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TheVonRavenHeart family originated in Frundi. While poor in gold they are wealthy in loyalty. Wolfgang the youngest of three brothers has served Wetham since coming of age, and has recently been made Count of Lavraz.

Edward, the second brother, made a start in the realm of Arcachon on Far East Island. Unfortunately, there was a rebellion while all loyal troop leaders were away at a tounament leading to him becoming a rogue. After some weeks of wandering he found himself in the new Realm of Sartania which he joined. After several battles he was rewarded with appointments, first as Marquis of Tuhpos, then as Duke of Niel. Following the resignation of the previous holder of the position he was elected as Paladin Primus and given command of the army as it currently fights a war. After that war was finished he continued to serve as general until a political mess that led to the Pontifex stepping down, at which point much to his surprise he found himself elected as the new Pontifex just in time to lead Sartania in a new war with Arcea.

Christopher (the wanderer) Started his career in Ash Sea Island, but left owing to the disorginized fracturing of the realm during heavy fighting. Leaving ASI he traveled to Sartania where he briefly joined his brother Edward and became a worshiper of Sartan. Hearing of the realm of Ibladesh which also worships Sartan, Christopher traveled there and has loyally served in the frequent battles there. After a serious imjury and the disintegration and squabling of certain nobles Christopher emmigrated to Beluaterra joining the realm of Ashborn. Christopher recently recieved an appointment as Baron of Ghilacert.