The Way of the Dragon

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The Way of The Dragon

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The Way of the Dragon was revealed in the North of the Far Eastern continent. It is both a Religion and a Warrior Code.
Its adherents are known as Dragon Warriors, or Dragon Lords if they are of sufficient rank, and they are Masters in the Art of Combat, in particular the Sword.

Core Beliefs


The Way

The Dragon is the Symbol of Good Fortune, Intense Power, Lordship, and Benevolence. It is the Central Symbol for “The Way of the Dragon”.
It is said the warrior's is the twofold Way of pen and sword, and he should have a taste for both Ways. Even if a man has no natural ability he can be a warrior by sticking assiduously to both divisions of the Way. Generally speaking, the Way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death.
The Way stresses frugality, loyalty, mastery of martial arts, and honour to the death. Under the ideal, if a warrior fails to uphold his honour he may regain it by performing seppuku (ritual suicide). Failure is not, in itself, dishonourable.

The Code

The Code is typified by the seven virtues:
1. Rectitude – [Moral Correctness, Righteousness, Justice, Correctness of Judgment, Wisdom, Self-Control].
2. Courage
3. Benevolence – [Graciousness & Mercy]
4. Respect – [Politeness]
5. Honesty – [Sincerity]
6. Honour
7. Loyalty
In the Code, is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom has existence, Principle has existence, the Way has existence, Spirit is nothingness.

The Life of a Dragon Warrior:

The purpose of a Dragon Warrior’s life is to perfect his skills and gain honour for himself and his Lord. He will train constantly, and engage in both friendly and serious duels. If given leave he will join in foreign wars. He will seek out every opportunity to engage monsters and undead, even if it means crossing the borders of the realm, with permission. He will treat brave foes with politeness and respect, but crush them utterly in combat. He will live life as the perfect warrior, and will be happy to complement it with a perfect death.

The Way as Religion:

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The Way is a religion as well as a code for warriors. It teaches that there are many Ways in the world, that of the farmer, the Artisan, the priest, the merchant, and the Warrior. The way of the warrior is supreme because it guarantees all the rest. Every person must fulfil their duty and perfect the knowledge and practice of whatever way they have chosen in life.
Advancement through the Ranks: All Advancement is by promotion of the High Priest of the religion, and is based on merit. Everyone starts as a Student of the Way and stays there until they are promoted. No one may advance without fulfilling a quest to the satisfaction of the High Priest. Ideally a quest should be tailored to the noble, to correct weaknesses in his conduct and aid his development:
Examples of quests:
- Travel to a specific realm and challenge a particular knight to a duel.
- Destroy a group of monsters without help from other knights,
- Advance your lance skill to 20%
- Obtain a Relic or Artifact of Power.
- Capture or wound an enemy knight
- Takeover a region
- Command an army in battle
- Convert a thousand peasants.
- Convert a single noble.
- Build a temple.
- Collect a bounty by wounding a noble.

Elder Ranks:
Ancient Dragon Priest - The High Priest of the Faith
Red Dragon Warrior - All Elder Warriors
Black Dragon Priest - All Elder Priests

Full Member Ranks:
The Dragon Paladin - Only one knight may hold this rank at any time. Chosen by duel, but candidates must be morally Outstanding also.
Journeyman Priest - All Non-Elder priests.
Dragon Vindicator - This rank has a minimum swordsmanship requirement of 80%.
Dragon Valiant - This rank has a minimum swordsmanship requirement of 60%.
Dragon Gallant - This rank has a minimum swordsmanship requirement of 40%.
Stalwart Follower
Pledged Student
Student of the Way

Aspirant Ranks:

The Perfect Death, and the Celestial Palace

The Dragon Warrior will seek to live and die heroically, perfectly. After death, if he is found worthy, he will serve the Gods in the Celestial Palace as a Dragon Born (A being in man form but able to transform at will into a dragon). There he will serve as a soldier, guard or in whatever capacity the Gods deem fitting. He or she will be given possessions and concubines of great beauty to enjoy when he has leisure. His position in the Celestial Palace is in direct proportion to his heroism in life and death.
If he is found unworthy, he will be refused entry to the Celestial Palace, and wander the spirit world as a lost soul, at the mercy of Demons and their Ilk.

The Dragon Born

This is the Roll of those who have Ascended to the Celestial Palace. No Living man or woman may appear on this list.
Shinya ironhorse ~ He committed seppuku to deflect the wrath of an Enemy King from his native land.