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Always Visions

Greetings. I am Always Solo, Paladin Primus of Alowca. I have been granted the ability to commune with Denariel, Goddess of the Trinity. I have been given visions and dreams from her, as has the Pontifex, Rhysten. Some people doubt these dreams and visions, but I have also been given some dreams and visions that Rhysten has seen, though from a different point of view, or a different way.

One of those was the dream Rhysten dreamed about the fate of Portion. I saw the whole thing as Rhysten did, except for some major differences. It was all the same until Denariel appeared. This time Denariel looked at the beast and stood back and watched. The beast destroyed the Portion army, and seemed to grow as it was destroyed. Then, the beast turned on Denariel. Try as Denariel might even she could not destroy the beast. Denariel, near death, looked at me. Our eyes locked. Then she again disappeared in a haze. This time she did not go up into the clouds. She simply disappeared. Then I awoke. I pondered those things for many days. Then I was told to prepare for war against Oritolon. It was Rhysten who told me. He told me nothing about his dream. I found out later that Rhysten also had a dream pretty much like mine, except the middle, which affected the ending. I figure, by the way he talks about it, that it happened at the exact same time as mine...

Another was a dream that told me that our current ruler, Anomalous, was not a follower of the way. “Always, watch closely in this dream. Remember everything. Let it guide you in the coming days,” she said. She pointed behind me and I turned to see. I saw a handsome young man, talking to a large host of people. He was giving orders to a tall strong man who had a large number of scars. This man turned and went to a large army. He turned around and asked if the handsome young man would come. The man declined saying he had more important things than fighting. “That foul man,” said Denariel, “he says he is a leader, but he does not even follow his army into battle. He used to, in times past, pretend to follow the Way. Now, he doesn’t even give it a thought.” I looked at the handsome man again. Now, he was speaking to a host of politicians. I watched as he made deal after deal, making promises that contradicted each other. Many times he offered peace, but was thinking only about how he was going to break it. “That foul man,” said Denariel, “he is always making deals. He never intends on honoring those deals. This is not the way of a warrior. He doesn’t follow the Way in this.” Once again, I looked at the handsome man. This time, he was talking to a dark man. He ordered the man to go to the north. To attack a certain someone so that one close to him could divide a realm. I could not contain my anger at such treachery. “Who is that foul man?” I asked of Denariel. “That foul man,” said Denariel, “he is called Anomalous.”