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Trinitism is a tritheistic religion which arose in Caligus when a missionary of Ecclesial Sanguiastroism, Herion von Ulthuan had a vision of a triad of gods while travelling from Dwilight to the East Continent with the aim of spreading the faith to his home continent. Herion had originally been a priest of Sanguis Astroism however following the upheaval which on Justiciar Alister Kabrinki's assumption of absolute power he converted to Ecclesial Sanguiastroism. Upon constructing a temple in Flying Hongrns in direct conflict with the Laws of Swordfell, a realm devout to Sanguis Astroism, facing persecution for his beliefs, he sought to take them elsewhere.


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On Prophet Herion's journey to Caligus there was a horrible storm and while leading his fellow passengers in prayer to the blood stars the ship shifted sharply and he lost his footing, hit his head and blacked out. While unconscious he had a dream: He was in his newly constructed temple in Flying Hongrns, afraid that at any moment the doors would crash in and the inquisition would be upon him. However when they finally did a bright white light burst through, and his body felt for an instant as if on fire and then bliss. When he opened his eyes, three beautiful figures were before him. One bathed in red, a young man of amazing physique stood tall and proud, another in blue was an old man with a beard gazing at him keenly as if looking in his very soul, a third, roguish woman lounged lazily on a pew.

All three voices spoke at once, one strong and masculine, another, more like a father or mentor, kind and wise, and a third female, terrifying in its beauty. Their mouths did not move, but to his shock he found the voices came from his mouth. They told him that he was to be their messenger and harbinger, that he would lead a flock in the path of righteousness, that the Bloodstars were signs to announce the god's coming, and that the faithful of Dwilight were mistaken in their message.

The voices were respectfully wrathful, disappointed and amused at the last. They then spoke their names in their own voices Ánradh, Treoraí and Caissa. With that a rumble accompanied Ánradh turning into a flash of red and disappearing, a pop as Treoraí winked as he went in a flash of blue, while Caissa looked at him for the first time, her green eyes sharp as a razor, with amazing deftness she leapt to her feet and glided towards him, a mischievous smile on her lips, with a grace that would make an elf envious. He whispered in her voice, "Good luck" as she kissed his palm and turned into a flash of green with a hiss and with that he awoke in a bunk.

Looking at his hand a curious symbol of red, blue and green glowed. A crowd of people surrounded him, they had heard him speak in the voices and they said a flash of light came from his hand moments before he awoke.


The three tenets espoused by Trinitism are represented by the gods themselves.


Ánradh the red, the warrior, the smith, avatar of strength, disciples who adopt him as their patron god shall be blessed with prowess in battle if they show themselves to be courageous of heart.


Treoraí the blue, the sage, the teacher, avatar of wisdom, disciples who adopt him as their patron god shall be blessed with the gift of knowledge if they have the will to seek it.


Caissa the green, the fickle, the fortunate, avatar of prosperity, disciples who adopt her as their patron god shall be blessed with luck, however she is the most fickle of the gods and does not give her gifts readily and takes them as easily as easily as they are granted.


Life and death, light and darkness, hope and despair. The rift was created, and on that day, the Trinity were born. Together they battled the darkness into submission spreading their light throughout the void and creating all that has come to exist and setting in motion the future in which mortals live. First they drew forth the sun into the heavens to light the path and aid their battle against the dark.

On the first morning the darkness was defeated and under the light of day the three began creating. Treoraí the wise spoke and as he spoke water flowed from his mouth, filling the void. Ánradh the strong, threw his mighty warhammer into the seas and out of the seas came fire, cooling as it spread creating the continents first amongst which was the East Island. Caissa the cunning watched as they marvelled at their creations and and perhaps produced the greatest of all when she sowed the seeds of life in the oceans.

While they drew their creations into existence the darkness enveloped the sun and plunged the world into darkness and thus was the first night begun. The three created a final bastion of light and named it the moon. For eleven hours they kept the darkness at bay before the tide of battle turned until it was clear that neither light nor darkness could win out. And so begrudgingly a pact was signed, for twelve hours light would rule and for twelve hours darkness, in this uneasy peace mortals dwell.


There are but three paths and each must choose theirs.

The first is the path of strength.

The path of honour is treacherous, the forces of darkness will attempt to lead you astray, encourage you to treat your fellow man in manners unbefitting. Many a time you will be tempted to dishonour yourself, however with Arnadh's guidance you will find your way to everlasting glory in the Caislean de Neart. This is the path of the warrior.

The second is the path of wisdom.

The path of wisdom is confounding, the forces of darkness will attempt to lead you astray, encourage you to accept falsehoods as truths. Many a time you will be tempted to espouse lies, however with Treorai's guidance you will find your way to the wisdom of ages in the Leabharlann de Ghaois. This is the path of the scholar.

The third is the path of prosperity.

The path of prosperity is perplexing, the forces of darkness will attempt to turn you to there side. You act in the shadows, but are a warrior of the light. the ways of cloak and dagger are yours. You will be tempted to steer your hand against the light, however with Caissa's guidance you will find your way to eternal peace in Gairdin Rathunas. This is the path of the assassin.

Everlasting Day

The hatred of those who strayed from the true path festered and bloomed in the dark corners of existance to which they have been cast! And consumed by this hatred, they poisoned all they touched, bringing death, darkness and despair. And the souls of their victims knew no peace, until the Trinity came and whispered to them: 'Sleep, for the end draws near!' And on that day all will rejoice, when the Trinity come and lay them low. Never again shall darkness reign for we will have everlasting day.

Holy Kingdoms of Trinitism

According to the Visions of Kiriman, there were 3 Holy Kingdoms of Trinitism. They were the first kingdoms in the ancient age of East Continent, each has its own holy city/site and devoted to their own patron God:

"In the ancient valley of Tirtavidia, I, Treorai, built my kingdom by wisdom and knowledge. You now call the place City of Ibladesh.

In a woody foot of a mountain, Caissa built her kingdom in Girivana by wealth and treasures. You now call the place Evora, Viseu, and Braga.

In the the side of a river, Anradh built his kingdom in Brantas beside the River Brantas, by His strong men and machinery. Now you call them Sirion City and Sirion river."

– Treorai, in his message to Kiriman

It is said that whoever rebuild the ancient kingdoms, will bring the Golden Age of Trinitism.

"Call your friends, Kiriman... and your faithful fellow, to rebuild the Holy Kingdoms of Trinitism.

Those who conquer the lands... and guard the holy sites and their surrounding regions, and submit the realm to the each of the respective Patron-God of the site, shall gain the blessing of their Gods. More beyond any mortal man has ever had."

– Treorai, in his message to Kiriman

Unfortunately due to the strong political influence in the inner circle of Trinitism when the news spread, Kiriman's message was barely considered, leaving the hope to the next generation of Trinitism.

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Comparison with other Religions

Similarities can be drawn between Trinitism and other religions, most noticeably Sanguis Astroism where it has its roots but also with others.

Sanguis Astroism

Flow of Balance

Church of Ibladesh