The Order of the Blue Flame

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The blue flame was conceived at the dawn of time. Along with another being, the one the ancients call Ygguzhukl, this purest essence existed in a dormant state for many aeons. Gods rose and fell, worlds were birthed and destroyed, and Ygguzhukl ruled over all, the Blue Flame tucked away.

Then, a force of corruption appeared in the cosmos. From whence it came there is much debate. Some twisted corner of existence, tucked away from time and space since creation? Or another existence itself, unseen by all. It is not known, but what we do know is Ygguzhukl was touched by this force. Slowly it influenced him, and so did it influence our existence.

Eventually, in a terrible incident known as Fire's Fall, Ygguzhukl ceased to exist as a guardian of our universe. He fell to corruption, and so did we all. That is when the Blue Flame, forgotten by time, reared its glorious head. The Purest Flame purged this unknown source of corruption from our plane, but it could not save Ygguzhukl. Acting as the steward of existence, the Blue Flame sealed Ygguzhukl away from sight, in a place where his corruption cannot touch us. Then, its work completed, the Blue Flame became dormant once more.

But we live in turbulent times. The unknown source of corruption has returned, and its effects are felt everywhere. Corrupted monarchs rule these lands, and ceaseless wars are fought for the entertainment of nobles.

Even the great seal placed on Ygguzhukl begins to weaken, and his corruption seeps out.

His corruption found its place inside of one noble in particular, the Lady Alma. For months she lay afflicted, unable to move with the power of Ygguzhukl bearing down on her. But the Blue Flame works in mysterious ways, and it blessed her, in ways we cannot comprehend. Borne anew with this blessing, she fought off this corruption.

The eternal blue flame has been said to of existed since before the dawn of man.

a cult devoted to a princess and buring heretics

[04:04] <+Kel_Kindon> Why are they devoted to her? What constitutes heresy? [04:05] <+Moto> well it was created when we made a new realm [04:05] <+Moto> the religion was devoted to her [04:06] <+Moto> and the destroy a rival faith that attacked the city [04:06] <+Moto> RP wise she was possed by a deamon [04:06] <+Moto> old magic and also a saint from the enemy faith saved her from the posession [04:06] <+Moto> then she got the power of the blue flame or the cleansing flame [04:07] <+Moto> to destroy coruption .. or burn the heretics [04:07] <+Moto> now I need to input the lore [04:07] <+Moto> cant go saing she got the power from the enemy religio nand a deamon


Judgment of the Flame:

  • The Way of the Warrior Saints - Evil

Holy Sites:

Holy City of Barad Lacirith - Where the first temple devoted to the order was established. "The holy temple has since been destroyed by heretics"