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Rhysten's Vision

A message penned by Rhysten, Pontifex of Alowca, in explanation of Alowca's declaration of war against the realm of Oritolon.

Some nights ago, I dreamed of the most hideous creature I have ever seen. The beast was taller than man, troll, or ogre, and single-handedly marched against an army of Portion troops. It wore armor elmblazened with the crest of Lukon, and in its left hand was the fiery sword seen in Lukon's banner. Portion troops scattered as the beast advanced, and were easily dispatched by the great sweeps of its sword. But eventually the Portion army rallied to fight, and hundreds of Portion archers loosed a volley of arrows that darkened the sky as they fell upon Lukon's Champion. Just when it looked like the beast would be struck down before it could continue its slaughter, a bright glowing shield appeared in its right hand, and as the beast raised it in defense, I saw clearly the design upon its face - the crest of Oritolon. The shield absorved the entire volley of arrows, and as the beast advanced upon Portion's army once more, every blow that saught to strike down the monster was met and driven back by its great shield. The Portion army was forced to retreat once more, and just as it looked like the beast would have an easy time slaughtering the fleeing troops, a lone figure appeared before it on the battlefield. A beautiful woman adorned in yellow and crimson robes sat astride a magnificent stallion, and as she gazed directly into my eyes, I knew her for who she was - the Goddess Denariel.

Suddenly, her attention focused on the beast, and she spurred her horse into action, charging straight at the monster. As the monster raised its shield to fend off her attack, the Goddess struck out with her mace and all was lost to me for a moment as the world seemed to explode all around with fire and smoke. Then I could see the beast again as it rose to its feet, it's armor now charred and smoking. It still held the fiery sword in its left hand, but the arm that wielded the shield was gone, completely severed off, and the shield was nowhere to be found. As the Portion army launched its counter-attack and began to take the beast down, Denariel once again turned to face me, then looked above to the heavens as she disappeared in a haze. As my gaze followed her departing spirit, I felt more than saw two additional sets of eyes gazing down upon me from above, waiting in expectation.

Thus the dream ended, and though the message seemed clear to me, I spent several days in meditation contemplating the situation. There was no choice to be made - I and Alowca must follow the Way - but I am not without such things as personal honor and integrity. However, first and foremost I am a man of faith, and cannot concern myself with such luxuries when I am called upon by the gods.

Any of you who wish to dispute this vision and clamor about formality and etiquette in war - my heart goes out to you at not having known the absolute surety and solace such a vision brings to the faithful. Alowca now follows the only path laid before it. When I agreed to peaceful terms with Olorin and Oritolon, I warned that as long as they failed to follow the Trinity as we did, there was a chance of future conflict between us. Now, that time seems to have come.