Oligarch,which is totally not thier bussiness.They are killing and getting killed for some other realm(s) who is killing and getting killed.Idladesh and Itorunt could end the pointless killing and misery easly.From what I have said you may think that I am saying Perdan is better and I hope they win,but thats not it in war no one is a winner,you can not win at something were thousands of your peasents die and suffer.I will not say Perdan is better then them,I can say from what I know I kind of like Perdan more,but I never have been to Ibladesh and Itorunt so I can not make that statment.

Old Rancagua,Sirion,Fontan V.S. Oligarch

This war is also a pointless war like almost all wars.Old Rancagua got sucked into this war of which they should have stayed out of,they want to kill and be killed for Sirions behalf and also so they can spread there lands,greedy reasons,but I can not make the greedy reason remark as I have not talked about the topic or heard about Old Rancagua in the war.Fontan had shown greed in this war against Oligarch,to get more land at the cost of tens of thousands lives if not more.Sirion has shown nothing much in this war to me or atleast in other words I have not heard enough of them to get a opinion on them.Oligarch defends them selfs from the attackers but if they would have talked about certain things before they got so deep they would have gotten out of it,there part is 50/50.In all I back up Oligarch to a point,they could have stopped it if they wanted to but they didn't there for they are just as bad as the others.