White Plains

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White Plains
Located on::Dwilight
Part of::Arnor
Part of::Ravensgard
Clive Burep
is regiontype::Rural
East Pastureland

White Plains, the vast flat and fertile lands between the city and the stronghold. The western borders of the region move from gentle hills to the vast foot hills that lead to the region Mt. Black Nastrond.

The name was taken when the first settlers arrived here and saw large amounts of white sprouts on the fields. After finding out these were comestible, they started cultivating the cauliflowers in large fields, and that is how the name of "white" plains remained. Being a rather nutritious plant, this has become the backbone of the economy and exports of the region. As with any name, White Plains has had numerous attributions. The name White Plains has also been attributed to the bones from the killing fields between Nifel Kingdom, Springdale, and Virovene and to the blanket of snow covering it in the winter.

The white sprouts were later determined to be able to brew a rich, refreshing drink called White Ale by the original Dwili, named for its distinct white color. White Ale is not exported, but is produced in small, local breweries, the largest of which supplies the estate of the Lord.

The flowering growth of Astrosim within the Plains led to a great many shrines and small temples sprouting up amongst the smallfolk. The Lord Maerk, who was so inspired by his subjects that he became a priest of the order, declared that an observatory be built to better study the stars.

It was arranged from west to east as 3 distinct towers. The western tower was sleek and square, rising up to the Austere star. It was right in every way, with not a stone out of place and no odd angle to be found. At the top of the tower were the extended abutments, all square as well, to be used as viewing platforms for the stars at night. Although, to the discerning eye it would be plain to see that archers would have the lay of the land from the height and be well protected from any incoming projectiles. The Eastern tower was quite different however, as would be fitting for a tower dedicated to the Maddening. Equal in height to its western brother, that alone was their only similarity. It was constructed of the same stone, but this tower spiraled up to its height, with small verandas spaced at seemingly random intervals. Near the peak of this tower the large windows of a rookery were visible, though any could tell what it was used for by looking to the pointed cap of the tower that was lined with homing pigeons and trained hawks. It looked somewhat grotesque, but it was beautiful to behold as sunlight and starlight both travelled down the tower in what seemed like streams.

Finally there was the central tower, which was dedicated to the Auspicious. It was not so much a tower as a large round hall connecting the Western and Eastern towers. It stood at a slightly taller height than its flanking brothers, but was easily triple the base of them. It would have been a perfectly smooth building mirroring its western brother, if not for the thousands of stone stars that were each unique in design dotting its surface. Those twisted about like the eastern tower, and guided the sunlight down the entirety of the building.