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The Kindon Family

Wounded in battle, fine, strapping Dougal Kindon retired to the genteel poverty of his family estates in Aureus on the East Continent. He married the daughter of a neighbouring noble and set about to raise fine, strapping sons that he could train in the ways of war.

In this he was disappointed, as birth after birth brought him daughter after daughter: sometimes two at a time.

As his daughters grew into fine, strapping girls, seeking the love and attention of their father, they began to join his private training. Being of an old-fashioned turn of mind, he was at first reluctant to see swords and bows in the hands of women. His girls were dedicated, however, and soon he began to feel pride in their efforts. Dougal trained his chicks in both the physical and mental aspects of war, fitting them to both fight and lead a troop of soldiers.

Time passed, and some of his little birds left the nest…


First born, she had paved the way for her younger sisters to obtain their father’s training, perhaps the most determined of the Kindon girls to become a warrior. Trying in some ways to be the son her father never had, she could out-drink, out-cuss, and out-fight the average man. Of medium height, she seems taller because of her proud carriage. Well-muscled and battle-scarred, no one would ever call her beautiful, but she is striking with her mother’s dark hair, and her father’s ice-blue eyes. She will become a great hero, or die trying.


Second born, and Lek’s identical twin, she had never truly had the warrior nature of her sister; she trained because the sisters always did everything together. After Lek left home on her warrior’s quest, Bane put down her sword and took up a sack of doughnuts and became an itinerant priest of Dunkontology. Her love of the blessed doughnuts has caused her to grow much rounder and softer than her twin, though the constant walking keeps her somewhat fit. Her fondest dream is to see all of the East Continent converted to Dunkontology.


Acknowledged as the beauty of the family, with the same dark hair, but her mother’s large brown eyes, Leta was taller than her older sisters. There would be no ale-swilling and coarse-talk for Leta, and if she had to travel to another continent to get away from Lek’s reputation as the fiercest fighter and soldiers’ best friend, then so be it. Standing in Lek’s shadow was not a place she liked to be.


Fairs and religious festivals are country folks’ entertainment, and if at one such fair there happened to be a beautiful travelling player who caught Dougal’s eye, well, what his wife didn’t know, etc. Some nine months later, on another continent, well, even his illegitimate offspring was a girl. Harmony herself knew nothing of her father beyond his being some sort of noble. Raised as a performer, she left the players after her mother’s death to seek what adventure she might. Finding herself a surprisingly dab hand with a sword, she occasionally wondered if her father had been a soldier—her gentle, songbird mother had certainly not passed on such instincts.