The Temple of the Trinity Gods

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3rings.JPEg Symbol of the Trinity Gods

This is a special symbol, only those pure of heart may see the symbol. You will have to stare at it untill you go cross eyed and then the image may appear.

The Temple of the Trinity Gods

Welcome to the Temple of the Trinity Gods. As of yet our organisation exists only in the hearts and minds of men but soon we will have enough followers to begin building great temples to the Trinity Gods.

In the Beginning

In ancient times the three supreme gods created the world and the Race of Man. Each of the Gods gave a part of their spirit to the Human race: Creation, War and Peace. In this time Man spread and covered the face of the world. At first the Gods spoke with Men and helped them tame the world. Great temples and cities were built in a complete union of Heaven and Earth.

The Age of Anarchy

As the power of Man reached it's zenith it collapsed into decadence and the Ancient Realms fell apart. As wars waged the temples and cities were destroyed. After a period of anarchy and war lasting one thousand years the Age of Anarchy drew to an end. But in this time all knowledge of the Ancient Times and the Gods was forgotten.

The Age of Rebuilding

As the Age of Anarchy ended Men began to build new realms and cities without any memories of what had gone before. It invented new Gods to worship and the Trinity Gods faded out of memory. Because all Men have part of the power of Creation in them the False Gods, whilst not True Gods, gained some of the divine powers of True Gods when enough Men beleived in them enough for them to take form. Thus the Trinity Gods were replaced with the False Gods and so the Age of Rebuilding came to an end.

The Return of the Trinity Gods

We are now living in the time in which, according to an ancient prophesy, buried in the vaults of the Octavian Family, says that two men will be born. One will be born in a time of war under the sign of the Eagle and he will become a warrior king and rule over a mighty realm. The second will be the Prophet of the Trinity Gods, born in the reign of the first as a star falls from the sky. He will bring Man back to the true faith and unite Man as one, heralding the Golden Age which will last untill the end of Creation. The first of these men was born seventeen years ago and has now come of age.

The Trinity Gods

CENTAURUS - is the creator. Alone of the Gods he is neither male nor female, taking any form he chooses. He created the universe and forged the Race of Man from the elements Fire, Water and Air. As the creator he has dominion over all the elements and is the guardian of civilisation, poets, craftsmen and musicians. It is his power, Creation, that enables men to create new things.

AQUILA - is the god of war. He entered his power, War, into the Race of man when they were created so that they might learn of hounor and courage. He has dominion over all places where wars are waged and has ultimate power over who lives and dies in battle. He is the guardian of warriors, heros and those of noble heart.

CYGNUS - is the goddess of peace. She entered her power,Peace, into the Race of Man so that they would be able to know love, prosperity and happiness. She has dominion over all land where war is not being waged. She is the Guardian of farmers, merchants, diplomats, healers and those who work the land and sea.

Unfortunately the powers of Peace and War are opposed to each other leading to a constant battle in the hearts of men which will never be resolved.

Duties of Followers

All followers of the Temple of the Trinity Gods are expected to obey the following commandments:

One - Thou shalt not worship the False Gods.

Two - Thou shalt not steal.

Three - Thou shalt honour the Trinity Gods.

Four - Thou shalt obey your superiors.

Five - Thou shalt spread the word of the Trinity Gods.

Six - Thou shalt defend the innocent from harm.

However five is more of a guidline than a commandment.

The World of the Divine

We belive that death is the end of the mortal body but that the soul endures. There are many routes that a departed soul may take. It may wonder without form throughout the universe, experiencing life as a human never could. Alternatively it could reincarnate into another body on earth. Most souls make it to the Eternal Plains and live in a far richer world than ours, where there is no death and an eternity to follow all your dreams in a never ending succesion of environments and situations. Others remain on this earth without form until their yearning for the life they once had is ended and they are free to move on. Those who commited great crimes in their earthly life are condemned to wander amongst their worst nightmares until they are truely remorsefull about their crimes, only then will their souls be free to choose another route. The select few are permitted to join the Ether where the Trinity Gods dwell and these lucky few are permitted to learn the absolute truth of existence, this truth, once learned, gives the departed souls to travel throughout the myriad universes next to each other and take any form whenever they choose. Such is the infinite variety of death where your route to nirvana or damnation is determined by how and what your soul learned in this life.

Other Faiths

Because all Men have part of the power of Creation in them when enough people beleive in something it will become real. Because Man was created by Gods there is a inherent tendency to find something to worhip. These two things coupled together meant that without the Trinity Gods, Man invented False Gods to follow. The False Gods were brought into being when enough people beleived in them. Whilst not True Gods, the False Gods have been able to assume some divine powers but lack the power of the Trinity Gods. We beleive that followers of other religions are misguided and need to be shown the error of their ways but, we do not beleive in crusades against other faiths. This does not mean, however, that we will not protect ourselves when threatened.


If you beleive in the Trinity Gods please write your name below so that all may know that your soul is pure.