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Why are you deleting and moving all these pages??

Simple housekeeping. --John 22 March 2006 17:35 (CET)

Hooray for Dolohov! :-D - Revan

Dolohov, headings should use two equals signs, never just one -- Nicholas July 26, 2005 21:33 (CEST)

Why not? My intent was to make that the title of the page, not just the heading. --Dolohov 26 July 2005 21:35 (CEST)
Well, I guess it's a stylisic issue then, but I think that the page title should be the name of the article. If you want a differant page title, why not change the page name? -- Nicholas July 26, 2005 21:58 (CEST)
Easy: I wanted to be able to change the text of the question without renaming the page,as well as keep a uniform naming convention for the Basic pages. It's not a big deal, though. --Dolohov 26 July 2005 22:00 (CEST)

Hello, all! Feel free to comment here if you want to say "hi".

Hi. - Nicholas July 18, 2005 19:02 (CEST)

Feel free to work on your articles "in place". You might as well move your nice article on death to it's own page. This keeps the edit history of the page all in one place. It also allows other writers to comment on your article. If you don't feel it is ready yet, you can always put a


at the top of it. -- Nicholas July 18, 2005 23:59 (CEST)

Fair enough. My chief reason for not working "in place" was that I wanted to double-check my facts first. It's not a big deal with this article, though. -- Dolohov 19 July 2005 00:03 (CEST)

Seriously, feel free to write the Manual page. Tom is a busy person, and you, me and him have written the vast majority of the manual so far. I'm sure you'll come up with a great way to organize it. -- Nicholas July 19, 2005 22:14 (CEST)

I've got a few ideas. I'll mull it over a bit while I get some other work done. -- Dolohov 19 July 2005 22:17 (CEST)

Dolohov, just so you know, links like tortured and judges will work correctly if you place the brackets right. They will link to the article without the suffix.

links like [[torture]]d and [[judge]]s will work correcty

--Nicholas July 21, 2005 19:47 (CEST)


Thanks for all the hard work, you're doing an amazing job here.

Just one thing to remember, please: Try not using the "Dolohov:something" naming. It does not create a new namespace, but leads to confusion with those that are (such as Help:something). It could also make people who join later believe that namespaces can be created that way.

My suggestion would be that we all agree on a prefix for "testing" pages, such as "Test" and use that, e.g. "Test Manual" or "Test/Manual".

--Tom 29 July 2005 14:08 (CEST)

How about just using the Sandbox? DorianGray 29 July 2005 14:20 (CEST)
I had started off intending to use the sandbox, but as soon as it became clear that I needed multiple pages to make sure that it all worked, I decided to go with the lesser of several evils. I didn't so much care about the namespace as I did about making sure that it was all clearly separate from the rest of the wiki, and making it easy to change later (By removing the "dolohov:" bits).
I'll try to be good about that in the future. --Dolohov 29 July 2005 14:42 (CEST)
That's why I try to use a slash instead of a colon, it links everything back to my user page. That way it's all kept with my mess. DorianGray 29 July 2005 14:45 (CEST)
OK, (showing my ignorance, here) what exactly is the difference between using the colon and using the slash? I thought they were equivalent. --Dolohov 29 July 2005 14:46 (CEST)
A colon is used to denote a namespace, as you will see when you look at pages such as User:DorianGray or [ [Category:Island News] ] or Meta:General Talk. These make things fit under a specific category, and should be used sparingly. Using a slash makes it the equivalent of a subpage, as you will see if you look at User:DorianGray/Avamar_Times/Issue_One, it has a link back to the original page. This way, it doesn't show up on the list of namespaces, which is around somewhere. DorianGray 29 July 2005 14:50 (CEST)

Why is my user talk page considered Island news? --Dolohov

Nevermind, I found it. Thanks, Dorian ;) --Dolohov

Sig different from user name

I filled in the nickname in preferences.

(test, test) --John 6 August 2005 23:11 (CEST) Cool, thanks!

update notes


Discussing form and usage on talk pages

Is not silly. I hate just rewriting others people stuff. It has gotten me very frustrated and I am not fond of rewriting ours. Please don't get so agressive on the little things... it makes others want to be agressive and though I love to debate and fight I don't have the will and energy to do it here. --Eric S P 21 August 2005 23:24 (CEST)

Peter Kolak reply

Not sure how to move something to a sub page, could you explain to me? Peter Kolak

One (Avamar Guy)

Yes, I've already fixed the page and emagamated it all into one. I couldn't delete the old ones as am not an editor.


Thanks for all the information.--One 14 September 2005 23:19 (CEST)

Region Pages

Before things get intractable, what standard should we use for region pages? [[Realm/Region]] or [[Island/Region]]? I think the latter is better, but I don't want to move pages until a convention is set and decided. Which is above my pay grade ;)

Definitely [[Island/Region]] if we need subpages at all. Just [[Region]] is fine in many cases.--Tom 24 October 2005 10:01 (CEST)

Template Help Request

Hey John, I know that there are a couple of templates floating around the Wiki. Is there a page that gives me links to examples of all of them? I'm asking because I'd like to compare them and if I can figure out how to they work, maybe write one of my own. ~ Marc J. 2 November 2005 14:09 (CET)

Update summaries

How do you make that little thingy with the arrow pointing to what you edited? --Kristian 30 November 2005 16:17 (CET)

That happens by default when you edit by clicking one of the subsection edit links. I think you can achieve the same effect using the /* comment */ tag. --John 1 December 2005 01:38 (CET)
Subsection edit links?!? Colour me confused. --Kristian
Any main heading - ==heading== ought to have its own edit link on the right hand side. For example, this section you've created labeled "Update summaries" has one. It might only be visible under certain styles. --John 2 December 2005 14:18 (CET)
I'm using the default skin. Might you be an Editor, perchance? --Kristian
I am an Editor, but that turns out to not be the problem. Go under preferences/Editing and click the box labeled, "Enable section editing via [edit] links" That should give you those links. --John 2 December 2005 17:53 (CET)
M0ST XCELLENT ADVICE A++++ WILL ASK AGAIN!!!!1!!one! --Kristian
Just a note, you do know that it is possible, even without the edit buttons enabled at the side just tpo righclick in the header and it will allow you to edit that section? Which is pretty nifty but a bit annoying if you want to open a wiki link in another window or something. --The1exile 01:54, 9 June 2006 (CEST)

move requests

Deleted stuff - found it, sorry for the disturbance. Kristian 25 January 2006 16:05 (CET)


Thanks for deleting them images. Would you be able to have a look at Petterson Publisher for me and try and fix the Category problem. Its not layed out like the rest, if you understand what I mean...

Its not the same as the others though. Rather than a square box round it, its messed up and goes to the edge of the page. It doesnt make much difference anyway so... -- Fanta

added editor/reviewer group

I've added you to the editor/reviewer groups. This is required for the new help pages, for which we'll be using the Flagged Revisions extension as quality control. --Tom 10:13, 12 March 2009 (UTC)