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Ethan Lee Vita
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In addition to the wiki, I've taken part in the Discussion List and Metabets(when it was still active). I've also been an off and on again IRC member since 2006. I avoided joining Bugtracker for many years, but I eventually joined that too.


I used to play the Bishamon Family from August 2005 until about March 2007(due to inactivity from lack of ability to access BM). I returned in May of 2008 to play the Vita Family. I dearly miss my 4-digit userid. :'(


I'm an editor on the wiki. I've been around the community projects ince the times of the tiki and have a lengthy list of contributions. I was part of the successful Itorunt Informer along with a myriad of other newspapers across numerous realms and continents along with writing history on a variety of different pages.

Wiki Clean-up Project is the major project I'm currently working on. I'd love if people would assist, but try to go in order of each stage and phase as best as possible.

And feel free to drop a line on my talk page any time. Just be warned that I know little about templates and will likely refer you to User:Indirik.

Development Team

I'm the Community Manager and am in the process of better organizing the interaction between the development team and the rest of battlemaster along with my deputy, Indirik.