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  • Monotheistic- Teros, the Shaded Lord, the Sea Serpent
  • Divisions of the world- Clatharia(material, existent world), Dwilight(Shadowed realm, land of the dead), Anastasis(heaven, after The Eventuality), Phantasmo(allegorical/metaphysical world)
  • Teros-Ka a protector-God, keeps his followers in the shade of his coils until they are strong enough to see the light (after The Eventuality, Anastasis).
  • One must stay within that protective shadow (dark), who's expression in Clatharia is morality, ethics, right action, virtue.

Relation Between Planes

  • Clatharia- physical world
  • Dwilight- netherworld, equally physical to Clatharia, but seperate
  • Anastasis- AFTER Clatharia's purpose (all under Teros-Ka) has been achieved, and the battle for Dwilight accomplished, Dwilight and Clatharia shall be done away with, and Anastasis shall be the only world, and shall be a perfect world.
  • Phantasmo- Dream/nightmare world, world of visions and prophecies, communicates in strange manners, full of metaphor and allegory for Clatharia and Dwilight and Anastasis. May survive The Eventuality, may not.


  • All people will eventually come to the faith, one way or another.
  • When this happens, Anastasis will arrive.
  • All believers have a duty to use their influence to spread the faith.
  • All believers have a duty to stay within the shade of Teros-Ka (right action)
  • The Shade of Teros-Ka is variant, but the same. Teros-Ka is one thing, but is a serpent. Thus, his truth will always be his shade, and he will tend to stay in more or less one area, but may lash out, strike, or shift, thus the exact nuance of the the shade of Teros-Ka may change.
  • Truth is absolute and knowable, but inneffable.
  • The Phantasmo-form of Teros-Ka is as a serpent, but in Dwilight he is in fact a shrouded lord, in dark trappings.
  • Goodness is determined by the will (shadow) of Teros
  • Teros tends to remain relatively fixed, but there can be exceptions, for Teros is a mobile serpent, yet also sits upon an immobile throne.

Other Religions

(OOC- This religion is still under construction)