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I would like to talk to you about the Atamara Times, please send me an email at [email protected] -- Peter Kolak

My Apologies, I won't do it again :) -- Revan

Don't mention it, I was just looking it over and noticed some changes I could make. Oh, and I'm working on the tournament report, it'll be done soon. -- Marc J.

Don't forget your Category tag on your family page. --mcsporran 20 October 2005 21:36 (CEST)

[[Category: Families]]

Woops, I snuck in under you on Drachenwald/Tarasac. Like my changes?AlexTurner 21 October 2005 23:02 (CEST)

That map is the COOLEST THING EVER! AlexTurner 22 October 2005 00:22 (CEST)



I am trying to imidate the wikipedia country pages templates as realm pages

Everything are okay except linking images

It seems I cannot use image sources from outside. In Wikipedia they have to upload images in order to show in templates (However I am abit worried of uploading too much images in this server is not good, i prefer use my own image space) To do this also need to have thumbnails. I am not sure how to upload this.

Many thanks

"Why do you want to link to pages that most likely will be empty (thinking of the realm template)"

i added page of "Flag of Realm" and "CoA of Realm". So I need to link it. I was editing that time so you see it is empty link. Now it is linked.

Thanks for fixing the Realm template.

--Balley 27 October 2005 16:22 (CEST)

Region pages

I have to ask - what is the purpose of making all those region pages? They are currently linked nowhere and will go out of date relatively quickly and have to be updated. I don't see the need for such in-depth pages unless to do with RP or some other thing. DorianGray 28 October 2005 15:20 (CEST)

They are linked from Arcaea but I put them as subpages of Far East following the convention suggested by TOM. They will be filled with material but I do not have time right now. --Rasmus 28 oct. 2005 15:24 (CET)