The Way of the Aethir

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The Aethir

In the beginning was the void, formless and chaos. The Creator, mother and father of all, Laguz, he who was and will be, looked out from his hall in Asgard and desired it to have form, for life desires form, and he desired life. Under his will, the world coalesced from the dust and ice, and The Father formed the mountains and rivers, the seas and the plains. Yet without life,  the world was empty, so Laguz created his children, the Aethir.

Aea and Otho he birthed first, female and male. Aea walks bringing sunshine and light. Otho follows her bringing darkness and night. Where she walks is warmth, flowers bloom and grain sprouts. Where he follows is cold and wind, rain falls and night comes. Aea brings summer and vitality, Otho brings winter and rest. When they meet are spring and autumn, birth and death, planting and harvest. The sun is her sign, the moon is his.

Next he birthed Angven and Orgeon. Wild and reckless are they, free in their passions, quick to anger, quick to love, full of pride. Naked they walk the world, open, clean and strong to those who look upon them and would follow their path. Angven brings fire and passion and strength to the hearts of those she touches, goddess of love and desire. Orgeon brings fury and rage and strength to those he touches, god of war and competition and conflict. A flame is her sign, a blade is his. Together they have a son, Ulfius.

Ulfius, son of brother and sister, son of lust and war. A dark and twisted child, he was cast out from hearth and home to make his way in the world alone. In his anger he creates and calls forth the monsters, the undead, and the daimons. He lives to undo the work of the All-father and all of his children. He is the god of chaos and he has no sign.

After Angven and Orgeon, were born Allata and Ormund. Ormund is skilled in the working of metal and wood, Allata in wool and linen and leather, grain and meat and honey. Ormund gives his gifts to the smith, the carpenter, the builder. Alara gives hers to the weaver, the tailor, the cook and the brewer. His sign is the forge, hers is the hearth.

Last were born Asker and Offa. Quiet and watchful are they, learning the hidden ways of the world. Asker has learned secrets of herbs and blood and bone. She is the patron of the healer, and her sign is the yarrow. Offa has learned the secrets of runes and song and poetry. He is the patron of the scholar, the scribe, and the skald, and his sign is the quill.

The children of Laguz looked upon the world created by their parent and saw that it had no meaning without life. So they created wolf and bear, sheep and salmon, honeybee and falcon, pine, oak, ash and birch, and every other plant and beast that goes upon the land or sea. But none lived to show the Aethir how the world could be used by their gifts.

Aea and Otho walked along the beach by the sea, and found logs of ash and pine laying in the sand. They took the logs to their brothers and sisters. From the ash, strong, resilient, and fertile, they carved the first woman, and named her Anbren. From the pine, stately, sheltering, and proud, they carved the first man, Oiron. To them each of the Aethir gave their gifts. And to them and their children they gave the world, to walk and to shape with the gifts given them that they might honor the Aethir by their works.

Book of Bruce

The Book of Bruce is a collection of tales and preaching of Bruce Cruscavas.

The Chronicles of the Storm

The Chronicles of the Storm is an account of the Alexandrian pantheon and a collection of tales of Octavian Schwarzherzig from the time of the Cataclysm of Chaos.

Order Ranks

Elder Ranks

Founder - Bruce Cruscavas

Gothi - Senior priests

Gesith - Priests

Member Ranks

Skald - Nobles, or commoners with sponsorship of at least one noble. All members advancing to Skald must have been a Carl.

Aspirant Ranks

Carl - Advanced initiate rank

Thrall - Initiate