The Path of the Gods

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The Path of the Gods is a Religious Sect of The Manifest Path based on the lost religion of Order of St. Iestyn. It has similar practices as the Manifest Path and shares much of the core beliefs with it, however as a descendent of the Order, it gives worship to Tyr and Zisa and continues the Order's core beliefs, rituals and history.


Officially, the last few worshippers of the Order joined the Manifest Path after the disappearance of the Grand Master Drystan Bellator and the destruction of the Grand Cathedrals of Giask and Askileon. The last priest of the Order, Fulco D`Este started talks with the Manifest Path's founder, Koli Bedwyr, whilst a vocal worshipper of the Gods started a debate and condemned the move by Koli, a Colonist and non Lurian, to start a new religion not based on the Worship of the Lurian Empire's Gods; Tyr and Zisa. Ramiel Avis at the time found it very much an abuse of the Dukeship because Askileon was for all intents and purposes the Lurian's Capital City whereas Koli was just a traveller. However both Fulco and Koli managed to eventually get Ramiel to see the wisdom of the Manifest Path, and so Ramiel agreed to the Manifest Path taking in the lost worshippers of the Gods. And so the Path of the Gods was given life and the traditional religion and values of the Lurian Empire was kept.

Tenants of Belief

On Gods and the Divine:

  • There are Two Types of Divine Beings.
    • There are Worldly Gods, these Gods can directly influence the World as we know it without breaking Tyr's Celestial Law. They are also Lesser God's and are mere agents of The Great Devourer. However myth and prophecy says that there are some Worldly Gods who are on the side of Creation and Mankind, but as of yet they are unknown and it is not widely believed.
    • There are also the

    • There is Zisa the Loving Mother and Creator, and there is Tyr the Fierce Protector and Defender. Tyr and Zisa oppose the Great Devourer and are on the side of Creation and Mankind.
    • There is everything else. Everything is

  • 1. Abominations spawn, or are raised far more frequently in rogue lands than in civilized lands.
    • ~ Civilization is a complex concept to the Path, but in this instance simply refers to lands held and run by established realms.
  • 2. All worldly entities that have greater than human strength have a need or desire to consume humans.
** ~ Monsters and Daimons consume, Undead are created through deceased humans, and the Light acquires its power from sacrificing humans.
  • 3. There are no worldly entities with provable power to assist humanity, or have provided any aid without consuming humans.

Following these facts, there are three assertions that require minor leaps of intuition, proving simple grasp.

    • 1. If a minimal level of civilization is good, then increased civilizations is greater.
 *** ~ The Path generally defines good and evil as relating to the improvement and detriment of humanity in general.
    • 2. All non-human entities that physically act in our world are at best suspect.
    • 3. Humanity must guard itself.


The Creed of the Path of the Gods is an adapted version of the creed of the Order of St. Iestyn. Because The Order and The Path follows very similar beliefs, and indeed the Path thinks of itself as a descendent of the Order, its faithful are already familiar with the creed and already believe in it.

I believe in Zisa, gentle mother, shaper of heaven and earth.
She is the bringer of life, the first blossom that marks the end of winter.
I believe in Tyr, wise father, guardian of the balance,
who fought for our salvation on a thousand worlds, and led man through fire.
I believe in the teachings of our mother, given to man in the first age:
That we should put the good of our brothers and sisters before our own,
so the whole might be made stronger and our world be made whole.
I believe in the teachings of our father, given to man in the second age:
That we should guard ourselves against the shadow,
against greed, and hatred, and envy,
so that the daemon shall find no shelter in our hearts.
I believe that the world is poised on the brink of oblivion,
for the heretic and the daemon are ever among us.
Through unwavering faith we steel our souls,
that no false gods shall again threaten us.
We are the children of the gods,
and we are forever.

Core Beliefs, Rituals and Holy Days

Core Beliefs

The Path of the Gods have several Core Beliefs to it; The Eternal War The Great Balance Tyr, Zisa, and their Mortal Agents Dark Ones and their Abominations The Void and the Unknowable

Holy Days The Path also has a variety of Holy Days and Rituals for various points in worshippers life; Birth Adulthood Choosing My Way Wedding Marriage Death

Holy Days have a particular special place in the Path because of the stories that go along with them; First and Last Day of Planting First and Last Day of Harvest Midsummers Solstice Midwinters Solstice


Prayers, Hymns, and Collected Essays


Battle Prayers of the Crusaders and the Templars


Ways of the Path

Path of the Crusader

Path of the Templar

Path of the Keeper

Path of the Disciple

The Path of the Gods

In Tyr and Zisa we Trust and place our Faith.

Continent / Island Dwilight
Main Temple Nid Tek
First Temple Nid Tek
Religious Leader Ramiel Avis