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The following is written by Always Solo.

Upon stumbling on this vision I feel that I must point several things out. First, this is in fact a vision sent by the Trinity to guide Alowca. However, there are several things that Xerxes put in that are untrue, mainly about myself. For starters, I am not a heretic. There is no possible way for me to become one. Second, I did not betray Alowca. I was betrayed by them. They refused to let me stay even though I was not banned by them, but by Anathema, who is called the Apostate. He is the true enemy of Alowca. Third, as I said, this vision is to guide Alowca. The Trinity is not Alowca and no longer dwells in only Alowca. Therefore, I am, as a member of Lukon, an enemy of Alowca, but not of the Trinity, as one might believe from reading about this vision.

The following is written by Xerxes Dell.

Indeed of course it would be the heretic that would defend his own skin from Alluran's judgement. You are a heretic Always, and I will see you burned as one should I ever lay my hands upon you again. This vision came to me, just as it did with all Pontifex's of Alowca, and it is clear that with the series of victories that we have had against the enemies in Lukon and Oritolon, that they have blessed my reign far more than any other Pontifex that has ever ruled in Alowca before.

You were originally cast from Alowca by the Apostate, yes this is true. But you returned and were banned again, not by that foul man whom is also a disciple of the foul beast that plagues the Colonies, but by a completely different Alowcan council for inciting rebellions using your place within the Church to further yourself politically. You spat upon the faith with your actions, and when you tried to return again after that, I saw to it that you were removed from Alowca again. Never again whilst I reign as the Pontifex of Alowca shall you be permitted within our lands to poison the hearts and minds of the faithful. I know not how you managed to get a hold the writings of my visions which are stored only in the Temples of the Trinity and in Alowca itself, black magic garnered from your new master no doubt, but your wicked words do not hold sway over us any longer. Begone!