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As with any family, the Tian Family has it's... quirks, we shall say. Basically, the information on each member, and in their history, is as it would be written by them, not as it is written by a historian or third party observer. Some of it should be taken with a grain of salt, and different family member's stories on the same subject may very easily contradict one another. You have been warned.


Came to Nobility: 10-03-2005 (M-D-Y)

Fame: 21 How?

Wealth: About 2100 Gold

History of the Tian Family

The Tians are a family that came into the world during a time of family hardship. Starting as peasants, they worked their way through the ranks for many generations. It was not until the generation that included Kagurati and Yunari, that they achieved the rank of Noble.

The Tian family originated in the lands of Noritor, Itorunt, East Continent and after some time, they moved to Aix, a city in the lands of Perdan, on the East Continent.

The Main Members at a Glance...

Name Age Continent Realm Class
Aurelias 34 East Continent Westmoor Cavalier

Parents: Kagurati Tian and Sharah Alynis
Children: None Yet
Positions Held: Baron of Hcallow
Items Held: N/A

Alexandria 35 East Continent Perdan Warrior

Parents: Yunari Tian and Tarjen Zarius
Children: None Yet
Positions Held: N/A
Items Held: N/A

Karana 31 Dwilight Barca Cavalier

Parents: Zanaras Tian and Ilus Regala
Children: None Yet
Positions Held: Ambassador of Caerwyn, Viscountess of Dunnbrook, Senator of Nark, Lady Justice of Barca
Items Held: N/A

Larani 39 Far East Ohnar West Warrior

Parents: Sargon Tian and Naia Zynilus
Children: None Yet
Positions Held: N/A
Items Held: N/A

First Generation

It was the first generation of the family that made them widely known beyond the borders of the Itorunt region of Noritor they first resided it. In fact, it was the actions of this generation that made the Tian family name respected on three different continents. First it was Perdan on the East Island, thanks to Sargon and Yunari. Then it was Heen and Irombrozia on Beluaterra by Kagurati and Ilandra respectively. Next the family name became known in various parts of Dwilight by Zanaras, who became known thanks to his exploits in 3 different realms, Pian en Luries, Shadovar/D'Hara, and Ordenstaat--not all of his exploits were the best of things.

Second Generation

This generation of the family is known mostly by the names of their parents. For some this is annoying, while others would use to to their advantage.

Ashlyn Twinblade

Ashlyn's uncle, Kagurati, is known to every once in a while joke that Ashlyn is the most "Noble" of the Twinblade Family (or at the least, of her siblings). Reason for this is that while Scion himself was a noble, their mother was only a noble by marriage to Scion himself. Ashlyn on the other hand has noble blood on both sides, from her father Scion and her mother Ilandra. What is less obvious however is that while she has chosen to take the Twinblade name, the rest of the Twinblade family does not yet know her existence. Regardless of that fact, she has done quite well on Dwilight, becoming Duchess of Flowrestown and even Queen-for-a-Day of Aquilegia.

In a particularly strange turn of events, Ashlyn is reported to have died of unknown causes (possibly illness) after being discovered as a practitioner of Dark Arts.


The second youngest of the generation, Aurelias originally served not far from the family home. His time in Westmoor under Duke Corwin D'Saferate of Oligarch was short-lived however, when his Aunt Yunari somehow convinced his Father, Kagurati, that Aurelias should go look for the twin daughters that Yunari disowned not more than a few months earlier. For fear of being disowned himself, he gave in and set sail for the land that Silvia and Silvianna were said to have sailed for themselves. That land would be Beluaterra, the two having likely been inspired by the stories that Kagurati and Ilandra were fond of telling.

He headed to the lands of Heen, but the name of his Father is not yet forgotten. While that is good in a way, Aurelias strived to separate himself from the shadow of his father's name, and perhaps even one day surpass his father's renown. While he was there searching for his lost cousins, he was also interested in the realm himself so does his best to serve Heen. He hoped to get in the good graces of Heenite High King Concobhar O'Deaghaidh and High Queen Beatrix Twinblade, so that he may be able to tell the Queen of her relative--without getting himself shamed, dishonoured, exiled, or banished in the process.

Sometime after his arrival the entire Twinblade family was hunted down and systematically executed by order of High King Concobhar O'Deaghaidh because of an attempt by Beatrix, his wife, on his life. One member is rumored to have survived this event, and there are whispers that Aurelias knows where that member is located--though he dismisses such accusations as if they were a joke.

During the Fourth invasion, Heen fell to the Nether, and Aurelias took his land of Hcallow and joined Sint. Sometime thereafter he left Beluaterra and returned to Westmoor on the East Continent. He served faithfully in the Westmoor armies for several months before eventually returning to Beluaterra once more, this time serving in Enweil.


Larani Tian, the least known of the family. In fact, none of the main family even knows of her existence. This due to her being raised by her mother, after her father's death. While she may not be well known, her father was and died defending Perdan. Her father being Sargon Tian. She is rumored to be serving the realm of Ohnar West on the Far East Isle.


Karana Tian, the youngest of the family and possibly the best off at the moment. She is the daughter of Zanaras Tian and Ilus Regala, the previous is presumed dead and the latter died giving birth to Karana.

Currently, she is a noble of The Republic of Barca. It was here, it could be said, that her career truly began. She has served as Senator of Nark, Grand Rab, and Lady Justice. Other titles include Elder of the Moot. The "Moot", or the Veinsormoot, is the Federation that D'Hara, Terran, and Barca are all in, and the Federation that helped create and secure Barca in it's early days.

Treaties... - Those that can be read publicly, including the parties involved, and the date they were signed (or failing that, penned).

Lesser Members

There are some more members of the Tian Family, that aren't quite as well known as the rest. They are Valorius, Marcus, and Rose; all of their careers were relatively short lived.

Lesser Members - The rest of the family.