Tileni's Final Treaty

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Tileni's Final Treaty

All obligations for this treaty have been met.

Treaty Text

Astrum will cede to Luria Nova, immediately:

  • Unterstrom
  • Weinschenk
  • Tamirak

Astrum will also pay war reparations to the Emperor of Luria Nova, Sholan A'valti, the amount of 12000 gold pieces, payable immediately.

Astrum will declare a peace treaty to Luria Nova, on Luria Nova's terms, immediately.

Astrum will also declare peace to the successor realm in the North (Westfold), made of the regions ceded to Luria Nova and current Luria Novan regions, on Luria Nova's terms.


This treaty was created on 2015-12-28. It was last updated on 2015-12-28.

Current Signatories