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Real Name: Jacob Sperry From: Sydney, Australia

A student at Sydney University, currently enrolled in a bachelor of arts and sciences majoring in History, specifically medieval. Well known face on the IRC channels and in the bad habit of disappearing for days on end when I should be either studying or helping to run some of the realms and projects I'm more heavily involved in.

Since I discovered battlemaster I have been horribly, horribly hooked to it. For close to two years I've played and have seen many realms and experienced a fair few levels of gameplay, although it is surprising how new things can be due to the player interaction. Yet after all this time, I have to say that my favourite realm is still where I originally started, and have joyfully seen go from near destruction to a strong position of power, a little place called Arcaea on the Far East Island.

Haerthorne Family. Ditto

This is my current project - Lands of Osai in limbo. This colony was founded as Asylon and I am not yet reinvolved in it. Mearc.

Me; Jake. My email address is [email protected], for anyone who wants to contact me about anything.