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Unterstrom was taken and lost three times by Morek. It seemed to be the only city that rejected Sanguis Astroism, until the colony of Aurora was formed in it. Aurora eventually failed, and the city was again abandoned for a long time. After the formation of Corsanctum, the Astroists conquered and ruled Unterstrom for some time in peace, though their rule was often accused of incompetence.

After the mass invasion of the monster hordes that affected the western half of Dwilight, Asylon invaded and made the city it's new capital. Much of the city's infrastructure was destroyed to deny it to Asylon, but Corsanctum quickly disintegrated as a realm and were unable to eject the bear lords from their realm.

The same monster invasion forced Astrum to abandon their historic lands, and working with their allies from the failed state of Corsanctum, they forged a more powerful Astrum, and with assistance from the Morek Empire, ejected Asylon from the city and the region once and for all.

The city was still quite unstable, and rebelled against Astrum for a time, which was still focused on settling the lands formerly belonging to Corsanctum. But Unterstrom was finally brought to submission through the steady management of Lord Abek and the diligent efforts of the courtiers of Astrum.

Unterstrom is currently the seat of the Duchy of Unterwald, ruled by Duke Abek Ji'Ardan for the realm of Astrum, and is quickly growing into a prosperous and peaceful city once again.


Nestled within the tall brooding oaks of the great Unterwald Forest and the many branching rivers running through it, the fortress city of Unterstrom is once again becoming a shining beacon of civilization and a center of power and influence in the area.

Unterstrom is named for the many streams that empty into the Gulf of Nimh from the headwaters in the Sword Mountains to the south. These ancient streams fed the hardwoods of the Unterwald Forest, making them grow unusually tall and straight. These rivers and canals allow for the transport of goods within the city, without the use of horses, which are typically reserved for use as mounts in the cavalry recruitment centers.

The artistry of bygone carpenters is seen in the elaborate timber framed townhouses which dominate the valley, their wooden shingles were painted in vibrant colors and elaborate patterns along the rooftops. Throughout the city there are many stone spires atop the homes of some of the more wealthy residents, a once fashionable architectural trend that has since fallen by the wayside.

Unterstrom woodwork and armor craft are of the finest quality, while the markets trade in the products of the surrounding regions, especially the vintage wine and spirits from Weinschenk, and the meat of the Aurochs from the Vostadt.

Unterstrom features a marketplace, many workshops, a cavalry training center and a large temple to Sanguis Astroism, making it a popular destination for traders, lords, knights and religious pilgrims from across the land.

Notable Features

Unterwald Keep

Unterstrom seen from afar.

The most prominent structure in the city by far is the Unterwald Keep. A large castle within the fortress walls of the city, its tall towers can be seen for miles outside the city. The city below is bustling with construction and renovations, from the fortress walls being repaired, to the new houses being constructed over the ruins of city's former inhabitants.

Mausoleum of Duke Deverka

Unterstrom is the burial site of the Morekian duke, Deverka Cryfdwr, hero, founder and First Grandmaster of Morek. The majestic mausoleum where his remains are conserved is located atop of a small hill directly north of the city: built from the finest white marble coming from Mt. Black Nastrond, it is a magnificent sight. The three Blood Stars are carved upon the entrance arch which forces those that enter to bow before the awesome depiction of faith therein.

Thorson Academy

Recently constructed, a large campus of tutors and teachers where those of low and high birth may come and develop their skills in various arts, though the focus is on martial skills. The academy is named for Duke Torg Thorson who contributed to the academy's construction.