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Vote for BattleMaster!

Although there are no in-game incentives to do this at the minute (and for personal reasons, I hope this stays this way). To go out of your way to vote for battlemaster on other game websites helps the battlemaster community grow and get more players, and with the addition of Dwilight, the game will *need* more players as the new allegiance system requires a rough average of 3 Knights (not including a lord) to run correctly. Not to mention that battlemaster has been steadily losing registered players since wikipedia removed our article.

The game could do with as many posting on external websites to get other players attention to join the game.

Here are a list of website currently accepting votes for BattleMaster currently. Voting is once per day.

Non-registered Required Voting

These are sites you don't have to join to vote.

Registered Required Voting

You will have to join these sites in order to vote.