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About Me

My Real Name is Chris, and I'm an old-hand at Battlemaster. i started near the middle of 2005(i think) as a character called Ulric. And untill the end of 2006, I played using the Von Katzing FamilyAccount. However, when my computer hard drive melted, and i lost contact for a week or so, I found that my password had been forgotten and, to compound stupidity with stupidity, the email address i used with the Account i had neglected for a long time, and the password to that was forgotten aswell. Rather than try and pursue the issue, I allowed the account to fall fallow, as I had grown bored with the Game, and did not intend to return. However, a friend i had met via BM would pester me continously for many months, but it wasn't untill a second friend also asked me to rejoin that i considered it. Despite several failed attempts, it became clear that I could not retrieve the account, and, I decided to create a new account. Although perhaps unadvisable, I appreciate the opportunity for a fresh start with entirely new troop leaders, the as-yet unbackgrounded un-roleplayed Vyarin Family.

I should point out that, although I may aid my friend in the creation of community "lore", such as for his Religion and Guild, I am careful to keep my OOC affiliations and opinions seperate from IC opinions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me.

Other Stuff