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Welcome to my user page! If you're here, you're probably wondering a little bit about me. In the next few paragraphs, I will provide some brief information about myself, and about my IRC/Wiki username and its origins/history. This will include the history of the character behind that name. Also, if you are curious, I play the members of the Maerwynne Family. (See Maerwynne_Family.)

The Girl Behind the Curtain

My name is Gilliane. I was born June 3, 1988, and am currently trying to get my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science at Colorado School of Mines. I have quite a few hobbies and interests, most of which will probably never see the light of day due to my lack of motivation at times and the fact that there are only so many hours in a week. I have been on the internet now for close to 11 years, in which time I've made a few long-standing friends. (Those of you in the BM community: you know I'm talking about you. :P)

Something you'll learn about me if you pay close attention: I have an extremely detrimental habit of caring about the people who are closer to me more than I care about myself, and that has gotten me into trouble numerous times. I was closer to Kitanali's expected behavior in my younger years, but more recently people have described me to be a very loving, caring and compassionate person. I can't stand to hurt people in any capacity; I feel absolutely horrible about it if I do, and I apologize for things that aren't even my fault.

Even if I don't know you, if you have a problem, I will try my best to listen to you and to give you worthwhile advice. Anymore, I feel like I should try to show love, in some capacity, to everyone I meet. Sometimes, all someone needs to turn their life around is the realization that there are random people out there (even if 'random people' turns out to be 'random person') who do actually care what happens to them.

Kitanali's Origins

Now for the wordy part of this wiki entry.


A little explanation is required, I think, before I get into Kitanali's backstory.


The name Kitanali first came about in a discussion on a long-dead IRC server, upon having met a new friend. This friend, using the name Dachande, was writing a crossover fan-fiction between Predators, Final Fantasy IX, Wing Commander, and Dragonball Z. He had already created most of his storyline, but he agreed to allow me to help him make modifications to it to allow the new sister character, Kitanali, to have some sort of plot importance. Since that point, he and I were the brother and sister duo, and thus I took the name Kitanali on IRC.

Author's Note

This story was last written and revised about six years ago, at least. As such, it may not be the most interesting, believable, or awesome thing you've ever read. I've been thinking of asking for permission from Dachande to do a complete and total overhaul of the entire story in order to make improvements, but I've yet to find the time and inspiration.


In this storyline, the saiyans were from a planet, Saiyina, and were separated into two halves:

  • Daktu Saiyans
  • Dantae Saiyans

The Daktu Saiyans were the war-mongering half of the Saiyan race. They were like the traditional Saiyans from the Dragonball series. The Dantae Saiyans were, on the other hand, the more peace-loving and technologically-inclined (if my memory serves me correctly) half of the Saiyan race. Both halves of the race had their own kingdom: kings, queens, princes and princesses.

The Beginning

Dachande and Kitanali Dathwiee were born a few days to a few months apart (depending on the version of the story), the children of King Kindora Dathwiee and the sole heirs to the Daktu Saiyan Empire. Things were peaceful, even for the war-loving Daktus: friendly spars, even a shaky truce with the Dantaes. It was overall a good atmosphere to grow up in.

Life went on peacefully for the young prince and princess, and even in their early years, they began to show a prowess in strengths of many fields - physical strength, ki/chi/qi-based strength, and even the basic foundations of telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Aside from brute strength, the young Kitanali began to lean toward natural technical prowess, while the young Dachande began to lean toward natural leadership skills. No other children of their age matched their strengths or intelligences when it came to their specialty fields.

A Tragic Turn

Things were going extremely well for the young royalty, until the fateful attack of the Kilrathi Empire on both of the Saiyan empires; Daktus were hit harder, because they were the ones who had the most capability to defend themselves. As an outright slap in the face, the Kilrathi troops stormed the Dathwiee family residence and stole away the youngest -- Kitanali. She was presumed dead when the ship she was taken aboard was destroyed in the Kilrathi retreat of the planet. It was not the fate of the young girl to die, however, even though such a death would have been merciful compared to what the Kilrathi had in store for her.

Life as a Kilrathi Prisoner

Kitanali was detained and tortured all the way back to the Kilrathi Home World, Kilrah, although what she went through on the ship was just a minor taste of what the Kilrathi had planned. She was shackled and chained with heavy duty power limiters, whipped, and branded with the insignia of the Kilrathi as a symbol of her captivity.

When they arrived on Kilrah, Kitanali was taken to a specialized cell deep in an underground research facility, designed specifically to cut her off from the rest of the universe. Thick walls of sloped titanium plating lined with lead blocked any and all external scanning attempts. These thick walls, the lack of knowledge of her current location, the overbearing security and the attempts at breaking her fighting spirit all deterred Kitanali's will and attempts to break free of her captivity. The only things that kept her sane were the two other captives - a Dantae princess named Cimale, and a human boy named Kintoro. (Both names are under consideration for revision.) In the long run, the Kilrathi planned to use these three as super weapons against their home planets, but their plans didn't get that far.

From the time she was incarcerated until the time she freed herself in the confusion of a massive counter-attack some years later, Kitanali was beaten, tortured, humiliated, and experimented on. They altered her genetic makeup so that she would take on a few more feline characteristics. There are some variations between the versions of stories here:

  • In the original version, Kitanali's whole physique was changed. She was altered such that she had blonde hair and emerald green eyes, as well as cat ears. This level of genetic mutation had varied side-effects: Anything from a necessity to work insanely hard to maintain her strength, all the way to having her whole genetic makeup unravel over time, ending in a painful and gruesome demise.
  • In a potential revision, the genetic alterations don't go so far as to alter her hair color or add body parts. Instead, her eye color is less of a pure blue and more of a blue-green, and her adult teeth grew in to look more beast-like, making her look almost vampiric. There are no horrible side-effects to this type of genetic alteration, unlike the previous revision.

Cimale and Kintoro were likewise beaten, tortured, and experimented on. The only thing keeping the three tykes alive were, in all honesty, each other. Somehow, throughout the torture and abuse, the three kept each other sane.

About six years later, the Daktu Saiyans were able to mass a counter-offensive to the Kilrathi attack. (What can I say? When the Daktus get angry, they make sure that they come in enough numbers to ensure that there would be nothing left of their enemy.) The whole of the Kilrathi planet was leveled, their emperor thought to be dead, and her holding cell evacuated, Kitanali broke free. She rescued her friends from their holding cells, and the three proceeded to make their escape. They were almost home free, but got caught in the crossfire and were all gunned down.

Post-Kilrathi Imprisonment

Kitanali somehow survived the crossfire, badly bruised and cut up. Kintoro and Cimale, however, were not as lucky... and as she buried the two people who had kept her sane on that wretched planet, Kitanali vowed vengeance on the lot of them.

She wandered the streets and slums of the Kilrah, stealing what she needed from military surplus posts in order to survive, and ALWAYS looking for a way out. She saw no shame in such an act - it was, after all, the Kilrathi military that brought her here, brought such suffering upon her and those whom she cared about - why should she care if she got a little payback by surviving?

On one of her supply raids, she came across an archaic escape pod, diaries, and strange runes. She took these things, and made away with the escape pod, jettisoning herself out into space. The pod had hardwired coordinates, and while Kitanali didn't know where she was going, she figured that anywhere would have been better than the wretched rock that had been her prison for most of her life. Until the stasis in the escape pod kicked in, Kitanali read up on the runes, diary entries of encounters, language, and culture of an alien race, known as the Yautja.

Life as a Yautja

When Kitanali awoke, she was on a cot somewhere unfamiliar to her. Her belongings were on a table not too far away, and she was being looked over by a Yautja female. Kitanali tried to speak a little to the female, but she was very hard to understand. The female told Kitanali that she had found her and had seen the fighting spirit in her, and so had taken pity on her. Kitanali said that she could not thank her enough for her kindness. Upon asking to meet with the leaders, Kitanali was told that she was not ready for that yet. When Kitanali asked if the woman would teach her, she agreed, and thus began Kitanali's crash course in Yautja life.

The adjudicators of the Yautja were not too pleased with the outsider's learning of their peoples' ways. They sentenced the woman who had taken Kitanali in to execution if the outsider-child could not prove herself. Kitanali formally agreed to the challenge, impressing the adjudicators with her fluency of their language and familiarity of their customs. She had a fight to the death with one of the young bloods, and eventually won out - thus earning herself a place among the unblooded. As time passed on the Yautja planet, Kitanali grew into a fierce fighter in quite a short amount of time, by Yautja standards; one of the strongest they'd ever known. Though, she still wore her strength limiters...

One of her trial hunts took her to the realm of Gaia, where little did she know, her long-lost brother resided after the destruction of their home planet. She ran into him and his crew, almost killing his second in command.

Re-Introduction and Reunions

From that point on, the story varies. In general, Kitanali usually meets up with her brother, they become friends once more, and Kitanali ends up having to stop Dachande from destroying the universe over a prophecy and a girl. In some renditions, Kitanali loses her life in this process. In other renditions, Kitanali and the man she almost killed, Tianchada, hook up and eventually run Dachande's fighting force in his absence (if he marries the girl, he goes to live with her). In no variation yet does Kitanali return to the Yautja planet; it may be written to be so later on.


As can be expected, Kitanali can be ruthless and unforgiving. Everything she ever cared about was taken from her, creating an extremely cold person. If she does grow to care about something, however, she protects it with the ferocity that is her entire being.