Westmoor (Realm)/Sultanate Treaty

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Peace Treaty, signed 1st January 2009

Roleplay from Evangeline Uceek

Westmoor has no cause for hostilities with the Sultanate. In fact, as two of the smallest realms on the EC, we have been borne of the same method and both seek for survival in a world where realms rule as giant entities. Today Westmoor cements its friendship with the Sultanate.

Letter from Evangeline Uceek

Message sent to the Rulers of this world (10 recipients)

  • Kingdom of Westmoor and Sultanate of Asena agree to a peace of six(6) months valid upon both rulers sign the treaty
  • After requesting permission, Priests of each realm can travel through each other land as long as they don't preach. Priests may preach in any region that the Region Lord has given permission, and with previous permission for travel through by the ruler of the realm obtained. Upon preaching (without permission), they will be fined (100gp min) and they can no longer travel through the other realm with blessing and protection of the ruler.
  • Neither Westmoor nor Sultanate of Asena will allow other realms to travel through their territory lands to hold hostile actions on the other.
  • Knights and armies, including infiltrators, need permission to enter the other realm's land, be it for close border help regarding monster attacks or plain purpose of traveling for better logistic time.
  • Any trader of either realm caught while working in the black market will have all his of their current gold taken and a 50g fine from his home realm, AND will return the stolen food at a loss of profit.
  • We agree on 30gp per 100 bushels of food price at the times that each of us is in need of food and the other has surplus they wish to sell.
  • The Sultanate of Asena agrees not to expand its territory into the islands occupied by the Obsidian Islands.


Korkut Kalkandelen, Sultan, Sultanate of Asena

Evangeline Uceek, Queen, Kingdom of Westmoor