Veanne'aedin Family

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The Veanne'aedin family hails from Palnasos in the Far East.

El'rinal Veanne'aedin; Knight of Matakonis

21 years

The Exile

Eldest brother to his two siblings, El'rinal is the tallest of his house, standing 6' 3". A fair and handsome man, with long, dark brown hair and piercing green eyes, he is a frightening sight to behold in battle. He exudes a friendly aura, and his voice is soft and lyrical, compared to his brothers harsher tones. The forest is his place, and at times, when out on the open plains or in the confines of a city, he feels an unexplainable sense of unease.

El'rinal left his home of Palnasos at a young age. He had only seen his 8th spring when he left on the boat for the colonies. He arrived by himself at the Kingdom of Wetham, whereupon he handed a letter to a once distant uncle, dictating where his loyalties would lie within the family. He served for many years in this man's household, living out his adolescence in that estate on the edge of the capital...

Now a youth, just into manhood, El'rinal serves as a Knight of Wetham, serving, and more often than not, fighting for his adopted home...

3 years have passed.

Sir Chault, the High Marshall of Wetham had died to a cowardly attack by Outer Tilogian elites, who separated the hero of the Assassin Wars from the rest of the force and cut down his men before being driven from the field. After seeing that great warlord dashed by cruel fate, El'rinal withdrew, reflecting on what he was fighting for. Rage filled his heart but he quelled it, and realising that little now held him to Wetham he left for the continent of Atamara. Landing in the war-torn lands of the newly formed Caergoth, he decided it was time to find his place in the world.

Malakas; Ex-Knight of Lasop

20 years

The Wolf

Younger than his brother by the space of a year, Malakas is the epitome of the darker traits of the Veanne'aedin family. Standing 6' 2", he has the fierce, wild physique of a black wolf, with fair skin contrasting with the jet black sheen of his hair. He is the most battle hardened of his siblings, having been baptised in the fire of the Siege of Palnasos and the destruction of the Sanctum of Casshern, at the tender age of 17.

After spending a brief spell in Svunnetland, Malakas heeded the call for help from his sister, coming to aid Kath'lanar in defending Arcaea from the federation. So far his archers, the Longbows of Darkness, have proven themselves time and time again in the short time he has been there. He himself having shot Tokeru Hashimashidas, the Count of Anaos with his own bow, causing the Lasanarian Lord to fall from his horse with a grievous wound in one of the battles of Lantzas.

Funnily enough, he has made friends with the Judge of Sartania, Sir Tenal Quasath. No small piece of luck.

He was last seen riding out from Remton on a raid.

Kath'lanar; Knight of Zarimel

21 years

The Priestess

Kath'lanar has recently abandoned her life as a priestess of the Magna Aenilia Ecclessia to defend her beloved Arcaea from the greedy hands of Ethilia, Sartania, Lasanar and Cathay. However with the shortage of gold, she rode away to the south to join Svunnetland, under the same Lord Baldur whom her brother had earlier served in Zarimel.

Impatient with the inaction and ignorance present in the Southern Realms, as well as coping with internal struggles of faith, Kath'lanar longs for battle to be joined again.