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You have just found one of the few female players in Battle Master!


The Farstone Family is under my command. They originate from Salta on the East Continent.


There is Shina, currently the only woman in the family. She has never left her home, belonging to Old Rancagua. She is Baroness of Caqueta, where she has build not only the finest bakery where the famous cookies come from, but also the guild Sisters of Civalry. Only noble women may join to have some nice chats free from politics.

Templ is her younger brother. After a long journey across Atamara, he found his home in Sint on Beluaterra. Beeing one of the founding members, he holds the position of Duke of Vaepex and will probably fight for Sint until it's destruction.

Killian is a man that lives for war. Therefore he still serves as soldier in Sandalak on the South East Island, after Old Sandalak had achieved victory over the continent.