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A new war is breaking out
Fontan has declared war on Westmoor.

Letter from Mikhail Romanov
Message sent to All Rulers of this world

Now that the long known secession has completed, I have declared war on the realm of Westmoor to accurately reflect Fontan's foreign policy goals in regards to this realm as agreed to by the Fontanese Assembly and the people of Fontan. I have a lot of respect for Lady Evangeline, but we are in complete disagreement about this war and the attack that was launched on Fontan to create this realm. If the Lady Evangeline and Perdan worked with us to co-create the Sultanate like was offered, there would have been no need for Perdan's betrayal and the subsequent bloodshed This war for us is a great patriotic war, a war of defense and liberation of the Fontanese people.

As such, I will make it clear that if by chance we are successful in this battle that we have no intention of doing what Perdan has done to us, we will not even place a finger on a Perdanese region, the Nascot-Bescanon border line was an excellent one for all our people's. Our war is only with Westmoor, but obviously Perdanese will want to support their new realm. We are a people of honour, loyalty and I believe in treating those like how you would wish to be treated.

Mikhail Romanov (Chancellor of Fontan)